Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Win! and finally some sewing!

I Won!  I won the monthly box for July, from Chris over at We Love Quilting!  Go to her site and enter her monthly giveaway!  I've won twice now.
Lots of fabric!  Aren't these cute!

2 bags, pens, key ring and mirror

folding Omnigrid cutting/ironing mat, thimble, nail file, lotions, seam ripper and cutie scissors

postcard pattern & Clover heart shaped yo-yo maker

cute spider on a stick for one of my plants
My son already has the cute little clear mesh bag to hold his sewing notions for college.  He is taking my vintage Kenmore sewing machine to college this week.  I've had it serviced (first time since the early '90's, bad me) and Michelle sent me a manual for it, so he'll know all the ins and out of the machine.
Kenmore 158.13200 from 1973-74
I gave him a lesson on all the knobs and stitches and how to wind/load the bobbin earlier today.  He is wanting to make Renaissance Fair costumes.  He made his only quilt on this same machine when he was 12.  This machine was my mother's until she gave it to me after I got married (mom HATES sewing).  My father used this machine to make seat covers for the VW bug we turned into a truck for my grandfather in 1974.  Lots of family history in this machine.  3 generations have used this machine so far.

After not getting to sew in July, I finally got some stitching done Sunday night during the Olympics (can't miss the Olympics).

How Far Will You Go? QALhttp://theelvengarden.blogspot.com.au/p/how-far-will-you-go-qal.html

Jess is having a Quilt A Long, and, I decided to quilt along with her (like I don't have enough UFO's already).  She just started this on July 27th, so, she is only on block 2 now.  I am making 2 full sized quilts with her QAL.  At least one of these quilts will go to Quilts of Valor.
4 versions of block 1

sewn on my 1959 Singer Spartan hand crank
 I made 4 blocks, 2 each in 2 different colorways.  The background fabrics are different for each quilt, but, the other fabrics will be the same.  These were fun and quick.  Sewing 4 blocks didn't take much longer than sewing 1 block.  Check out Jess' QAL, which shows the finished quilt.  (sorry my colors show up washed out looking).  Now if I can just figure out how to load these pictures on Jess' flicker page for the QAL.

Also, I entered my oldest son's dorm quilt in the Quilting Gallery's latest contest.
Quilting Gallery Logo 
Christopher's quilt
  You can read about this quilt (and the other one I'm making for youngest son) at this blog post.  No, I haven't finished the 2nd quilt top yet.  Youngest son gave me 6 more months to get it finished, thank goodness!  I'll get back to work on it AFTER I drop him off at college this weekend.  Gotta check out a few antique stores on the way home, since my SUV will be empty by that time.  


  1. Your Kenmore STILL looks beautiful!

  2. You are so lucky to win! What a great giveaway![ I will try to remember to go vote, please remind us.

  3. Congratulations on your win. :) Isn't that fun? I really like that one QAL block that you are making a quilt out of. I went to check it out. :) The blue wonky quilt is adorable.

  4. Wow! Those Kenmore 158s are such great machines. How nice that he can take a family machine with some treasured history behind it.

  5. I have a Kenmore 158.523 that still runs like a champ...what a cool machine with a great family history behind it!

  6. You have been a lucky girl...lovely win...hugs Khris

  7. Yay! What a great thing to win! Congrats!!!

  8. Wow, looking at that sewing machine, I think it's the same exact model I passed to MY son! Except mine had the cams, too, and it's in a cabinet.


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