Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Busy Day!

I've been busy today, cleaning machines.  I've sold 2 Singer 66's with red eye decals.  I just needed to clean them, and finish converting one to a hand crank.  They should both be delivered this weekend.

Here is the first machine.  You've seen this one on my blog before, since I bought it way back in  December 2010.  I've learned lots more about cleaning machines since I purchased this machine.
1921 Singer 66 #G9094872 (before cleaning)

face plate on 1921 Singer 66
My friend, Lisa, sent me some rust erasers earlier this month.  She uses them all the time, to clean rust off the machines she works on.  I tried them out on the pock marked hand wheel on this machine.
the right side shows where I've used the rust eraser (black rectangle in the picture)
Boy did the rust eraser work nicely!  Thanks Lisa!

Here is the same machine, cleaned and in it's new base.  (Hubby made the base).
1921 Singer 66 cleaned and ready to sew

cleaned faceplate (side clamping foot on this machine)

nice, shiny hand wheel

back of cleaned 1921 Singer 66 hand crank
I sure hope Nancy likes this machine.  I have enjoyed sewing on it.  It has a side clamping foot, which means that Nancy can use almost any low shank foot on this machine. 

The other machine I cleaned is also a Singer 66 with red eye decals.  Red eye decals were only used on machines made in Elizabeth, NJ.  Only Singer 66 models have the red eye decals.

This machine I bought in Minnesota, back in 2013, when I attended the River Rat TOGA.  I got this machine from Damascus Annie.  It wasn't very dirty, but, it was dusty, and, needed lots of parts so that I could convert it to a hand crank.
1914 Singer 66 #G3833641

missing a hand wheel, hand crank, clutch knob and bobbin tire

face plate

back clamp foot

back of 1914 Singer 66 before cleaning & converting to a hand crank

This machine came in a base.  It has 2 plastic hinges, that help to hold the base onto the machine, and also has handles on either end, to help pick up the machine and base.

plastic hinges and handle
I cleaned this one up, and added all the missing parts to convert it to a hand crank.
Here she is, all cleaned up, and pretty.
1914 Singer 66 hand crank, nice and shiny!

1914 Singer 66 faceplate
While cleaning this machine, I did discover something unusual.  The thread guide hook was missing.  Someone had added a nail head to replace it.  The nail head was stuck, so, I just left it there.  I'm sure it will work fine, especially since this machine will be more for display and less for use.
nail head where thread guide hook should be

back of cleaned up and converted 1914 Singer 66 with red eye decals

This machine is going to my friend Kelly.  She wants to display it at her quilt store, Sewing, Etc, in Yorkville, IL.  She also said that she 'might' use it, too.  Hopefully she will.  This is a back clamp machine, and, extra feet for back clamp machines are hard to come by (at least by me, so far). 

When these leave the house, I'll only have 2 more Singer 66's with red eye decals.  One is a side clamp model (I got in November) and the other is a back clamp model (that I also got in November, no pictures of it, yet, since it hasn't been cleaned up).

I'm anxiously waiting for my purple Featherweight to arrive (supposed to be delivered today).  I guess I'll clean up another machine while I wait.


  1. Thanks for the great photos! Rust eraser, really? Where does one get one of those? I have an old Lotus that I have been trying to restore so someone can use it.

  2. I love when you show us these beauties, that's interesting about the decals, did Singer do that on all of their machines to signify where they were made?

  3. How can you bare to part with these beauties? You get a great job in sprucing them up for their new owners!! Can't wait to see your new featherweight!

  4. Today's the day...Just checking to see if Betty arrived. I got no info through the tracking number. UPS...eyes rolling...pftttt!

  5. I love Red Eye decals! The first treadle I ever bought was a Red Eye 66. Not a huge fan of Model 66 machines, though (I'm spoiled by having a treadle 201 and a couple of 15s) and the treadle was sold several years ago. Can't wait to see the purple Featherweight!

  6. These are just beautiful and I love when you share them with us.

  7. I have a red eye, it was my great grandmother's. Her decals are not nearly as nice as those though. Also mine has a nasty case of pin rash. Gorgeous machines.

  8. I love my Red eye handcrank. I spent the day cleaning machines too!


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