Saturday, March 25, 2017

Camp Tuckabatchee Quilt Show

This is the third time I've gotten to attend the Camp Tuckabatchee Quilt Show in Ottawa, IL.  They hold it every 2 years, but, for many years, I was shuttling boys around during Spring Break, and had to miss this show. 

This is one of my favorite quilt shows, not just for the quilts, but, for the Treadle Races and the great fabric and notions sale they have every year.  Two years ago, they didn't have the Treadle Races, since the lady who does them, had to miss, last minute, with both of her parents in the hospital at the same time.  Four years ago, I won the Treadle Races.

The show started off great, as hubby won a door prize as we entered.
hubby's door prize, that he gave to me

Next stop is the fabric and notions area.  As I was looking on the tables, hubby looked under the table and found me a sewing machine rolling case.  Hubby is a keeper!
rolling sewing machine case hubby found

Well, with all that room in the case, I needed to fill it up.  First, I found some great fabrics.
LOTS of yardage

Then I found some quilt blocks.
13 blocks, 12.5" square

Then I found some great zipper bags.
2 zipper bags

Someone had donated Drunkards Path templates along with a set of Curve Master feet and the special tweezers that went along with the feet.
Drunkards Path templates, Curve Master set

Of course, I had to check out the books, too.  Hubby said I really needed the last book.
Sunbonnet Sue books

Hoochy Mama book

Then I spied a sewing machine cabinet.  Of course, I always have to look, to see what's inside.  The cabinet is a mess, but, this was hiding inside.
1951 Singer 99K #EG381111

Made at the Kilbowie factory in Clydebank, Scotland

For the price, hubby knew it was going home with us! 

While hubby loaded my purchases into the car, I headed over to the quilts.  It was a mixture of new and vintage quilts. 

one of the challenge quilts

great border on this one

up close of the deer, their ears stick out, and the tails are made with yarn

I loved the story with this next one.  A lady showed a new quilter some blocks she had embroidered in 1947.  Each block shows the state and it's flower.  There were only 48 states at that time.  The new quilter thought she could turn these into a quilt.  When the longarm quilter finished with the quilting, the new quilter called the lady's son, who said that the lady had just been put in hospice care at her home.  The quilt was quickly delivered, and the lady enjoyed her quilt during the last days of her life.
quilt made from blocks stitched in 1947

block maker with her finished quilt, the last few days of her life

There were some vendors at the quilt show, too.  I only took a few pictures.  I'm sure you'll figure out why when you see them.
red Featherweight

the featherweight was used to piece most of these quilts

Of course, I had to take pictures of the booth with the vintage machines, too.  Mary Ann (who owns the treadles) was teaching two young ladies how to sew on the treadles.  Most of the rest of the machines belong to Cathy (who was off teaching Make & Take).
young ladies learning how to use treadles

a few of her toys and toy irons

some of her machines

some of Cathy's tiny machines & salt & pepper shakers

  I had to take home some of those tiny machines and salt & pepper shakers.  Here is what I brought home.
3 sets of Salt & Pepper shakers

2 tiny machines (each about 1" long)

While I was paying for these, Mary Ann called me to come be in the Treadle Races.  She lost 4 years ago, since her thread broke.  She wanted to beat me this time.  We sewed on the same treadles as we sewed on last time.

Getting ready to sew (I need my bifocals to see what I'm doing)

Sewing away!
Mary Ann 'thinks' she is winning
Woohoo!  I won again!

This is the lovely New Home treadle I was sewing on, and my finished block.
winning block, and New Home treadle
 I won a prize!
my prize and my block

What a fun day!  Mary Ann said that she'll beat me next time.  We'll see......

I hope your Saturday was a fun as mine was!