Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Couple of Finishes

I finished my nieces graduation quilt top on Saturday (National Quilting Day).  The colors in the picture are not very good, sorry.  You can check the blog post about her quilt (above) to see the true colors in the quilt.
Ashley's quilt top
I dropped this off at the long arm quilters this morning.  Woohoo!

As soon as I finished the quilt top, I started on a bag.  I bought the pattern at Sewing, Etc. in Yorkville, last month.  I also got the plastic screening and the handle webbing there.  The fabric is from my stash.
 I will get around to making the zippered pouches soon.  They use the parts of the plastic screening that are cut off for the purse.  No waste!

finished bag

inside of finished bag
I didn't have any black elastic, and the pattern shows white elastic.  I did add it on both ends, instead of just one end.  I haven't made a bottom for this (not required, but, they do give instructions, if you want to add it).  I might make a bottom at a later date.  So far, it sits nicely.  We'll see, when I add lots more stuff to the bag. 

I did discover that making a large bag, like this one, on a Featherweight, isn't easy.  There just isn't enough room under the arm.  Still, I might make the next one on Betty Sue, anyways.  She stitched thru all the layers like a champ.  Tiny stitches on all the plastic screening, to make sure it caught.
Betty Sue
I have more plastic screening and more handle webbing, so, I can make another bag.  I'm thinking of adding a zipper to the long sides of the bag.  It would have to be done at the end, since you have to sew the handle webbing all the way to the top of the bag.  I think it's doable. 


  1. The screen bag looks great, I've seen them before with the fabric on the bottom, but I like your's with the pockets. Betty Sue is just as beautiful as I remember :)

  2. I like the pattern of your niece's quilt. Is that your own design? I've never seen it before.

  3. OOPS! I followed the link in your post and found the info I wanted.

  4. Your niece will love her quilt - bright and cheery! That is one neat bag; love the elastic for the bottles. I haven't thought to add bottle holders to my bags. Happy Easter!

  5. I love the fabric you selected for the quilt border. It is so nice and colorful.
    And ... that bag is to die for!!! I wish I had a pattern for one like that. Do you think it could be made by hand? I like the side pockets ... well, I always like lots of pockets anyway.

  6. Very nice quilt, and I love the bag!

  7. The quilt is gorgeous, and the bag is great too.

  8. Whoot on the flimsie finish! That is a great bag, never seen that pattern.

  9. Awesome bag! Pockets, mesh. Great job. And purple Betty Sue is beautiful. So cool.

  10. Very cute bag! Congrats on the finish.

  11. You are talented and amazing. Love your projects!


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