Friday, May 20, 2016

Bonnie Hunter, Part 2: Pride of the Prairie Quilt Guild meeting

Last night was the Pride of the Prairie Quilt Guild meeting, with Bonnie Hunter as our speaker.  It was a fun meeting.  There were 43 guests at this meeting, so, it was packed. 

We had show n tell before Bonnie presented her lecture.  Surprisingly, it was a short show n tell.
this will be a baby quilt
 The next few quilts are all Bonnie Hunter patterns that people have made.

***If you are easily offended, then don't look at the next set of pictures.***  With this presentation, we were laughing so hard that most of us had tears in our eyes.  Bonnie Hunter took video.  I'm hoping that she will post it soon. 

This lady is 84 years old.  She had told us that she was going to show off her bikini, made from quilt blocks.  (Sorry about the microphone stand being in the way).  She started off by coming out with a beach towel on.  She pulled out a strip of blue fabric, and told us it was her bikini bottom. 
the blue 'string' is her bikini 'bottom'
 Next, she started taking the beach towel off, to show off her bikini 'top'.
showing her bikini top
She showed us how 'adjustable' her bikini top is (to look younger, or older, depending on how it was adjusted).

***This is where to look away, if you are easily offended*****
She then proceeded to 'take off her top' by unpinning her blocks.

I do hope Bonnie posts the video.  It was so funny!!!!  You had to be there, to get it all.

There were some show n tell after the bikini.  What an act to follow, but, Christine's quilts are up to the challenge.

And a few more quilts and tops...
from a class Bonnie did 4 years ago (mine still isn't finished, Oops!)

a challenge, in progress

Bonnie spoke next.  (I didn't take these pictures, since I was one of the quilt holders).
The first quilt is Happily Scrappily Irish, which is our class today.
Happily Scrappily Irish
The next quilt is the class for Saturday (no, I'm not taking that class, but, I'm in the picture, holding the quilt;)
Texas Tumbleweeds
There were lots of great quilts that Bonnie has made.

back of a quilt, using orphan blocks

The next quilt is for the class I took on Wednesday, Tulip Fields.
see how tiny her blocks are
Here is my block, supersized.
Bonnie's block is 7", while my block is 15" (without the borders added)
More of Bonnie's quilts.
her latest mystery quilt

Bonnie's hexie project
 And finally, a picture of Bonnie.

Bonnie Hunter, holding the corner section of her hexie quilt
It was a fun evening. 

This morning, I'll be headed out to the Happily Scrappily Irish class.  You can see Bonnie's blog post about the Wednesday class here.  So far, she hasn't posted the video from last night.  Give her time. 


  1. So many gorgeous quilt. Looks like you all had a great time.

  2. Oh, I can't wait to see that video. Bet you all had a great time. Hope you enjoyed today's class - it had to be lots of fun! ~Jeanne

  3. I hope she puts the video up, it had me smiling just looking at the pictures. Beautiful quilts, I like seeing how the quilts look in different colors.

  4. What a hoot! Thanks for sharing all the photos... almost as good as being there!

  5. I am just trilled to see all these beautiful quilts. Just found your blog. I too like bigger blocks.

  6. That answers a question I've had for years, since I saw the first point of that hexagon quilt in Bonnie's car trunk - was it ever finished? And now I know it's still in progress! LOL


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