Monday, October 29, 2012

New machine and Life happenings

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Lots of life happenings with my family in the last week or so. Here is a quick update.  My father in law had quadruple by-pass surgery last Monday.  We made a rushed trip down to Texas to be with him and my mother in law.  FIL is now back at home, recovering.  I'll be headed back down to Texas on Wednesday (poor hubby has to stay here).

We rushed back home so that hubby could be in a wedding this past weekend.  

hubby and me at the wedding
Not the best picture, but, I don't really like pictures of myself.  Hubby is very handsome, isn't he!

Before the wedding, while hubby was waiting around for pictures and such, I had lots of time to kill.  I spent my time well.  First, I voted early, since I won't be home on Election day.  Then, I headed to a nearby thrift store to kill more time.  As soon as I walked in, I saw this....

Singer in bentwood case
 I've wanted a Singer in a bentwood case for a long time now.  This is what I found when I took the cover off...

1925 Singer 99 electric

very dirty, with tape as a seam guide (NOT 1/4")

I've never seen a foot pedal like this one.  It is Singer

Singer motor, it works, but, it needs rewiring and a new belt

some of the things that came with the machine

Singer light, needs rewiring, at the least

attachments that came with the machine

isn't her face pretty!
 She is filthy, but, that can be fixed.  She needs to be rewired, and she is missing her needle plate and a spool pin.  Not sure if the tension assembly is all there, either. 

The bentwood case came with a key.  I haven't checked to see if it will lock or not.  Too much cord, etc in the way.  I'm thinking of rewiring the motor, and also purchasing a hand crank and slotted hand wheel, so that I can also hand crank this lady.  I've never rewired a motor before. 

This machine is the sister to my Singer Spartan 3/4 size machine.  99's were made before (and after) Spartans, which are also 3/4 size machines.  Wow, 3 new (to me) machines to clean up and play with!  Sew much fun! 


  1. She's going to be so gorgeous when you clean her up -- congratulations on the great find!

  2. What a wonderful find!! She will be an easy clean-up/fix for you!! :)

  3. I don't know how to reply using my name?? This Blog stuff is all very new to forgive the anonymous? I am Dolores :(

  4. Wow, you have had quite a week!! I am glad your FIL is home and doing okay. Your "new" machine looks like a lot of work but I know it will be gorgeous when you get "her" all fixed up. Love the scroll faceplate, my Featherweight has that one too.

  5. You make a handsome couple! The 3/4 size machines are fun as hand cranks. The bentwood case won't close if you convert it though, fyi. I keep mine just sitting on it--it's slightly "off" on one side, but it keeps the dust off.
    Cheryl Warren

  6. Take it to your local Singer store or vacuum cleaner fixit shop. They can order parts and do all the repair work and fix up a crank handle, too. You will want the wiring to be done expertly... you don't want to get a big shock. Love that you rescued her. Some things should never get to the landfill.

  7. That foot control looks like it might be comfortable to use; a good reason to rewire but on the othere hand, 99's are fun to handcrank so no great loss if you don't. Enjoy restoring the bentwood case.


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