Saturday, August 25, 2012

Holding a machine, and a few finds

I am holding a sewing machine for another lady.  I'm in the Chicago area, she is in North Carolina.  Anyone going that way?  This machine needs a lift.
cabinet for White Rotary

electric cord and attachment drawer

Good Housekeeping seal of approval on drawer lid, nice large drawer

attachments in drawer, all in really nice condition

White Rotary machine, needs some cleaning

cool knee lever for electric machine
Pat, the owner, told me that I could try out this machine, but, the cords are really old (wrapped in fabric) and I'm a bit worried about plugging it in.  Maybe later, when I get a chance to unwrap the cord and really check it out.  I love this cabinet.  The machine is pretty, with set-in flowers and such in the cast iron metal. 

I've been to a few garage sales this week.  I hit the jackpot at one garage sale.  I've been wanting to get a small table to hold one of my machines when I demo, or, to have at the guilds sew-in.  I really wanted more than one, and I've just held off on buying one.  Well...
plastic table

still has the packaging paper on the table
I scored 4, yes 4 of these great tables for only $20.  Both my sons have already laid claim to a table each, with out even seeing it.  I kinda knew that would happen.  That leaves 2 tables for ME!  Whoopie! 

I also scored a few other items.  I found a great wall hanging that was hand quilted.
hand quilted wall hanging
A great tin box, complete with a key lock.  I'm going to store some sewing notions in this.
locking tin box
I also scored 3 quilting books.
this one has some projects that look neat

Lots of great pictures of vintage quilts

Edyta Sitar book
I couldn't resist the Edyta Sitar book, especially since she was at my LQS in June (I missed her).  Since Edyta is so popular, this book just might have to go for a giveaway I'm planning soon.  What do you think?  Would you be interested in this book?

So far, empty nest is fine. We woke up early and went for a walk at a forest preserve.  The trail is flat enough that my legs could take it. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Your traveling machine looks very interesting. Will it take long before it is on the move?
    Have a great weekend.

  2. You certainly got some goodies! The tables were a great deal. I have two of them also, and they are nice for setting an ironing top on to have by your machine when piecing. They are very sturdy and would work well to have a machine on. Good scores!!!

    The sewing machine is very unique and interesting. Thanks for showing us!

  3. I've heard about the machine on Treadle On. I had no idea it was so beautiful (despite the fact that it has a tail). And it's table is truly remarkable as well!
    And what wonderful finds you found! (I found an old wooden pear box with the decal still on the end--but I had to pay $2 for it! They also had a Singer 15-90 for $150--no, I wasn't even tempted!)

  4. What an awesome machine and table. Lucky for someone! I love those tables. You will find many uses for those for sure.

  5. You did a great job at the shopping! I'm afraid if I were to take that machine to NC, I wouldn't want to give it up! I was just there this last weekend. Weather was perfect!


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