Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Finishes

Here are my finishes from 2016.  For those that don't know me, I piece everything on vintage sewing machines, usually hand cranks, but, I've also had lots of fun using my purple Featherweight, that I got for Christmas last year.  I do sometimes use a modern Janome, for machine quilting (along with vintage machines, too).

I finished 3 quilts, all using the same pattern, but, different fabric choices, for Quilts of Valor.
The pattern was from a Quilt Along on Jean's blog.
Red, White & True #1

Red, White & True #2

Red, White & True #3
 I should make more of these.  They were fun to make.

My large quilt guild had a challenge for the 2016 quilt show.  We drew a block name, and had to come up with a quilt, using the block in it, somehow.  The quilt couldn't be larger than 30 inches square.  My block was named 'Free Trade', and I chose sewing themed fabrics, for the great 'Free Trade' of sewing ideas thru blogging. 
block I 'drew' for the challenge

my finished challenge quilt, using sewing themed fabrics

bonus items, using my extra half square triangles

I used pre-printed selvedge fabric and recovered a sewing chair.  I did quilt the fabric, following the lines of the selvedge fabric.

recovered sewing chair

My Treadle On group had a 'bag' exchange this year.  Of course, we had to make the bags on 'people powered' sewing machines (treadles or hand cranks).  My oh my, which machine(s) to choose?!?! 
zippered stuff bags
grocery bag
1927 Singer 15 hand crank
I made more bags in the Spring, too, using vinyl screening.  Both bags were made on the purple Featherweight.  It's a great machine for bags and purses.

pattern I used

first bag (this one is for me)

inside of bag
The second bag I made for Lisa.
Lisa with her new bag
inside of Lisa's bag

Our last niece graduated high school this year.  We got to deliver her quilt to her personally. Ashley is an artist, and loves bright colors.  I think this fits the bill.

Ashley with her quilt

In May, Bonnie Hunter came to my large quilt guild.  I took 2 of the classes offered.  I was the first one in the guild to finish my quilt tops. 

Tulip Fields was the first class.  This quilt isn't quilted, since I started making pillow covers to match, and never finished them.  This quilt is for me, so, I'm in no hurry.  I supersized the blocks.  Bonnie's blocks are tiny.  I wanted blocks that were much larger.  I made it to fit my queen size bed.
Tulip Fields

finished Tulip Fields

Happily Scrappily Irish is finished.  I don't have a picture of it quilted and bound.  Both my guys had to help, since the wind was blowing.
Happily Scrappily Irish
Treadle On has TOGA's (Treadle On Gathering & Academy) get togethers.  The one in Michigan had an 'Ugly' fabric exchange.  We had to make something with the 'Ugly' fabric we drew.  Since I took 2 pieces of 'Ugly' fabric, I got 2 'Ugly' pieces to make something with. I made sewing machine mats, and matching pin cushion thread catchers with my 'Ugly' fabrics.  We could add fabrics to our projects.  The 'Ugly' fabrics that I got, were large polka dots.
first 'Ugly' fabric (white with black polka dots)

second 'Ugly' fabric (black with large white polka dots)

I made (& finished) lots of pin cushion thread catchers this past year.  There is a total of 17 either made or finished in 2016.  I've given away most of them, and only have one unused one left.  I guess I'd better make some more in 2017.

I also made two other sewing machine mats in 2016.  I needed things to match my new (to me) purple Featherweight.  I made one mat for just the machine, and I made a larger mat, to use when I use my sewing machine table.
smaller sewing machine mat

larger mat, to use with the sewing extension table
I used the mats, at the NETX TOGA last April, as part of the decorations for the vintage sewing machine parade.  Of course, Betty Sue, the purple Featherweight was my entry.
Betty Sue, 1939 Singer Featherweight (221)
Have I mentioned that TOGA's are FUN!!!!! 

I made some 'non' quilt things this past year, too.  I made some fabric trays, travel pillowcase, and glasses cases.

fabric trays

travel pillowcase

eye glass cases and scissor case

My little quilt guild made walker bags for the Veterans this year.  I only finished 2 this year. 
walker bag

walker bag

This quilt was for my Aunt Pat.  She isn't much for traditional quilts, but, she loves oriental things, so, she thought this quilt was great.
Pat's quilt 
I also made 2 matching signature quilts for my family reunion.  One quilt for the reunion, and one for me.  The quilt went over so well, that I'll make blocks, to be signed, at the next reunion, too. 
reunion quilt with the winner

My little quilt guild had a class where we made purses.  Since the class, I've made several of these purses, and have the material to make several more.

All of these purses were made on Betty Sue, the purple Featherweight.  Betty Sue is great for making purses.  She can sew thru all those layers with ease.

I also made some placemats and table runners this past year.
2 of the green, and one of the blue made
8 matching placemats

I made the backing (pieced) and quilted my son and daughter-in-laws Wedding Signature quilt. 
Signature Wedding quilt top

up close of the top

back of the Signature Wedding quilt
I also made a wall quilt, as part of the exchange with my little quilt guild.  This one was fun and quick.  I used my stash.  Turquoise and purple were the requested colors.   I'd just found the panel about a week before I found out who my exchange person was.  She has the largest stash I've ever seen. 

up close of the panel

I made three baby quilts in 2016. 
Churn Dash Jungle animals
I also made t matching Bear Paw quilts.  Only the backing is different colors.
both quilts look like this on front

showing the different backings

Not too shabby for 2016.  Of course, I have LOTS of starts, that didn't turn into finishes, for 2016, too.  Hopefully most of those will be finishes for 2017. 

For 2017, I want to finish my oldest UFO, the Egg Money quilt from a BOM in 2005.  I made 11 of the 12 blocks, but, never made the 12th block.  All the fabrics, book, etc, are sitting in the basement in a big tub. 


  1. Wow! You have really been productive this year! All are great but I love the Bear Paws and your niece's quilt. Happy New Year! ~Jeanne

  2. Double wow!!! Such a wonderful collection of finishes, big and small and some in between. You spread a lot of love around with all these projects. Very impressed with the ugly fabrics and how great they became!

  3. Triple Wow!!! You were very productive. All are lovely. My favorite is Ashley's quilt. Happy New Year!

  4. Oh, yes, please finish the Egg Money Quilt. Sometimes I watch shows from the Egg Money series just for the fun of it. (We raised chickens, but I don't think my mom got much of the money.)

  5. Wow, it really adds up- all that you did! I kept a journal of quilts started, made, finished, and given away. I updated it today.

  6. So many wonderful projects for the year - safe travels deliverying thos paw quilts.

  7. You make me ashamed to post my finishes! LOL I just have to remind my self that I moved this year and was teaching full time for part of the year. Hopefully next year will be better. I love the idea of elastic for a place for your water bottle, That is a better idea then the pockets I usually add. Have a happy new year and enjoy the warm weather in TX next week!

  8. An amazing year of lovely finishes! Truly amazing!

  9. Wow! What a great quilting year - congrats on finishing so many projects!

  10. You truly accomplished much. Each and every one of them is wonderful and the recipients have to be proud to have them. Congrats!

  11. I'm fairly new to your blog, but have enjoyed seeing your projects. I have been gifted my first hand crank which needs much work before I will be able to sew with it, so hoping 2017 is the year it gets usable and looking forward to learning about it & the treadle I got for my birthday. Happy New Year!

  12. This is amazing! I've seen you working on these but seeing it all together like that is awesome, you've been even busier than I thought. Have a safe and wonderful trip.

  13. Wow you finished up a lot. That is amazing. Isn't it great to do a new year review to figure out all you did?

  14. Impressive finish! The recovered chair is especially amazing. And love the quilt for your youngest niece!

  15. My goodness you have been busy. If I had made this many projects over my entire life I would feel very accomplished. You are amazing... and made with vintage machines. You must have Hermione's time turner somewhere there.
    (I'm so out of sync because Blogger "improved" their software so now my reader only shows some of the recent blog posts. I have complained, but you know how that is. For the changes they made, I think they did more damage than good.) So I came looking for you off of my blog list.

  16. OHG!! You certainly accomplished a lot of sewing in 2016. I really can't say which project I liked best. Those QOV are stunning. I have never seen that pattern. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your purple Featherweight. I would so love to own one that color and tried to talk myself into buying one at Paducah one time, but $700 was a bit too steep for me. I like vintage machines too and have more than I need. I'm glad to hear that your purses were made on a FW. Maybe this year I'll find time to make a few different things on my featherweight,


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