Monday, August 15, 2016

Wego Quiltin' Purse Class

On Saturday, my little quilt guild had a purse class.  We had 10 ladies in attendance (over half the guild).  It took us about 5-6 hours to make our purses.  I didn't get pictures of all the finished purses, but, I did get some pictures.

This is Jo.  She was our teacher and also our hostess.  She has a great place for everyone to gather and stitch.  We had 3 ironing boards set up, cutting tables, lots of tables for our machines, along with a kitchen.  
Jo, our teacher

Janet makes lots and lots of purses.  She was finished first.  Janet added some 'extra's' to her purse (faux piping along the trim and pocket).

up close of Janet's purse with faux piping accents
Phyllis has made this purse before.  She was also adding some 'extra's' to her purse.

Phyllis' purse, with accents on the accent strip and the pocket

Here are some of the other ladies with their purses.
Marilyn, stitching on her purse

Marilyn's finished purse

Jeanette and Emily working on their purses
Sue, trimming the last piece for her purse zipper

Sue and her finished purse

Jo has LOTS of beads, and thought we all should add some bead bling to our zippers.
Jo's bead closet

Jo, stringing beads for my purse zipper

Here is my finished purse.  I used the fabric that my daughter in law helped me to pick out in Alaska last week.
My finished purse

bead bling for my zipper
I hand stitched to lining closed yesterday afternoon. 

This was a fun project, but, I don't know how well I'd have done without Jo being there to help (I wasn't the only one).  I'll make this purse again.  I love that I didn't have to pre-quilt the fabrics, like the other purse I make

I used my purple Featherweight, Betty Sue, to make this purse.  Sorry, I should have turned the light off before taking the picture (I always forget that).
1939 Singer Featherweight (221) 'Betty Sue'
Have you made any purses?  Were they easy for you, or hard?  I'm not good at following pattern directions.  I'm a 'visual' person.  Give me lots of pictures.  I took lots of pictures as I made each part, so that next time, it will be easier for me, since Jo won't be there, helping with each step. 


  1. I love making bags of all sizes. This one is really cute and looks very roomy. What pattern did you use? Love seeing it in all colors.

  2. Love that purse. I especially like yours.... I think I have that blue, too.

  3. So many cute bags. I make purses for my girls.

  4. need to make one for myself , what pattern did you'll use?

  5. Your purse turned out great! I need to make a new purse.

  6. I have only made one purse and I too needed a lot of help. My friend and I made them together, but like you I need visuals, and she is good at reading directions. Don't think I could do it again without help.

  7. Cute purses. Love yours and it will always mean Alaska to you! I've made many but never thought to add a neat zipper pull. (I don't have a stash of beads - think I need to become friends with Jo!) ~Jeanne

  8. I love your bag best of all. Is that fabric what you picked up in Alaska?
    I wish I could make a basic bag because I need lots of pockets to organize things and whatever I buy has them the wrong size or in the wrong place.

  9. Love your purse Cheryl!!!! You did a great job, and you were lucky to have Jo there to help. I've made quite a few purses and bags, some were easier than others depending on the quality of the patterns. And yes, pictures always help! Love your fabrics too - great memory project from your time in Alaska!

  10. Your purse is beautiful, I love that fabric and now you have another memory of Alaska. I've made purses and totes but really don't enjoy it.

  11. I like your purse too would lie to know the pattern I would like to make one too. thanks

  12. This looks like a good design and a great use of a memory fabric purchase. I would be interested in the pattern also.

  13. I'm jealous. Did you think I fell off the face of the earth?

  14. Lovely purses! I keep saying I'm going to start making some (I have a ton of them pinned); I esp love the bonus that they are lighter than, say, a leather store-bought!

  15. Hey Cheryl! Looks like you had a "sewcation"! Good for you! I love making bags. Ever since I made my first purse, I've never gone back to buying a cheap store bought one. My favorite pattern is by Cassie Barden,it's called the Bird Watcher Bag and it's kind of messenger bag/purse. LOVE IT!

  16. Looks like you all had fun! So nice to see faces I saw when I visited your guild!

  17. What a great get together. And lovely results. Thanks for sharing the whole gang with us!


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