Friday, August 10, 2018

Stitching Progress

I've been trying to get several projects closer to completion this week.  After not getting much sewing done this summer (the sewing room kept turning into a nursery), I'm trying to play 'catch up'. 

My little quilt guild is trying to make 14 quilts for the Naperville 360 boys and girls homes.  This same guild made 8 quilts and gave them for Christmas 2016, but, those boys have all moved on.  I've got 2 quilt tops finished, waiting to be basted and quilted, for the boys.

The first quilt, I made the top back in January 2017 for 'I Love Pre-Cuts' blog hop

Spritely quilt top

Since we need twin size quilts, this top wasn't large enough.  I used the leftover scraps from this quilt to make a couple of borders.  Now it is large enough.  I need to baste and quilt this.

Spritely with added borders

I also made a pillowcase to go with the quilt.
matching pillowcase

The next quilt, I was going to add another border to, but, I decided that it was large enough.  I've cut backing, and it's waiting to be basted and quilted.  I'll make a pillowcase for it later.

flannel circles

The circle blocks were already made when I got them.  They just needed to be stitched together.  I still have some of the circles left, to make into blocks.  Not sure if I'll use them in the pillowcase or not.  There was extra fabric scraps with the blocks, too.  All of it was $4 at a thrift store.  Now someone's hard work will be appreciated.

My BFF is going to be a grandmother (again).  Her family is practically part of our family (we've been BFF's for over 40 years now).  I get to be the '3rd' grandma.  The baby is due later this month.  I finally got the quilt top finished.  I just need to baste it and quilt it.

pink camo churn dash quilt top

Yes, pink camo was requested.  Her big sister loves camo and turquoise, so, be looking for something in those colors soon.

Of course I couldn't just make a quilt, so, I pulled out some satins, and made some blankets to match the quilt. 

camo & gold satin blanket

polka dot and dusty rose satin blanket

this is the true color of the polka dots

Babies also need burp rags.  I used some of the scraps to make matching burp rags.
matching burp rags

Sorry about the colors.  I took pictures inside, after dark, and I just couldn't get the colors to come out well. 

I'm hoping to get these quilt tops basted in the next few days, so that I can start quilting them.  Machine quilting is my least favorite part of quilting. 

Tomorrow, my large quilt guild has a sew-in.  Hopefully I'll get lots done on some other projects during that time.  I'm WAY behind on some of my projects (due dates are fast approaching). 

I hope you are getting some sewing in, too.


  1. Watching a grandbaby is so much more important than sewing and those days spent with her will add to the treasured memories, plus you'll think of her every time you walk into your sewing room! You've made up lots of time with the great projects! The pink camo is surely going to be a welcomed gift and not one they'll find on any store rack!

  2. The boys will appreciate those quilts. Glad you could make use of what you had-nice to clean out, fast, and they look great! The baby gifts are so cute. Does big sister get a quilt too? ~Jeanne

  3. Oh my gosh, you are getting so much done! Hope you enjoyed your "sew in". Still haven't found a group to sew with. :o(

  4. Machine quilting is my least favorite part, too. You've gotten a LOT done! My fave may be the pink camo churn dash!! :)


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