Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A squishie and some fun finds!

I won over at Teresa's 'A Quilt and A Prayer' blog.  Here is what I won.
winnings from Teresa's blog
Sorry I'm so late in posting this.  I'm moving much slower than normal this summer.  I'm having problems with my feet and legs, and, it's getting me down.  I had lots of plans to get stuff accomplished, but, that just isn't happening so far.  Now I'm waiting on the insurance company to approve vein surgery on both of my legs.  Till then, I'm just moving in slow motion.

I told you in the last post that I purchased a few goodies at the quilt show.  Well, here they are.
toy hand crank sewing machine

tiny teapot pin cushion & saucer

doll quilt on a stand

doll quilt, laid out flat, hand quilted
I saw these items all at one booth.  I've purchased vintage items from this same lady at the last quilt show.  The doll quilt is hand quilted, and the backing is RED!  I love red!

As usual, I've stopped at thrift stores in the past week.  I found two sewing related items.  The thread spool topped with a thimble is a Avon bottle.  The thimble reminds me of Amy, at A Quilting Sheep.  Amy loves sheep, and the sheep are painted all around this thimble.  If she sends me her address, I just might have to mail it to her. 
Sheep thimble and Avon bottle
 I've been busy traveling, and will be again next week.  I drove to Wisconsin to pick up youngest son so that he could be a camp counselor with his youth group at Camp Barnabas, a special needs camp.  I drove him back to his summer job (camp counselor at a Boy Scout camp) on Monday morning.  In a little over a week, I'll drive his stuff to college.  Not sure if I'm ready for empty nesting or not.  Both boys have been gone this summer, but, we've gotten to see them enough to not have time to miss them that much, yet. 

Not much is getting sewed around here.  I've been too busy getting stuff for the youngest for college, mom's wedding, my leg/feet appts, and traveling to get much done.  Sometimes life just gets in the way.  Olympics are also getting in the way.  It is hard to watch and get much done at the same time without missing the events.  I can always sew, the Olympics only happen once every 4 years. 


  1. Hurray for your finds.

    Is the college far away? It is a bit of an adjustment when they are gone.

  2. You found some nice finds! My favorite is the teapot pincushion. Too cute!

  3. Great finds. I love the toy sewing machine! Do you think you can do chain stitch embroidery with it? (Redwork, bluework blocks?)
    My daughter starts her senior year.Trying to prepare for the future too.

  4. Hope you are starting to feel better soon. Nice toy sewing machine find. I haven't bought any for a while as my cabinet is full! LOL!

  5. Isn't that the cutest little machine...hugs Khris


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