Thursday, January 24, 2013

Another sewing machine followed me home!

I went to a thrift store last week, and saw 3 different sewing machines.  One unfixable old Singer, a treadle (I have enough of these, unless it is in wonderful shape) and a vintage Japanese sewing machine.  Well, I was a GOOD GIRL and walked away from all three machines.  Problem was, that vintage Japanese machine just kept calling my name.  I finally decided that if it was still there (they seldom are still there), then I'd stop by and buy it.  DARN!  When I called yesterday morning, it was STILL THERE! 

Vintage Japanese sewing machine
This is a 'badged' machine.  That means that some company had their name put on the machine, instead of the makers name.  I don't know who made this machine, but, I'm hoping that one of my vintage groups will be able to help me out. 

Illinois DeLuxe 'badged' name on arm of machine

plate on machine near base of arm
Since I currently live in Illinois, I guess this name fits.  There is a sticker on the top of the arm of the machine (why do repair places put their stickers on these machines???) that says

repair shop sticker ON TOP OF THE ARM  of the machine.  What a stupid place to put the sticker
I did a Google search, but couldn't find this company listed.  This sticker is so old, they don't even list the area code by the phone number.

This machine is missing a few parts, too.

missing the needle holder/needle clamp screw
missing the bobbin case and bobbin
needs a new spring on the tension
Did you notice the numbers stuck on the machine in the picture above?  From what I can tell, the list the order for threading the machine.  I've never seen this done before.  Since that stupid repair sticker is stuck to the top of the arm of the machine, maybe I'll just leave these in place, too.  Especially since I don't have a manual.

Stitch lever, yipee, it has reverse!

outside motor, wiring is good on the outside of the machine, and the motor runs

inside motor wiring, not so good

The feed dogs can be lowered by turning a button on the base of the machine.  Cool!  Now if I could just free motion quilt.... oh well, can't be good at everything.

arm that moves feed dogs up and down

arm that moves feed dogs up and down
Serial # TA.51868
Most Japanese machines start with JA or JC in the serial number.

Hopefully I can get some info on this machine.  I'd love to be able to get some parts, too, so that she can sew. 


We were supposed go to the tea room yesterday, as an early birthday lunch, but, they are closed for the month of January, for vacation.  We didn't find this out (who knew you needed to call ahead for food) until we got to The Fabric Center in Morris, IL.  I love shopping at this store. The people are so friendly and helpful.  It's a fun, bright store, with lots of lovely fabrics and some of the best prices around here.  I purchased several yards of white on white fabric for only $7.99/yd,  Since the tea shop was closed, we'll have to go back another day (darn, more fabric shopping). 

We did stop at several thrift stores, and another sewing machine followed me home, too. 

treadle music box

top of music box, sew cute

Yes, another treadle followed me home!  This one plays 'Buttons and Bows'.  Hubby was concerned when I told him that another treadle followed me home, until I showed it to him.  He was very relieved to see how small this one was.  I also found a teapot, still in the box.

my newest teapot
I figured that this teapot was small enough to fit almost anywhere.  I loved the blue and white colors. 

Today is Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day – January 24

I'll be visiting 2 different local quilt shops today.  Prairie Stitches in Oswego, where we have our regular Thursday sew-ins, and Prairie Shop Quilts in Batavia, where we are having an evening Quilts of Valor sew-in.  I'll be using an Accuquilt to cut squares for our signature quilt blocks.  We'll also have service members from Great Lakes Naval base come by and pick up lots of quilts for their next Returning Warrior Weekend.         


  1. That's so cool on finding a machine that has the name Illinois. It was meant to be that you become the next steward. Could TA stand for Taiwan? You found some very nice Birthday presents for yourself. I like the adorable music box!

  2. Cool machine! Keep us posted on what you find out about it and if you are able to find a bobbin case and bobbin. Ha-I have one of those sewing machine music boxes, too! I keep it on display with some of my dolls.

  3. The little music box is my favourite. You find such wonderful treasures!

  4. Lots of fun stuff in your post. I love that you collect old sewing machines. So cool. :)

  5. What does one of these machines cost when you pick them up?

    I saw one the other day listed for $100 and wondered if it was worth it.

  6. The Illinois sewing machine looks great, and I hope you easily find the parts.

    I had to smile when you mentioned the numbers stuck on the machine. My mom did that for me in the 1970's, when I was learning to sew. It helped me to thread the machine. I still have that machine and use it all the time. Photo is here on my blog, a few photos down -
    Look closely and you can see the little brown tape pieces!


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