Saturday, September 1, 2012

Special Gift and August NewFO's

Remember this sewing machine that I am holding for Pat, at least until it can get a ride from Chicago to North Carolina?
Pat's White Rotary sewing machine that I'm holding
Well, Pat sent me a wonderful gift yesterday.  I've told Pat that my Spartan Hand Crank is my favorite sewing machine.  Pat has a Spartan, and is now considering turning her's into a hand crank, too.  Well, this is what Pat made for me.
wall hanging made by Pat
This is Pat's first attempt at applique.  I think she did a wonderful job!  Sew Cute!  This is hand quilted, too!  THANKS PAT!!!!!

Cat Patches 2012 NewFO Challenge   

I didn't get much sewing done in June or July, due to graduations, weddings, getting the last son ready for college, and my legs acting up.  Well, I finally got some sewing done in August.  Everything I sewed was done on a hand crank.  My poor Janome is going to feel slighted. 

I am in the group, Treadle On.  We are having a TOBE (Treadle On Block Exchange) this fall.  So far, I've gotten 3 sets of blocks sewn.

1959 Singer Spartan (192K) hand crank

TOBE blocks sewn on 1959 Singer Spartan (192K) Hand crank

Each set of blocks is supposed to have 12 HST's in it.  I sewed 16 HST's so that I'd have extra blocks for me.  I still have to sign the blocks before mailing them.

1921 Singer 66 (Redeye) hand crank

'Red' blocks sewn on 1921 Singer 66 'Redeye' hand crank

Yes, I chose red fabric to match the red and gold decals on this machine. 

1948 Singer 15-88 hand crank
sewn on 1948 Singer 15-88 hand crank

I also started the 'How far will you go? QAL (see button on side).  I made 4 of the first block.  I haven't had time to try any of the other blocks.

Yep, sewn on my trusty Spartan hand crank

QAL block 1, 4 blocks made

I took a paper piecing class back in May, but, I didn't have time to practice.  Well, there is a Thursday sew-in at a LQS, and, several of the ladies are very good at paper piecing.  I found a pattern early Thursday morning, and, with lots of help from Jo, Jan and Linda, look what I got done so far...
2 paper piecing blocks, one shown from the back

Jo suggested that I make a second block (since I already had another copy printed) so that I could reinforce what I'd learned.  Lots of 'unstitching' as I learned how to do this.  This will eventually turn into part of a Singer sewing machine, like this one on KT Quilt's blog.  Yes, I have a link to the pattern, thanks to KT.  Hopefully I'll show the finished block for Septembers NewFO party.

Now for a NewFO, but, it isn't my NewFO, it is my youngest son's project. 
Connor's Renaissance Fair shirt

hand embroidered sleeve hem

all hand stitched by my youngest son

No, I didn't teach my son how to make clothes.  I DID teach him the basics of hand sewing, many years ago, and, I taught him how to sew on a machine when he was 12 (he made a quilt that year).  Connor has worked on this, off and on, while working at a summer camp this summer.  I think he's done a great job! 


  1. Oh what fun! And your son,,,good for him!

  2. Wonderful machines & even more wonderful to have a son who can sew :*) I got a treadle this summer and I'm so looking forward to playing with it!

  3. I'm so completely jealous that you have *three* hand-cranks, and such beauties they are!

  4. Lovely wall hanging! Your machines are all beautiful. It almost makes me want to drag out my Grandmother's treadle and give it a go. Almost. lol.

  5. Great post! I always love seeing the machines and what you accomplish with them. Congrats also on raising a sewing person!
    Cheryl Warren

  6. Your machines are terrific! Love your son's shirt; he's really done a marvelous job! I miss Renaissance Festivals. We had a big one when I lived in Maryland and we went pretty much ever fall -- but not so much here in North Alabama.

  7. Nicely done Spartan wall quilt. All of your machines are wonderful; enjoy them all!

  8. Rosemary B here: Hello Cheryl! I noticed you are doing the "Haunted" blog hop too :-D
    I am as well. I will be posting my project on "that other blog"
    I am glad that you are going to be making a creation too!!


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