Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Two new machines and some exchange blocks received

I've gotten 2 more machines this month. 

First, I got a Damascus treadle.  I'm hoping someone will want this treadle, since it is treadle #6 in my house, and I'm only supposed to have 4 treadles.  I'm running out of treadle space.  This treadle had been sitting in  a basement for about 40 years when I picked it up.  It didn't come with any attachments, but, it has the shuttle and a bobbin, which is a plus.  I have before cleaning and after cleaning pictures.  This machine had mold on the outside of the machine, and, some inside the drip pan area of the cabinet.

Damascus, before cleaning.  Some of that is mold.

back of machine, showing dust and mold

paint splatters on cabinet

mold on drip pan inside of cabinet (it cleaned up easily)

clean and shiny

no more dirt or mold

Damascus in it's treadle cabinet

patch on the treadle peddle (no, I didn't clean the treadle irons)
Anyone want a treadle????

Also, I picked up another Kenmore in a cabinet.  I left the cabinet in the garage, so, I don't have pictures of the cabinet. 
Kenmore 158.17530 (1969-70)

cams and attachments and button hole maker that came with the Kenmore

more stuff that came with the Kenmore

this came with the Kenmore, but, I haven't a clue what it is

up close (and fuzzy) of the mystery part
My oldest son may get this machine.  He's 'testing' 3 of my Kenmore machines, to see which one (or two) he wants for himself.  For the first time, he's not complaining when I bring a machine home.  At least I am teaching him how to clean and oil the machines, so, he's done most of the work on the Kenmores.  Fine with me.

I also got lots of exchange blocks this month.

The first block is from the Mystery Row exchange I'm doing.  This was the 2nd month of the exchange.  I still need to make this month's block.  This is the block I received.
Mystery block I received
I was also in another block exchange, with my Treadle On group.  All these blocks have to be made on either a treadle or a hand crank sewing machine.  No electric machines allowed.  These are the blocks I got back.
Treadle On block exchange blocks
One of these days, I need to start sewing all my Treadle on blocks together.  I have them from several years now.  I think I like this setting.  Each block is signed, with the makers name, location, and what machine it was made on.  Some of these blocks are from England. 

I have been slaving away in my sewing room.  I'll post what I've been doing  at the end of the month, so that you don't have to see it twice in one week. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Few New Things, and what I'm working on

I've gotten a few new things in the last week.

1927 Singer 15
 I went to a rummage sale last Saturday, and found this machine.  It's missing some parts (bobbin case, bobbins, clutch washer, etc).  It came in a cabinet (rough shape).  The cabinet is in the garage.  I doubt I'll keep the cabinet.

I spent the afternoon cleaning this machine.  Most of these pictures are BEFORE I cleaned the machine.  She does have some pretty decals. 
nice faceplate, old style tension, no bobbin case or bobbin, or bobbin slide plate

motor, foot control and wiring.  NO I didn't plug her in

lots of lint jammed in there.  I never could get the feed dogs out

cleaned machine in a base that hubby made last month
Despite all the missing parts, I 'borrowed' a bobbin case from a Kenmore (standard series 15 style), and got this machine to stitch nicely.  Now to order her a few parts, and some new wiring and a new foot pedal.

Yesterday I was asked to give someone a ride.  On the way home, I decided to stop at a thrift store.  I found this box.
Singer Monagrammer

for slant shank, zig-zag machines

everything was in the box, including the Styrofoam to protect the parts

every disk is there
This monogrammer will work on my Singer 401A slant shank sewing machine.  Woohoo!  I probably won't have time to play with this until early next year.

I also found a cute teapot that I just couldn't resist.
I love his antenna.  Isn't he cute!

I have been working in my sewing room.  I started some Christmas tree mini quilts.  I've appliqued around everything, and stitched all the ornaments onto each of the trees.
3 Christmas tree mini quilts
 I'm taking a break from sewing the binding on these.  They should be finished soon.  Two of these will be 'flying' off to Alaska soon.  One for my son, and one for his fiance'.  My son asked me to mail him a little Christmas tree for this year, when he moved to Alaska (like I'm going to pay a fortune to mail an artificial tree).  This wasn't what he asked for, but, it should work.  They can hang them on their walls (she is in a dorm, so, not much room).  I'm keeping the 3rd one for my sewing room.

Tomorrow is a Shop Hop.  6 quilt stores. Other than some backing for more table runners, I don't plan on buying much, since I don't need anything.  We'll see. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

October NewFO's & Finishes

I only got one NewFO done in the month of October.  I'm in a Mystery Row Block exchange, and I finished 5 blocks for this exchange.  One block to exchange....
my exchange block
and I made 4 blocks for myself.
4 blocks I'm keeping
This is the block I got last month (September exchange).
block from Marilyn
I did get 19 finishes done in October.  Not bad, considering I was gone for a week to my family reunion.  I finished 19 - 60 degree table runners.  I do still need to bury the threads from the quilting.  I'll do that while watching TV.
4 Snowman table runners

4 different Snowman table runners

#1 Beach table runner

#2 Beach table runner

#3 Beach table runner

#4 Beach table runner

2 Apple table runners

2 Sunflower table runners

aqua table runner

red floral table runner

green floral table runner
Next month I hope to have 19 more table runners.  Using the 60 degree pattern, you get a 'bonus' round table runner along with the long table runners (shown above).  I just need to back, baste and quilt the 'bonus' table runners.  I think I went a bit overboard on these table runners.  Once you start cutting them out, you just can't stop.  I still have lots more material left to cut more of some of these table runners.

Friday, October 31, 2014


I took pictures of the goodies I got at the quilt show.
vintage needle threader and Hosiery mending kits

ceramic Elephant pincushion and tape measure

lots of fun fabrics

pin cushions and decorative pins
I also got a few things in the mail this week.  I got more canning jar blocks from Missy.
tomatoes, peanuts, Brussels sprouts and lemons
And last, but not least, a lovely sewing machine teapot from Kevin.
sewing machine teapot

I have been busy sewing, but, no pictures yet.  I'll post my NewFO's and my finishes in a day or two.

Oh yea, it's been SNOWING here this morning.  Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Prairie Star Quilt Show

I went to a local quilt show today.  If you live near the Chicago area, this is a great show.  The show will also be on Saturday.  You can get info here.

There were lots of vendors, and the guild had a 'fabric' booth (fat quarters for $0.50, and fabrics for $2/yard) and also a members boutique.  Yes, I bought from both guild booths and some vendors (sorry, no pictures).  There were also books, magazines and patterns for sale, too.  I did get a couple of patterns (6 for $1). 

Don't worry, we did check out the quilts, too.  Lots of lovely quilts to show you. 
'Good for the Gander' by Sue Pawlowski

Mariner's Compass by Sarah Martin

Bali Wedding Star by Jean Campbell

Grandmother's Garden by Mary Winegar

Wipe Those Tears (hankie quilt) by Linda Harlson

Grand Old Flag by Cindy Krelle

Minnesota Nights by Sue Pawlowski

Grandma's Zipper Garden by Adele Jeschke

Noah's Ark by Joyce Cooper

Kathy's Christmas Memories by Shirley Dickenscheidt

Jumping for Buttons by Connie Kuykendall

Fourth of July by Emilie Pollman

Stained Glass by Jo Fritter

look how tiny these 9 patch blocks are

Colorful Dresden Plate by Jody Schoneck

Kinderplatz by Linda Slusar

Seeing Stripes by Chris Schwarz

Thanks, Jane by Chris Schwarz
 I love the name of this next quilt.
Lucy Boston Broke My Heart by Susan Strasser

Sweet Dreams by Mary Stewart

Heirloom Applique by Marion Schlindwein

She Wears Lilly by Sherena Titus

Irish Eyes by Erica Barrett

Christmas Among the Pines by Emilie Pollman

Northwoods Living by Diane Hubberts

Long May It Wave by Debbie Long

God Bless America by Lois Larson

Stars and Stripes by Elvira Illig

Desert Sky by Chris Berry

Autumn Posies by Lyneta Grap Piela

Mod Pop by Chris Berry

Broken Pickle Dish by Nancy Gambrel

Dancing Oriental Umbrellas by Mary Conway

Here a Chick-There a Chick- Everywhere a Chick Chick by Beth Martin

Henry's Zoo by Donna Fowler

Crazy Compass by Dixie Riley

Constellation by Dixie Riley

10 Little Rubber Ducks by Darlene Musur

Black and White and Red Allover by Kathy Elvin

The Farmer's Wife Goes to Chicago by Elaine Morgan

Grandmother's Secret Garden by Beth Allendoerfer

Windswept Ladies by Georgia Rodney

These are just a few of the lovely quilts.  I hope you enjoyed them.  Check out the quilt show if you can. 

PS:  They even had a Cafe', dessert was wonderful.