Friday, November 24, 2017

Captain Hook

These Peter Pan themed paper pieced blocks are kicking my behind.  So many teeny tiny pieces to work with.  Since it didn't seem like I was getting anything done, just working on one pattern at a time (making 2 of each pattern) I decided to start working on several different patterns at one time.  

The way I work, I prep as many pieces at one time as I can, then I sew all those pieces, then prep, sew, etc, until all the pieces are done.  When all the pieces for one pattern are done, then I can assemble them, to finish the block.  

Well, working on 4 different patterns at once wasn't as confusing as it sounds.  I only put the wrong 'flesh' color on one piece.  I have a method for keeping things organized as I work.  First, I have a label pinned to the different fabrics, so that I know what block those fabrics go to (the background fabric is the same for all the blocks, so, that one is really easy).  

Then, I have gallon ziplocks, that each set of pattern pieces go into.  Those ziplocks also have a piece of paper in them, that lets me know what pattern is in that ziplock, so that things don't get mixed together.  I only stitch or prep on one pattern set at a time.  So far, it's worked really well.  

Most of the pieces for all the patterns are done.  I'm still working on piecing eyes on 2 patterns.  The eyes have the most pieces, so, they take the most work.  

Yesterday, I finished all the pieces for Captain Hook, and started assembling them into the finished block.  Oops!  I'd made a mistake.  Can you find the mistake I made????
finished Oops! block


Oops!  Instead of sewing grey fabric for the feather, I'd stitched black.  I use colored pencils to mark what color fabric I need in each spot.  The gray is about the same shade as the black, since I don't want to color really hard each time.  Oops!  I'd mistaken black for gray.  I had to print out new pieces, and start from scratch, to fix my mistakes.  Thank goodness one piece only had 3 fabrics, and the other only had 5 fabrics.  Lots of unstitching, to save the other pieces.
new corrected pieces next to the old, wrong pieces

corrected section next to the wrong section

I finished Captain Hook last night.  
both corrected Captain Hook blocks

Captain Hook can be found on Fandom In Stitches, under Jake & the Neverland  Pirates. Here is a direct link to the pattern. There are 107 pieces of fabric in Captain Hook.  These blocks finish at 10" square.  Captain Hook was pieced on this machine.
1927 Singer 15 hand crank

I just love my hand cranks for paper piecing.  The needle stops exactly where I want it to, instead of going a few more stitches, like an electric machine would.  When you are only getting to stitch a couple of stitches on some of the really tiny pieces, it makes a big difference.  I can also make much smaller stitches with a vintage machine than I can with a modern machine.  With all these tiny pieces, that also makes a big difference.  Every stitch helps. 

I'm almost finished with Katie Nana, that was designed for me.  I'm also working on Smee and Peter Pan.  Hopefully those three will be done in the next day or two.  I do have some embroidery that needs to be done on a couple of these blocks, too.  

I started on this series of Peter Pan themed paper pieced blocks back in August.  These are taking me MUCH longer than I ever expected.  

Back to paper piecing!!!!!  


  1. Interesting to read how you prep and sew your paper pieced blocks. I have to admit, I've never tried to sew more than one block at the time, but your system seems to work beautifully. I can't wait to see where you are going with those blocks. xx

  2. OMGosh - so many pieces!!! Your finished blocks look fantastic. I love paper piecing on my Featherweight because the needle stops where I want it to - sometimes the new machines just aren't as good.🙃 Hopefully the next blocks will go faster now that you have refined your system. Looking forward to seeing the other blocks. ~Jeanne

  3. You are the most patient person I know when it comes to Paper Piecing. You are doing an excellent job and the blocks are so cute. I can't wait to see the whole series put together.

  4. Way too many tiny tiny pieces! But the results are wonderful. You have such patience to figure this out and working with hand crank is a good time I think to experiment!

  5. I am so impressed, and proud to know you. Way to fix a mistake, and twice. Atta Girl.
    Paper Piecing does take extra time... there really isn't any way to chain piece, and every piece is a different color, size, shape. Best to take your time and organize, too. But you know all this. Fun to see these patterns being made.

  6. Wow, so many pieces! You have more patience than I...but I do understand that “getting lost” in a project so meticulous can also be rewarding.

  7. At least you have a smart system to keep you going and you caught the oops before it was in the quilt!


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