Thursday, May 7, 2015

Kevin the Quilter, part 3

After Kevin finished his presentation, it was time for show-n-tell.  This was one of the best show-n-tells in a while.  Wego Quiltin' has about 18 members.

I put my camera down after Kevin's presentation, so, all the pictures from this post (part 3) are Kevin's pictures (Thanks Kevin for letting me use them).  We still only got a small part of the show-n-tell projects. 

Marilyn, our president, helps the 5th grade class to make a Quilt of Valor each year, at the school her grandson's used to attend.  This is the 5th year she's been helping them make a Quilt of Valor.  This is this year's quilt (just needs trimming and binding).
Quilt of Valor made my 5ht grade class
Jo, our newest member, had lots of show-n-tell.  This is just part of her show-n-tell.  (She was busy over the winter).
Jo's One Block Wonder

another One Block Wonder

Jo's trip around the world
Jinnie's latest quilt
finished Seed Packet quilt, for tornado victims (mine)

up close of Seed Packet quilt
me with my Leg Lamp mini quilt

my son's wedding quilt

signature quilt top (for the wedding)
After quilt guild, we had to go get some Chicago style pizza at Giordano's. YUM!  Kevin took a picture of hubby (John) and I, with our pizza.
John and I
Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.  Kevin had to head back home on Tuesday morning.  He promises that he'll be back, and, I plan on visiting him, too.

For those who follow my blog, I was the 'collector' of quilts (and afghans and blankets) for the Illinois tornado victims.  All quilts/afghans/blankets will be distributed thru Quilts of Compassion, starting today.  They may need to make several trips, to get everything distributed (they have a great system to do this).  Marilyn and I drove up to Rockford, IL, and dropped off 29 quilts from both of our quilt guilds (Wego Quiltin' and Pride of the Prairie) at Quilters General Store.  More than 220 quilts/afghans and blankets had already been dropped off for the tornado victims by the time we got there on Tuesday.  What great people, crafters are!

Tornado's went thru several states yesterday (Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska...), and Quilts of Compassion will be collecting and distributing quilts in these areas, too.  Check them out, and help them collect quilts/afghans and blankets, if you can.

Kevin the Quilter, part 2

Kevin the Quilter spoke at my little quilt guild, Wego Quiltin' in Oswego, IL.  What a great presentation he gave!  If your quilt guild is reasonably close to St. Louis, I'd highly recommend scheduling him to speak. 

Kevin started the presentation by awarding a couple of Quilts of Valor, made from the block drive he had last Spring.  
MSG Brett Bartkoske, Army

Mike Rorie, Army
Mike Rorie and Brett Bartkoske, wrapped in their Quilts of Valor

Veterans and their families
After the Quilts of Valor presentation, Kevin started telling us how he became a quilter.  I'm not going to tell you everything (you need to book him for your quilt guild), but, I do have lots of great pictures.
Kevin, with the quilt his grandmother made when he was 5 (he got to help with some of it)

Kevin's first project, for his parents (as a kid)
 The next several quilts are ones that Kevin has made over the years for family members and friends.
using charm packs and layer cakes

using charm packs and layer cakes

I loved this quilt, sorry the colors aren't very good

for his niece (she loves purple)

Quilt of Valor using small scraps

made for a friend, using her scraps (she loves greens)

flying geese, using strings for the geese
 My hubby, John, helped Kevin hold the quilts. 
Dresden plate, using scraps
one of his newest quilts

made using the pieces cut off the sides of quilted quilts

more scraps

using 4 one yard pieces

more scraps, isn't it lovely

a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt

Double Wedding Ring, made for his parents 50th Anniversary
 Kevin designed Radar back in 2013 (you really need to hear how it came about).  What a great story.  Radar has been in several shows, including MQS (Machine Quilters Show) in Wichita, Kansas, and at Houston last Fall and Paducah this Spring.  Radar is a collaboration between Kevin and Ann.  Kevin designed and pieced the top, while Ann did all the quilting.  Make sure to check out her quilting.

the back of Radar

up close of Radar's back
Kevin talked about how he became a quilter.  He also talked about how he uses scraps, and, about 'batiks'.  If you want to know more, you'll just have to book him.  Oh my, did I mention that he did a GREAT presentation?!?!?!?!  All my ladies are sew inspired now!

After all of Kevin's wonderful presentation, Wego Quiltin' quilters had show-n-tell.

That will be part 3.

Kevin the Quilters visit, part 1

I had a fun couple of days.  Kevin the Quilter came for a visit.  He arrived Sunday evening, and, on Monday morning, we played with his sewing machines.

Kevin was given his grandmothers Singer 127 treadle a few months ago.  We started by cleaning up the treadle head (his father is restoring the base).
Kevin, cleaning his grandmothers machine

Kevin and me cleaning the sewing machine
The machine was very dirty, and took us quite a while to clean it up.  We both had fun.  Kevin now knows how to clean and maintain his machines. 

This is the Singer 127, after cleaning.  Kevin didn't even know that there were decals on the back of the machine.  I think he did a great job!
Kevin's Singer 127 with Phoenix decals
After we finished with the treadle head, Kevin and cleaned and oiled his Singer Spartan (his has a motor attached),  The Spartan just had lint in it.  Kevin did most of the work on this one himself.  I also showed him where to oil his Featherweight.
Kevin's sewing machines
When we were done, Kevin and I decided to visit my closest quilt shop, Prairie Stitches, in Oswego.  (sorry, no pictures).  We both had fun checking out the fabrics (and came home with new fabrics for both of us).

Kevin didn't just come in town to play with sewing machines.  Kevin actually came to speak at my little quilt guild, Wego Quiltin', in Oswego, IL.  His talk (and quilts) will be part 2 of this story..........

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Leg Lamp quilt

My stepfather loves A Christmas Story movie.  (I haven't watched it since it came out, decades ago).  Melvin has a Leg Lamp, like in the movie.  When I came across a paper pieced Leg Lamp, I just had to make one for Melvin.  Sarah made her Leg Lamp into a pillow.  I made mine into a wall hanging.
I used black netting on the leg (it makes it harder to keep the leg fabric flat), and I used velvet for the top of the stocking.  My fringe is shorter than hers, so I can see the top of her leg peeking out.  I ironed over all the different fabrics with no problems (except the fringe).

I hand quilted black stitching along the seams of the lamp shade.  I also quilted in the ditch along her leg.  I didn't think it needed any more quilting than that, since it is only 8" wide, and 20" tall. 
hand quilting on lamp shade

Other than the hand stitching, this was made on my 1959 Singer Spartan hand crank sewing machine.

I made 2 of these (I have a tendency to make multiples of things).  That way, Melvin will get his Leg Lamp, and, after I finish the binding on the 2nd one, I'll have something to put in my quilt guild's quilt show next March.  I usually give my quilts away, and seldom have anything to put in the show.

My 2nd Leg Lamp looks like this:
2nd Leg Lamp, showing backing fabric
Melvin will be getting this in May.  I hope he likes it. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Slow Stitching Sunday

Does getting a stitchery ready for stitching count towards slow stitching???  I spend part of the afternoon getting 4 of these marked and ready to stitch. 

4 of these, drawn, on my Light Tracer

stitchery from Jenny of Elefantz
I'm headed in now to work on the binding on 2 mini quilts, while watching a movie. 
stitching the binding on a mini quilt
Hope your Sunday was full of stitching (or at least preparation for stitching).

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Signature quilt top

After seeing Carla's post about the signature quilt top she made for her son's wedding last month, I wanted to make one for my son's wedding.  Yes, before starting, I showed a picture of Carla's quilt top to my future daughter-in-law.  Krystal loved the idea, and gave me permission to make the top.

Carla used colors from the bridesmaids dresses in her quilt top.  My son's wedding only has 2 colors, but, lots can be done with those colors.  Since pink is not a color I tend to collect, I had to buy fabrics for this quilt top (darn!).  The hardest fabric to find was one with both blue and pink in it, that didn't read either color, but, both colors equally.  I finally gave up and settled on a fabric with both colors, and lots of other colors, too.  I think it looks like the sprinkles on cupcakes.
center square of signature quilt
I used the blanket stitch to outline each fused letter.  Blue for Connor, and Pink for Krystal.  It looks better in person.  My photo skills leave a lot to be desired. 

I drew up a pattern so that I'd get all the fabrics in the proper places.
I didn't take a picture of my 'legend'.  The legend tells me how many of each block to make, and what 2 fabrics are in that block.  See the numbers in the pattern?  I counted how many of each block that way. 

Carla had made extra blocks, in case someone wrote something inappropriate on the quilt.  I did the same thing, and actually made 2 extra's of each block.  I figured one block for 'corrections' (hopefully won't need any of these blocks), and one block in case I need more blocks.  The extra blocks will be put on the back of the quilt. 
extra blocks (one showing, one underneath, hidden)
These blocks went together quickly.  6.5" squares of Kona white, and 3.5" corner squares.  I got lots and lots of 'bonus' half square triangles from this quilt.
bonus HST's from this quilt top
I don't know what I'll use the bonus squares for, but, I'm sure I'll think of something.

Here is the completed signature quilt top.  The colors look a lot better in person.  Much softer looking.  They are all pinks and blues, not reds and navy, like the picture shows.  I did match the fabrics using the paint chips from Krystal.
completed signature quilt top

center square of signature top
All I have left to do is to cut freezer paper, and iron it to the back of each square.  I also need to find my Pigma pens.  I have a set of colored Pigma pens, but, I can't remember where I put them (you don't ever lose stuff in your sewing room, do you?).