Sunday, March 11, 2018

Pride of the Prairie Quilt Show

This weekend my large quilt guild had it's bi-annual quilt show.  I love this quilt show.  It is one of the reason's that I joined the quilt guild. 

I had a booth showing off and doing demo's on some of my vintage sewing machines.  This is the 4th time I've had a booth.  No, I do not sell anything at the show, but, I do take my cards, and hand them out to people who have questions about machines. 

I took 16 machines this year.  I only take one treadle each time, since they take up so much space in the car.  Speaking of cars, it's been a crazy week.  We arrived home from Alaska late on Tuesday night.  On Wednesday morning, when I got in my car, it wouldn't move.  I thought the transmission was out, but, the parking brake was frozen to the back brake drums.  The car hadn't been moved in 3 weeks, after snow and rain.  Hubby started working on the car on Wednesday night, and, by Friday noon, he finally freed the last wheel.  Until then, I wasn't sure how we'd get all my machines to the show, since it takes 2 cars. 

1881 Singer 12 treadle

My booth is down the hall, behind this treadle.  I get the hall to myself, so I can spread out as much as I like.  They offered to put me in with the vendors, but, then I'd be limited by space.  I'd prefer the hall. 

more machines
Behind the treadle, I put my folding chairs that I'd decorated in January.  The wheelies were on the folding chairs.  The chairs and the wheelies got lots of attention.  I'm thinking that Menard's will be selling out of the furniture movers this next week.  Oops!  Menard's went up in price.  Oh well, still worth the extra $1. 

I had 2 long tables full of vintage machines. I used some of the antique quilts that I've collected, to display the machines on.
13 machines on these tables
Here are the machines I took.
Approx 1927 Frister & Rossman Model E

1927 Singer 15

early 1900's Gritzner VS (back, left) 1925 Singer 99 (front) 1914 Singer 66K (back, right)

1911-12 Bradbury VS, 1878-1885 Wheeler & Wilson #8

W&W #8 (back, left) 1939 Singer Featherweight (front, left) 1923 Singer 128 (back, center) 1930's Casige (toy, front) 1921 Singer 66 (back, right)

1921 Singer 66 (back, left) 1880 Willcox & Gibbs (front) 1950's Home Mark (electric, back, right)

At the table, at the front is where I sat and stitched.  The table is for a Singer 401/301 short bed machine.  I put one of my 301's in the slot for the machine, then set up another machine to sew on.
1953 Singer 301A, sitting in it's card table

Post WWII Universal Japanese class 15
I stitched all weekend on the aqua 'Universal' hand crank.  I am participating in 2 different block exchanges with my Treadle On group.  Over the weekend I finished 3 sets of blocks for the exchanges.

I finished a set of Chocolate 9 patch blocks (2 sets left to stitch).  I thought the 'mint chocolate' went well with this machine.
Chocolate 9 patch blocks
I also finished 2 sets of 4 patch blocks for the Spring Basic exchange.  I also color coordinated the fabrics to the machine.  Check out the aqua green sewing machine on the red fabric.  The other fabric is pins.
4 patch blocks

4 patch blocks
Half of my blocks are done now.  I never expect to get much sewing done, since it's more fun to answer questions about the machines than to stitch. 

I got to meet a member of Treadle On at the quilt show, and also a few people who read my blog.  Also, I already have 2 emails from people asking for information on machines.  Great!  I love to help people get their machines up and running. 

I know it was a quilt show, and you are expecting to see quilts.  When I finally got to go see the quilts, I forgot to bring my camera.  Sorry.  The only pictures I have are of my entries.

This is the Peter Pan quilt that is hanging in my new granddaughter's room.  I thought I'd show it instead of it's twin, that was at the show. 
Peter Pan quilt
Here is my Family Reunion quilt.  There are 2 of these quilts, too, one for me, and one that was raffled off at the reunion.

me, with the owner of the 2nd Family reunion quilt
Here is the Elephant challenge quilt. (only one of these quilts)
Elephant Walk

I also entered one of the purses that I've made.  It was the first one of this style.  It was from a class with my other quilt guild.  I've since made several of this style.
And my last entry was one of my project bags.  Yes, I've made quite a few of these.  I also made 2 project bags that were donated to the silent auction at the quilt show.  Several people noticed, since I also had 3 of my project bags at my booth, holding my sewing projects.
project bag

It was a fun weekend full of quilts, vintage sewing machines, and new (and old) friends.  I even got some time on Sunday to visit the vendor booths.  Oops!  I came home with more fabric (hey, who can resist those great, discounted prices)? 

I'm taking a break, then I'll start putting machines away in the morning.  I don't think you can walk in my living room at the moment (the floor is covered with machines). 

I'm looking forward to the next quilt show, in 2020.


  1. Thanks for sharing your pictures of your sewing machines and quilts! Beautiful!! I see you have a Singer 66. I just got one. I bought this frozen machine because I wanted the cabinet, but I managed to get it running and it sews great. It came with lots of feet and attachments, luckily, because they attach with a back screw. It's fun to see you also have that machine!

  2. Thanks for all the pictures - it was fun to see so many different machines! I love the aqua Universal handcrank - I'd be smiling each time I stitched with it!

  3. What a collection! So glad you had a good showing and met people----sounds like a fun and full weekend.

  4. Great to see the display of all the sewing machines! We did this a couple of years ago at our quilt show as well and it was a LOT of fun talking to people about their memories of various machines and educating them on the value of sewing on these babies :-). Great the chairs!

  5. Cheryl, thanks for the pictures! What a wonderful way to start a Monday morning. I remember when you got the Singer 12. You've done a beautiful job on it. Tina

  6. Sounds like it was a great show! Thanks for the pictures - I enjoyed seeing them. ~Jeanne

  7. I can't imagine the enormity of moving all those machines. To see them all together, has to be inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  8. What a delightful collection of sewing machines! I love the purple Featherweight, but that aqua Japanese machine is also delightful.

  9. I enjoyed seeing all of your machines again. Sounds like a good show.

  10. The machines are lovely, to be sure but my eyes went straight to the Peter Pan quilt! It turned out darling!! What a labor of love...

  11. Love seeing your machines and they look great on the vintage quilts. It is great that you share your love for Vintage Machines. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Delicious blocks on lovely old machine. Love your booth. Hugs

  13. I loved seeing all of your machines!

  14. Nice display and cute quilt for Gwendolynn! Love the 3/4's aqua class 15 model. They are my to piece on and that one is very pretty.

  15. What a wonderful display of your vintage machines. I should take pictures of the few that I have and get you to identify them for me. lol I love that you coordinated the colors of your blocks with the machine you were using. It is amazing that you have such a varied collection. I bet it is lots of fun educating others about them. Your Peter Pan quilt is very nice, but my favorite is the elephant one. That is su such a creative and artistic piece of art!! It has my "viewers choice" award!!

  16. Your sewing machine display looks so fun.

  17. Your machine display looks great. Love the green machine. Glad you are home and had a wonderful time.

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