Saturday, September 22, 2018

Quilt Show & a Bag

I went to a quilt show this afternoon.  Heritage Quilt Guild. I've been to this show many times over the years.  It's a smaller show, but always nice.

Here are some of the quilts.  They had lots of antique quilts this year.  Sorry, I didn't take photos of the cards attached to the quilts.

This next quilt is an antique, and the blocks represent each state.

I loved this cute little bag.  One of the vendors had a kit to make something similar to this bag (no, I didn't get it).

another antique quilt

great way to set sampler blocks

Of course, as a Harry Potter fan, I had to take a picture of this quilt.  One of these days, I'll finish both of my Project of Doom quilts.
Project of Doom
Linda and Terri, this butterfly quilt is for both of you.

antique quilt

antique quilt

This next quilt is painted.

what to do with all those HST's

Several ladies were working on this pattern, but they didn't like the weird cutting sizes in it (7/8's etc) so they re-drafted the pattern to easier to cut sizes. 

Julie, and your Log Cabin ladies, these are for you.

A lady from my Ottawa quilting group taught this class (paper piecing).  Just wait until you see the stunning quilt that Mary made for the Camp Tuckabatchee quilt show raffle (next week).

I love patriotic, elephants and teapots.

The applique on this one is stunning.

up close of the applique

I was pretty good in the vendor mall. I did buy some gifts for Christmas (not for me, for others ;)

Last night, I decided that I needed a small bag to hold the money from the raffle quilt sales.  I pulled a fat quarter out, then rummaged thru my leftover bits of binding, and made this bag.  It is the smallest size of my project bags (4 sizes in the pattern).  Until last night, I'd only made the large size. 
small project bag
I really should have stitched the binding on with my Janome & walking foot, but, I was watching Cannonball Run II, and didn't want to stop.  This was a lot of layers, with all the binding bits pieced together.  My Featherweight wasn't very happy with the binding part. 

I wore my new jacket, from the freebie table, today.  I got lots of great compliments on it.  Thanks again, Sandy!

Friday, September 21, 2018

Gifts, Stitching & Freebie's

Last Thursday I got something special in the mail. Tina sold me her Atalanta (German) hand crank at the Michigan TOGA.  Well, shortly before Tina sold me the hand crank, she did some stitching on it, and remembered that it had a tendency to slide on the table while stitching (not a good thing). 

Well, Tina made me a grippy mat with crochet edges to go under the Atalanta.
grippy mat

grippy mat under the Atalanta
Tina didn't measure to see what size to make.  She just guessed.  She guessed really well.  It's a perfect fit, and I love the red on the edges.  Thanks Tina!

Last weekend was the first Camp Tuckabatchee quilt weekend since last Spring.  It was HOT!  Being at a camp, there isn't any AC.  Thank goodness several of us brought fans. 

Just before camp, I'd cut out 12 project bags.  I taught the ladies how to make project bags.  We will be selling some, along with other goodies, at the Camp Tuckabatchee Quilt Show, March 30-31, 2019.  If you are near Ottawa, IL, you should make plans to attend this show.  Also, you are welcome to enter a quilt (or several).  Just contact me, and I'll get you an entry form.

Well, not only did I teach how to make these bags, but, I got all but the handles and binding attached to all 12 of the bags I cut out.
12 project bags, almost finished
I've always used my regular (vintage) foot when I sewed the zippers on these bags.  Well, while cleaning my sewing room earlier this summer, I found one of my zipper feet, and brought it along with me.  I'd never used a zipper foot before.  It sure made it easier to stitch the zipper.
sewing with a zipper foot

I'll be keeping this zipper foot handy from now on. 

Back at the Michigan TOGA, Diana had a great way to carry her vintage hand cranks (with lids).  She'd made a carrier using an old curtain valance.
Diane's carrier
Well, I have a demo coming up, and I decided to make me some of these.  Instead of a valance, I found 4 matching, (new) pillow shams at the thrift store.  I bought some strapping and grabbed some of my velcro, and....
one of my carriers

I made 4 of these carriers.  I already have 3 of these on machines, since I'm starting to get ready for the Lyon's Farm Fall Festival, September 29 & 30, 2018.  I've had a booth, with several of my vintage machines, for many years now.  What a fun weekend, and it is forecast to be 'cool' this year.  Yipee!  Last year was super hot all weekend.  If you are anywhere near Yorkville, IL, I'd love to see  you at this event.  There is a car show on Sunday, so, bring the hubby.  Lots of stuff for the kids to do, too. 

Last night was my large quilt guild.  We have a 'freebie' table at guild.  I was standing at the table, chatting with a newer member, when someone threw something on the top of the pile.  The new member wanted to see what it was, so I grabbed it. It was a jacket.  The new member said she'd never wear it, but, from across the table, someone told me to try it on.  It fit GREAT!  (I should have had someone take my picture in the jacket, oh well).

Sandy D had made the jacket (and was the one that told me to try it on).  The chenille was from her grandmothers bedspread, and Sandy had over-dyed it.  The meandering quilting was her first time to meander.  It is trimmed really well.  This jacket has never been worn.  I already have plans to wear this tomorrow to a wedding shower, and a quilt show after the shower. Thanks Sandy!

There is a quilt show this weekend.  Next week, I'll have the Camp Tuckabatchee raffle quilt at 2 different quilt guilds, Prairie Star Quilt Guild on Tuesday, and Faithful Circle Quilt Guild on Wednesday.  I also need to get things ready for the Lyon's Farm Fall Festival, next weekend.  It will be a busy week, but, not much sewing will happen. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Quilting Frustrations

I should be working on the Sapphire Star borders, but I decided to quilt the Deer baby quilt instead.
Deer baby quilt top

I spray basted it on Tuesday, and just didn't want to wait to quilt it.  I have Shannon minky on the back.  I've used regular dotted minky many times, with no problems, but, this minky has a really long nap on it, and it's giving me fits. 

First, I echo stitched around the deer with my walking foot (I don't do free motion quilting).  The quilt is heavy, with minky and batting.  It just doesn't want to 'feed' like it should.  My stitches are uneven. 
echo quilting with the walking foot (notice the long nap on the minky backing)

The worst part is that the long nap is coming thru to the front of the quilt.
nap from the minky coming thru as I quilt

Next I echo quilted inside the deer.  There was still a bit of the nap coming thru on the deer, but much less, I think because of the fusible.

I was going to do more echo quilting, but, I was tired of fighting with the quilt.  I decided to do some straight line quilting.  I'd planned on doing cross hatch quilting in the open places, but, with the nap coming thru, and trying to wrestle the quilt, it wasn't worth the trouble. 

After following the edges of the border, I knew it needed more quilting, so I pulled out the blue tape. 
stitching down either side of the blue tape

I wound up stitching across the hooves and part of the deer.  I was using tan thread, and it shows across the brown.  I think I'll get my brown Micron pen and color those threads.
you can see the tan thread on the hooves

tan thread across the top antler

I'm hoping that the nap threads that came thru to the front disappear when this quilt is washed.  I've run my fingernail up and down the stitches along the back, and it hasn't done any good.  I know I won't be using this type of long nap minky on the back of a quilt again.  I'll stick to the dotted minky instead.

I have been working on something else this week.  I pulled fabrics and cut batting for 12 more project bags.  I've even quilted the backs.  I still have all the other parts to cut out.  That will be done this weekend, at quilt camp in Ottawa.  I'm teaching the ladies how to make project bags.  We'll be selling them at our Quilt Show in March 2019.