Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Update on Toy Sewing Machines

I have more information on the Toy Sewing Machines that I posted about yesterday

I have two great reference books on Toy and Miniature Sewing Machines.  These were written by Glenda Thomas.  I found the 2nd book at an Antique store, a few years ago, and ordered the first book a year so so ago.  Both are great books!

By looking at the great pictures in the books, I found that Debbie's Singer 20 is from around 1914.  You can tell by the handwheel.
middle handwheel is from around 1914 (from the book)
Here is a picture of Debbie's hand wheel.
Debbie's handwheel
It is also easy to tell from this picture, and description:
from the book

from the book
Here is another picture of Debbie's machine.  Check out the tension, in comparison to the picture above.
Debbie's matches the tension from the 1914 machine in the book

I also found information on the toy machine that Carrie gave me.  It is a Casige, made in Germany.
Casige emblem, from the book

picture of the same decal set, from the book

description of same machine, from the book
Here is a picture of my machine, showing the same decal set at the picture above.
front of my machine

back of my machine

This means that my machine is from the 1930's. Casige made Toy machines from 1902 to 1975.  Can you believe that a machine like mine, sold for only 98 cents in 1934? 

The sewing plate on my machine has an imprint stamped on it.  I couldn't get a picture of mine, but, the book had a great picture, and the imprint is the same.
imprint on the sewing plate

I love being able to find information about the machines that I collect.  I wouldn't have been able to find all this info, if it hadn't been for both of these books.  Thank you Glenda Thomas, for all the hard work you did, in writing these books.  What a treasure trove of information.  I highly recommend both of these books.  I've been able to find information on almost every toy machine I have, no matter how tiny.  

I had a few queries about the rust erasers that I use.  My contact has just found them again (they were unavailable for a while), and she is checking on her prices.  One person who asked is a no-reply blogger, thus, I can't send her the info.  If you are no-reply PLEASE include your email address, so that I can respond to you. 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Debbie's Machine, and a Gift

I offered to clean up Debbie's grandmother's Singer 20 toy machine.  These were one of the few toy sewing machines that actually worked well.  I know of one woman who takes her Singer 20 on trips, and sews with it on the airplane.  She just clamps the machine to the tray table.  The Singer 20 is a chain stitch sewing machine.

Here are some pictures of Debbie's machine before I started cleaning it.
Debbie's Singer 20

This machine did have some rust on it, but, overall, it was in pretty good shape.  I took my rust eraser and some steel wool after the rusty parts. 

Here is what the rust eraser can do to the chrome plate.
half cleaned

fully cleaned

Here is the cleaned up machine, with the before and after photos.
before, see the rust on the gear towards the bottom?

rust cleaned off the bottom gear (and other places)

rust on the hand wheel

most of the rust cleaned off the hand wheel

before cleaning

after cleaning

Not all machines can be cleaned up this well.  I hope Debbie is pleased with this.  She will still need to find a handle for the hand wheel (missing when I got the machine).

A friend gave me a toy machine yesterday.  I decided to clean it up after I finished Debbie's machine.  This machine was in much worse shape than Debbie's, so, it didn't clean up nearly as well.  Too much of the chrome was already gone.  Still, I think it is an improvement.  It's such a cute little machine. 
my new toy machine, before any cleaning

 I haven't had time to look this machine up, so, sorry, no info on it yet.  Aren't the decals great?!?!

Here are some before and after photos.
before cleaning
after cleaning
I had to almost completely disassemble this machine to clean the parts.  It still needs more cleaning, but, this is all it will get for a while.


after cleaning

back, after cleaning

I just love those decals.  Such a cute little machine.  Thanks Carrie!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Barn Quilt Class

Suzi Parron came to my large quilt guild last night, and talked about the Barn Quilt books that she has written.  Today was the Barn Quilt class.

We met in Terri's garage.  It was a lovely day, with a light breeze and the temps reached mid 70's.
one side of the garage

the other side of the garage

 We were provided with a 2 foot square plywood piece, that had been painted with primer.  We got to choose a pattern, or, bring a pattern.  Suzi showed us how to prep our piece, and get started.  This is the pattern that I chose.

We drew our pattern lines, then started prepping for painting.
ready to paint the first color

We painted the first color, then dried it with a hair dryer.  The red took 3 coats of paint to cover it nicely.
red parts painted

Next was the white paint.  Here is is, after the white has been painted and the tape has been removed.
one color left to paint

All that is left is the blue, with the star.  I'd already painted the white for the star.
just need to remove the green tape

Here are the other ladies, working on their Barn Quilts. 

Here is my finished Barn Quilt. 
2 foot square barn quilt

 Talk about a great place to take a photo...with Terri's 1930's car.

What a fun day!!!!  Suzi is already booked for more quilt guilds in this area, in 2018 and 2019.