Thursday, January 21, 2016

Meet Betty Sue!

Here she is, 'Betty Sue', the purple Featherweight!
1939 Singer 221 Featherweight #AF179008
Sue, who I got this Featherweight from, had named this machine 'Betty' after the daughter of the original owner.  You can read the history of this machine here.

Well, I already have a Singer named 'Betty'

1941 Singer 66 'Betty'
(named after another collector friend in NZ, who shares the same 'birthday' as the machine), so, I decided to add a middle name to the purple Featherweight, in honor of Sue, whom I got the machine from.  Since this machine came from Texas, 'Betty Sue' just seemed to fit nicely. 

Here is another view of 'Betty Sue'.
Betty Sue, the Featherweight
Look, even her foot pedal is purple!
purple foot pedal
Whoever painted this machine did a great job.
no drips here

lovely purple drip pan

nicely painted motor, too
Betty Sue came with a few attachments and manuals.
attachments that came with Betty Sue

Betty Sue fits nicely in her vintage case.
Betty Sue in her case (towels is to protect the paint from getting chipped)
The accessory lid fits nicely, with everything in it.
accessory lid to Featherweight case
I haven't had a chance to see how well Betty Sue stitches yet.  We didn't open the box with Betty Sue in it until after I'd cleaned my 3rd machine of the day, and fixed supper.  I was too tired, after cleaning 3 machines, to play with this one.  I'll play with her after I run some errands this morning.

I'm thinking that Betty Sue needs some things made for her, like, a cover for her folding table, so that it doesn't get scratched by the faceplate.  She also needs a sewing machine mat, to sit on.  I'm sure she'll also need a few more things, too.  Maybe stitching some things up for Betty Sue will bring my sewing mojo back (it's been missing since before Christmas).

PS:  'Betty Sue' came from our hometown in Texas.  She's been living just a few blocks from my mother and in-laws.  What a small world!


  1. Betty Sue is a very purty Texas gal.

  2. With that name, she can only be from Texas! I love it!!
    She is beautiful! Enjoy!!

  3. What a pretty lady. I think Betty Sue needs a spool doily too!

  4. I am honored. Thank-you! Glad Betty Sue was so welcomed to your home and collection. I know she will be well loved and appreciated. Thanks for the links to her story on my blog, and you have documented her arrival and new beginning with you very well. Enjoy!
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  5. She is beautiful, congratulations.

  6. How pretty! Will she fit in your table you showed me at the AR TOGA?

  7. OOO, I love purple & I love vintage machines! I'm so in love with Betty Sue.

  8. Betty Sue is gorgeous! Whoever decided to paint her purple was a genius! Hope she revs up your sewing mojo!

  9. Very pretty! My DH went to his first quilt show with me last summer and there were several booths with various types of restored machines, including someone who did these kind of new paint jobs. He said "you should get one of those custom-painted ones." I just showed him this and he was suitably impressed!

    You've been busy and I hope you get your sewing mojo back soon!

  10. She's a real Texas beauty Cheryl!!! I keep thinking I'd like to paint my f'weight - but it would take a miracle for me to decide on one single color :*)

  11. Congratulations! Betty Sue is a good lookin' gal!


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