Saturday, August 13, 2016


Our youngest son moved to Anchorage over 2 years ago.  This was our first visit to Alaska.  Don't worry, I didn't take many pictures.

On our 2nd day, we drove drove south, to Portage and Whittier.  Whittier is as far south as you can go, without getting on a ferry. 

There was a great Fudge shop in Whittier.  I loved the sign in the window (great fudge, too).  I've been trying to convince people for years that chocolate is a vegetable.  They had proof!
See, chocolate IS a veggie!
Here are a few pictures driving back from Whittier/Portage, to Anchorage.  It rained almost every day, so, it was hard to take pictures.  Waterfalls coming out of the mountains are common.  You will see several on the same mountain.
one of the many waterfalls on the mountains
 Clouds covered most of the tops of the mountains.
glacier at Portage

up close of the Portage glacier
On Friday, hubby and my son went hiking.  My daughter in law and I shopped quilt stores and the shops downtown.  I didn't take pictures of any of the quilt stores, but, the 3 I visited were great!  Across the street from one of the quilt stores (The Quilted Raven) was a yarn store.  We just had to go in, despite the fact that I can't knit or crochet.  The store was named The Wooly Mammoth.
I did take a picture of a quilt inside the Wooly Mammoth. 
Isn't he CUTE!  His ear and his tail are 3D.    You can see some of their yummy yarns below the quilt.  Many of the quilt stores also sell yarns.

On Monday, we took another day trip, and headed to Talkeetna.  I did get a few pictures, between rain showers.
between Anchorage and Talkeetna

between Anchorage and Talkeetna

My son really wanted some of their Spinach bread.  Boy was it good!
Spinach bread trailer
Across the street from the Spinach bread vendor was an Alaskan stretch limo.
Alaskan stretch limo
There was a shop in Talkeetna that also sold fabric.  Woohoo!  I bought a couple of batiks.

After Talkeetna, we headed to Denali.  The park is about 100 miles across.  We drove until we got to the ranger station area (where all the shops were).  What beautiful mountains in Denali.

On Tuesday, we headed south again, to Girdwood.  Hubby and our son took a short hike, while Krystal and I shopped and enjoyed the scenery.  This time it wasn't raining until we drove back (it rained every day we were there).  I got a few pictures on the way back to Anchorage.

the clouds cover the top of the mountain

clouds on the mountain

I did finally get a picture of our son and his wife, while we were waiting for our Salmon Quesadillas.
Connor and Krystal
Aren't they a cute couple!?! 

Krystal found a pattern and class for a snow skirt at one of the quilt shops.  Since we hadn't found her a birthday present yet, we signed her up for the class.  I can't wait till September, when the skirt is made. 

I didn't get lots in Alaska.  We'll be back, since our kids live there now.  I did get a few things from the quilt stores.

Hubby has an Alaskan Malamute.  They are the Alaskan state dog.  I found this pattern in every store, so, of course I had to get it, along with some fabrics to make it. Since it only makes a 10" mini quilt, I'm thinking of enlarging it, and making it bigger.
pattern and fabrics to use in it
My little quilt guild had a purse class today (Saturday), so, I needed fabric for the purse.  My daughter in law helped me pick this fabric out.
batiks for a purse
Of course, I needed a few 'Alaskan' fabrics, too.
Alaskan batiks
I also found some patterns.  I have the ruler for the pattern on the right.
I loved the moose table runner, and my daughter in law loved the owls.  I've not made 'stuffed' animals, so, I hope I can make them. 

Anchorage has a local artist that is great.  I was drawn to her stuff from the beginning.  I'll get some of her fabric when I go back to Alaska.  I just got a card and a bookmark. 

Here are the three quilt stores I visited in Anchorage.

I found the cutest pj's, too.  Hubby thought these suited me best.
Chocolate Moose (with a cherry on top)
We got home on Wednesday.  It's been crazy since we touched down.  We went to a funeral (close friend) on Thursday.  On Friday, another friend and I drove to Princeton, IL, and checked out the quilters garage sale at Quilter's Garden.  Then we drove to LaSalle, IL, and picked up the family reunion quilts, and dropped off another quilt to be quilted at Quilting in the Valley.  Lisa did a great job quilting both family reunion quilts. 

We then went around the corner and picked up my new (to me) Wheeler and Wilson #8 sewing machine.  I saw it when we dropped the reunion quilts off, last month, and called and got it.  I took a couple of pictures, when I first saw it.  I haven't had time to take any more pictures since I picked it up late yesterday.  I have lots to research about this machine.
Wheeler and Wilson #8
I'll have another post about the purse class tomorrow.  It was another busy day, today.  I need some rest.


  1. So you and I have never met, but we've been to some of the same places. Anchorage, and the Quilted Raven. What a small world.

  2. Bonnie Hunter is a good resource for antique machines.

  3. I have had some memorable trips to Alaska. Even in the rain, the scenery is outstanding. The OA conclave will be held there next month. Good place but usually it is in May. Maybe they moved it up so it could be held at a camp outside but the timing is bad for those who have used up all their vacation time.
    Nice picks to follow you home. I wouldn't dare walk into a quilt shop, let alone three... but the chocolate ... You bet.

  4. Looks like you managed well even with rain each day. Some great fabrics and love the PJs.

  5. Your pictures are beautiful. I hope to visit Alaska someday, too.

  6. What great pictures! My hubby has always wanted to go to Alaska. Maybe one day...

  7. Gorgeous pictures of Alaska. How fun to spend time with the DIL doing quilty things. You have been very busy.

  8. You had a great trip! It always rains some when we are in Anchorage - I think that is normal. I'm so glad your son and DIL like it there. I've always wondered about the winters. I love your fabrics, patterns, and all. You have made me recall some beautiful memories of the area and the nice quilt/yarn shops. ~Jeanne

  9. My brother in law and sister in law just got back from a trip to Alaska, too! Russ and I really want to go visit Alaska someday! Your pictures are gorgeous!!

  10. Looks like a fabulous trip!

    of all the machines to go through my hands, one of the top 3 was a Wheeler & Wilson No. 8. I put up YouTube videos of the top and bobbin threading if you need those. Might have a manual too. Email me if you need one and I will look.

    Mine was in a treadle. Yours appears to have a box base. Is it a treadle?

  11. I live in Anchorage and you hit the rainy time this summer we've also had some gorgeous 70° weather and lots of sunshine. Next time you come up you need to hit one of my favorite shops which is Quilt Zone.


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