Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Busy Stitching

I've been busy since I got back from Texas, 2 weeks ago.  I took a class, with my large quilt guild, on Friday, June 9th.  It was a Watermelon table topper.  
book for class

showing all the projects in the book
You can make 12 different table toppers with this book.  The July topper even has an alternate version, for Canadians, using a maple leaf instead of a flag.  We made June's topper, the Watermelon.

First, I want you to know that I did NOT take a vintage machine to this class.  I didn't even take a machine at all, I borrowed one of the shop's Bernina's.  They wanted us to have a machine that did zig zag, for the embroidery.  I could have brought my Janome, but, it was fun to try one of their machines instead.  

We didn't have time in class to get to the embroidery part, so, I didn't get to try out that part on the Bernina.  I didn't mind, since I'd prefer to do it by hand, anyways.
watermelon table topper
 The pattern calls for rusching for the watermelon rind, and the teacher showed us how to do that part, but, I stopped by JoAnn's on the way home, and found this great, pre-ruffled ribbon on the clearance table.  It matched perfectly, and, it didn't leave any unfinished edges, like the rusching would have left. 
with watermelon 'rind' added

one of the ants
The ants took a long time to embroider, but, they were fun to do.  Now I need to layer it, and quilt it.  They included the backing and binding fabrics in the kit.  I don't usually buy kits, but, this time, it was easier, since I'd been out of town for 2 weeks, and really didn't have time to pull fabrics.  I also didn't get the book until class day.

I can see myself making several more of these table toppers.

That isn't all I've been working on.  I have several 'secret' projects that are due in Sept and Oct, that I've started on.  I'm in 2 more mug rug exchanges, with 2 of my vintage sewing machine groups.  I also have a bag exchange, and a pin cushion exchange due around the same time, too. 
paper piecing 'secret' project
Sorry I can't show you more, but, I know that at least one of the people in one of the exchanges, reads my blog, so, this is all I can show you (sorry Sally).  You'll get to see all of the finished projects after they are recieved.

Hubby asked for some glasses cases for his safety glasses.  Hubby has been busy making me more sewing machine bases, so, I figured I'd better get these made for him.  I had some cute nuts and bolts fabric, and also a fabric with screws.  Yes, after using the fancy Bernina, I used one of my hand cranks for these glasses cases.  I have a walking foot for my low shank, vintage machines.  I liked it better after I just used the regular foot to quilt with.
machine quilting with a hand crank

2 glasses cases

When I was at JoAnn's, after the class, I saw some Star War's fabrics on sale.  Well, I was asked to make a Star Wars pillowcase for a 5 year old's Christmas present.  I made the other one for my son, who loves Star Wars.  I was very disappointed in the bottom fabric.  No matter what I did, it wouldn't line up straight.  I even tried ripping the fabric, instead of cutting it, but, it didn't help.  I'm hoping the 5 year old doesn't notice.
2 Star Wars pillowcases
I'm participating in the 12 Days of Christmas in July blog hop, over at Sarah's Confessions of a Fabric Addict blog, next month.  I've been busy working on that, too.  Lets just say that I've gone a bit 'overboard' for this blog hop.  My day is July 20th.

If I don't post a lot before then, then you'll know that I'm working on some of my 'secret' projects.  


  1. Such a cute table topper. Guess it is watermelon season. DH will be bringing some home soon...:) Hope you enjoyed your class.

  2. OMG the table topper is very cute, and I think the book looks like it has some fabulously cute patterns. Lots of super secret sewing going on there.

  3. I have that book. It has a lot of fun projects in it. You have enough to keep you busy for some time!

  4. Wow, you are going in a lot of directions and so many secrets to keep. I would be spilling the beans early, so never tell me a secret to keep! The topper is very cute and love your ants....the only way I can tolerate them. Also looking forward to hubby's projects and the machine bases.

  5. Your table topper is absolutely perfect for summertime! I'll be waiting to see the secret projects. I've been busy but there's very little stitching going on here. ~Jeanne

  6. Your watermelon topper is cute, I like the ants :)
    The star wars pillowcase is going to be a hit, I really doubt that he'll notice anything but how cool it is.

  7. love the watermelon table topper, you have been busy

  8. The five year old will not care at all about the imperfections in his pillowcases. They are STAR WARS!

  9. I seriously doubt any 5-year old boy would notice that slant, or think it odd, if he did. The glasses cases are great, and I was interested in your saying you preferred the regular foot to the walking foot on the vintage machines. I always think my FW does the very best job of applying binding, even on a satin quilt once, not a single slip of the needle or fabric, and using just the regular foot.


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