Thursday, July 19, 2012

Busy past few weeks

The past few weeks have been busy for me.  The most important part was that my mother got married!  Yipee!  She married a wonderful man, that our family has known for over 3 decades.  Our families went to church together, and, grew up with his kids, in church and in school. 

the happy couple with their wedding mini quilt
I've shown pictures of this quilt on previous posts...
I didn't want to show the completed quilt, since it was a surprise.  Now I can show the completed quilt.
mom's wedding quilt
The wedding was wonderful, and we made many memories, as a family, over the days leading up to the wedding, and during the wedding and after.

Melvin, my new 'stepfather' is a hoot!  He has a wonderful sense of humor.  My oldest son has had me looking for him a purple tie at thrift stores.  His favorite color is purple.  Well, when Melvin heard this, he told me he has a purple suit that he'd give to Christopher. 

Connor, mom and Christopher in the purple suit
After Christopher came out in the purple suit, Connor decided that he had to try it on, too. 
Connor 'rockin' the purple suit
 Well, since the suit now belongs to big brother, Connor wants me to find him a leisure suit, too.  Guess I'm gonna have to hit those thrift store again, darn!  He's gonna need a white belt and shoes, too, to complete that outfit.

Well, I did get a chance to visit a few thrift stores while I was in Texas (before the purple suit tryon).  I didn't get much, but, I did find some lovely wedding ring placemats, and 18 thimbles.  Wow, 18 thimbles!

placemats & thimbles

2 Christmas thimbles

2 wooden thimbles

2 flower thimbles

2 airplane thimbles and a bird thimble

2 animal thimbles

a mermaid thimble and a Bahamas thimble

New Oklahoma thimble

I also picked up a few patterns at a thrift store.  The vest pattern has the Alamo on it.  Gotta have a pattern of the Alamo, if you're from Texas.

4 patterns
 My BFF of over 35 years lives in the same town as my mother (and in-laws and brother...)  Here is us at the wedding.  I'm in the blue dress.

Cheryl & Michele
I've been wanting this pattern for a long time, but I couldn't find it, or the pattern book at any of my local stores.  I've been looking for it for a few years now.  Well, I mentioned it to the local quilt store owner in my hometown back at Thanksgiving, while Michele was with me.  They ordered it, and, now I have it. 

Route 33 pattern
 When I got home, I stopped in at my LQS, and purchased Bonnie Hunters new book, and also got a squishey in the mail from @pril at Kool Beenz.
Aurifil thread from @pril & Bonnie's new book
Thanks @pril and Aurifil!  Oh yea, Bonnie's new book is great!

Lots happened while we were away, like our mail box getting blown up on July 4th!  The pictures are on my phone, and, I don't have web access on my phone, so, I can't show you, but, just know that it is now in multiple pieces.  Oh well.  Also, on the drive home, we had to pull over to take a picture of this 'spider' that I'd seen on the way down.  We also took a few other pictures next to the spider.

car 'spider' in Stamford, Texas

Stamford host the Texas Cowboy Reunion, too

truck beds buried in the dirt in Stamford, TX
Now to try to get back to 'normal' again.  I don't think that will happen for a while, since we never knew what 'normal' was to begin with. 


  1. What a happy post! Lots of good news and goodies. I love your mom's wedding quilt. Now that you are back home, try to relax.

  2. Wow, you have been busy. It's wonderful that your Mom is happy, and so are you!

  3. Congratulations to your mom!!

    Okay, that purple suit has me laughing so hard! And yes, white shoes and a white belt are very much needed! LOL!

  4. How wonderful for your mom and your family!!! My mom remarried last year too; she was a blushing bride at 72! We all love Darryll and are so happy to have him in the family, but we're especially happy about how good he is to mom. I hope your mom is as happy in her new marriage as mine has been :*) Your wedding quilt turned out just beautiful! Love your goodies! I collect thimbles too but it's been a while since I found any good ones. Great finds!!!

  5. Sounds like you had a great time.

  6. Looks like a great wedding, so glad they found each other. Love the purple suit too!

  7. I love the wedding quilt!! You've done exactly what I dreamed when designing these blocks...make it your "own".
    Congratulations to your mum and new step-dad!!! And I love those boys in purple. LOL!!


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