Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Batavia Quilt Show

I helped in the Quilts of Valor booth at the Batavia Quilt show last weekend.  I thought you might like to see a few pictures.  The first pictures are of the challenge quilts.  I took a picture of the Challenge theme info.  It was easier than trying to remember all the info and retype it.

challenge info sheet
 Here are a few of the challenge quilts.

Thelma's 'box' quilt

made from men's ties

a chemo jacket, embellished for her mother

recycled scarf

recycled jeans and shirts, she used the cuffs of the sleeves, too.  She also machine quilted, hand quilted and tied this quilt.

This quilt used lots of 'non-quilty' items in it.  It really caught the attention of the kids and the men.
Sesame Street recycle quilt

I took a picture of her description, too.

I loved this quilt, using the tags from clothing.  I even took a few close-up pictures so that you could get a better look at some of the tags.
clothing tag quilt

close up, see the 'junk food' label? 

close up of the clothing tag quilt
Just to show the Quilts of Valor booth that I was helping in.

Rita, our fearless leader

Here are some of the other quilts that were in the show. 

love those funny faces

selvedge string quilt

3-D dresses, made for baby's 1st Birthday


lots and lots of hankies

the blue screen of death

vintage quilt

3-D quilt

loved this dragon!

I also made a few purchases from the vendors.  I'll show some of those in another post.  Hope you liked the quilt show.  Wish I could have shown more, and taken better pictures.  I didn't have an entry in the show this year.  Oh well, there will always be next year....


  1. Great pics! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for all the eye candy. Batavia in Illinois?

  3. Very nice quilt show. Thank you for sharing your pictures. It's been a while since I've seen a quilt show. There used to be lots more of them around here, and I miss them.

  4. Thanks for posting all of these lovely photos! I enjoyed and was inspired.
    Cheryl Warren

  5. What a neat show! Thanks for sharing the pics!


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