Monday, February 7, 2011

Fun Finds

This is a funky teapot I found on Saturday. I haven't bought a teapot for quite a while. I've been being a good girl (only where teapots are concerned). This was at a rummage sale and it was 1/2 price. Not bad for only $1.
While we were out, I also stopped by a thrift store I don't get to very often. It is a great store. When I walked in, they had FABRIC!!!!!! New fabric, all cotton fabric! Most of it was panels, but, I found a few panels I couldn't live without, and I also found a few large cuts of fabric and even some fat quarters. I even found some 30's reproduction fat quarters. They had a few baby blankets (NEW, samples) for between $3 & $5. Of course I had to get some. You never know when someone is going to have a baby and need a gift. I even found more fabric for the 'Roll, Roll Cotton Boll' quilt. I'm gonna have to stop buying fabric for that quilt, at least I will after the shop hop this week. I still need some chocolates. At this rate, I'll have to make more than one quilt.
Last night, during the Superbowl, I addressed engagement invites. Running late on that. After I addressed the invites, I went thru a quilt book a friend gave to me (thanks Ann) a while back that Ihaven't used yet. It is about string quilts. I found it earlier Sunday afternoon. Good timing, since Rita gave me 2 big boxes of strings from the Quilts of Valor leftovers. I guess I'm in charge of making string quilts for now. Good practice for the RRCB quilt. I found several projects in the book that should be pretty easy, and keep me from getting bored. Now to cut more foundation papers. I have foundation paper, thanks to Marilyn.
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