Thursday, April 27, 2017

Table Runners

I've been busy stitching this week.  Other than buying matching zippers for the Project Bags, I haven't worked on those anymore. 

At my March guild meeting, someone put a completed table runner top on the freebie table.  I grabbed it quickly.
table runner top from freebie table
It was time to finally baste and quilt this.  I pulled some red polka dot fabric for the backing, and some red Kona for the binding, and proceeded to straight line quilt this.
completed table runner

showing backing fabric
 I think this will be fun to use under one of my vintage sewing machines.

 Back in February, I designed and made a table runner top for a friend.  After I finished the top, I put it aside to make 7 purses.  It was time to baste and quilt this table runner, too.
finished table runner

showing backing fabric

I'm in two 'Ugly' fabric exchanges.  One of them is for the Michigan TOGA.  This is one of my vintage sewing machine gatherings.  The next TOGA is in June.  I have to have a project made with the Ugly fabric by then.  It was time for me to finally start.

I had got a pattern off the freebie table (I LOVE the freebie table) at guild, back in February.

I liked the star in a star blocks, and thought I could make a table runner, using my Ugly fabric.  My Ugly fabric is a black on black.

Ugly fabric for MI TOGA
I don't think this is ugly.  I didn't think my fabrics last year were ugly either (both large scale polka dots). 

I made three blocks, using Civil War reproduction scraps to go with my ugly fabric.  Here are my blocks

I was going to add the sashing, like in the pattern, but, I don't know if I want to do all that applique or  not.  I also don't know if I want to make more of the center stars, that are the cornerstones.
up close of sashing and blocks on pattern
I was thinking I might set the blocks on point, instead.  Decisions, decisions.....

On Tuesday, I went to sew at Kelly's quilt shop, Sewing, Etc.  Kelly was cutting up fabrics to make a demo quilt with 10 inch squares.  She gave me the scraps.
scraps from Kelly
I'd just looked up a block on The Quilter's Cache.   I hadn't finished the star in a star blocks yet, and was still thinking about the Ugly fabric exchange.  I found a block, called Michigan, on the site.  What a great block to use some of those scraps.
Michigan block from The Quilter's Cache
I was supposed to come up with a 12.5" block for another groups Block of the Month, and, this works for both projects.  Here is my finished block, using the ugly fabric, and Kelly's scraps.
Michigan block, finished
I decided that this block needed something, so that it could become a finished project.  I added a small border, using the ugly fabric, and then, cut 2 large squares, that Kelly had left with the scraps.  I machine quilted it, and bound it with the ugly fabric, to make a 19" square table topper.
finished table topper, using 'Ugly' fabric from MI TOGA

up close of the quilting

showing the backing fabric

Woohoo!  Another finish!  That makes 3 finished table runners/toppers, all using fabrics from my stash, scraps, or Ugly fabric, from the exchange.  I've never considered myself a 'scrappy' quilter, since I don't usually use my scraps.  Most of the time, my scraps just sit in boxes or bags, when I finish the quilt.  This year, I've been using scraps for several different projects. 

Now to get back to those Project Bags.  One of the reasons I hadn't done anymore on them, was that the vinyl was 'folded' and I've been trying to get it smooth.  That takes time, and heat, and more time.  I think the vinyl is ready to be cut now. 


  1. Wow love your table toppers. I think your ugly fabric is pretty fabulous.

  2. Thanks to this post, my graph paper idea notebook has filled a couple of pages. Love your solutions in putting things together.

  3. You have been a busy stitcher! How great that you picked up some wonderful freebies and could work with them to make something beautiful. I really like the last block with the scrappy strips... so unique and eye-catching!

  4. Those are nice finishes! I have never been much of a scrappy quilter, until lately!

  5. The black makes the strings pop.....great use for it. You have been on a roll this week. Great going!

  6. Congrats on your finishes, keep on doing it;) Love the one using Kelly's scraps.

  7. Both of the runners are wonderful and I don't think you're ugly fabric is ugly either, I would buy something like that if I needed black. I love the Michigan block, did you paper piece it? I don't like paper piecing but I don't think you would have to do it that way.

  8. I love tone on tone fabrics, they are my favorites!

  9. I love tablerunners and straightline quilting! They turned out adorable!

  10. WOW, you have really been busy and everything looks so good. Those ugly fabric blocks and stars and scrappy block are amazing. I love the idea of the leftover scrappy tabletopper one especially. I can see this in lots of different reds and blues for QOV blocks. I may try it to see how it comes out.

  11. How do you make ugly into such a great piece? Magic, I think you know magic.

  12. Met one of your sewing group at Paducah at Quilt Week. Small World!
    Anne Oelke from Loosen & Lube and River Rat TOGA

  13. That table topper you snagged off the table was darling! You finished it up very nicely and I totally agree -- it would look lovely under one of your pretty little vintage machines!! :)

  14. Great use of 'ugly' fabric! (It doesn't looks so ugly to me either).

  15. The project bags are adorable. The Michigan blocks are bright and cheerful. Great accomplishments.


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