Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Finish, Exchange Blocks, Some New Things....

I haven't had a chance to post about my latest finish.  I made a quilt for our youngest nieces high school graduation.  We delivered it to Albuquerque a little over a week ago, while we were there to attend another nieces wedding.
Ashley and her quilt
Here is a picture of the bride and her bridal party.  I didn't get a picture with the groom.

part of the wedding party
When I got home, there was an envelope waiting for me.  My Treadle On group had another block exchange, using our treadles or hand crank sewing machines.

These are the blocks I sent.  I used some of my sewing themed fabrics.  I sent 4 sets of blocks, using 3 different machines to make the blocks.
my blocks
I received 32 blocks from 18 cities in 14 states.  19 different people made these blocks on 24 different machines. 
Treadle On Spring 2016 TOBE blocks received
Also waiting for me when we got home from the wedding was my new June Taylor Shape Cut ruler.  I already had a much smaller June Taylor Shape Cut ruler, that I'd used for cutting the fringe on fleece blankets, years ago.  I'd never used the ruler for anything else, until Jocelyn at Happy Cottage Quilter started talking about how great her Shape Cut ruler is.  I finally pulled mine out, and used it to cut lots of 2" squares for my Happily Scrappily Irish quilt, AFTER I'd used a friends Go cutter.  OH MY!!!  The Shape Cut ruler was so much easier and quicker!!!!!
new June Taylor Shape Cut Pro ruler

both Shape Cut rulers together
Another friend has the Shape Cut Pro, and it cuts 2.5" strips on full width fabric, folded in half.  After using the little Shape Cut ruler, I just had to have the larger one, too.  I used it to cut the sashing strips for my Tulip Fields quilt.  My Tulip Fields strips are 3.5", and it was easy to line it up with this ruler.  It didn't take me very long to cut all my strips.

sashing strips for Tulip Fields quilt
On Tuesday, after I took Bonnie a machine to use while she was in town, I stopped at a few thrift stores.  I hit the jackpot for quilting DVD's.  Only one of these quilting DVD's has been opened.  I'll try to get them all watched over the next few months.  Not sure if I even have the books that go with the DVD's.
quilting DVD's
I've been stitching away on my Happily Scrappily Irish quilt.  I've gotten lots done, so far. 
6 rows completed
There are only 12 rows in this quilt (11 blocks per row).  I'm working on the last 20 patchwork blocks.  This quilt top will soon be finished!

Of course, I can't sew alone.  My little dog insists on being with me.  She even has a bed under one of my machines.
Katie, my sewing supervisor (taking a nap)
Of course the large dog also thinks he needs to supervise, but, he isn't allowed in my sewing room (he takes up all the extra space).  Instead, he lays at the top of the stairs, where he can keep an eye on me, and make sure no one comes up and bothers me.
Ratchet, blocking the stairs
It's nice to have 'helpers' but, I wish they'd keep their fur off my fabric ;)


  1. That rulers sound great. Do you think they are flimsy or nice and stable? I know once a long time ago I saw something like it and they looked like it would be too easy to end up with wavy strips.

  2. I love your helpers, your quilt turned out great!

  3. We use that ruler with our classes - so much easier (and faster) for the students to cut their sashings. You have some great helpers.

  4. Ashley's quilt is gorgeous - I bet she loves it! Guess I better pull out my June Taylor Shape Cut Pro - I've only used it to cut fringe on fleece blankets. I know where it is but haven't used it in a long time. ~Jeanne

  5. I have that ruler for the 2.5 cuts, it's so fast and much better than the Go. You made me laugh with your helpers, my sewing room is tiny and quite often I have both big furbabies in there with me, not an inch of spare space LOL. I just finished a black quilt and found out that a lint brush was the most important tool I own when it came to quilting it.

  6. I love the graduation quilt!! I use the Stripology ruler because it is less flimsy and has grippies on one side. I did buy an Accuquilt, but for shapes, not strips.

  7. Love the graduation quilt! I tend to agree with you and other commenters that the Shapecut rulers are faster and easier than the Accuquilt for strips. I do like the Accuquilt for HSTs, but not sure it is faster than the Easy Angle.

  8. Such pretty girls...Love the quilts, too. Thanks for sharing.

  9. The quilts are beautiful! Someday, hope to make a scrappy Irish myself.

  10. Oh, what a wonderful post!
    And, if you ever get an idea of what to do with mega-tons of dog hair, let me in on the secret. If it could be sold, I would be RICH!

  11. wow! You really did hit the jack pot! And I just love my ruler!

  12. The ruler sounds awesome, you will have to update us with your comments after using it awhile. I love the quilt you made your niece. So pretty!


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