Monday, October 15, 2012

Arkansas Goodies!

This past weekend was my family's 30th Anniversary reunion in Mountain View, Arkansas.  The reunions are every 2 years (used to be every 3 years), and I've only missed one reunion (I went on my honeymoon instead). 

Mountain View is the Folk Music capitol.  There are lots of great things to do there.  There are also lots of antique stores and 2 quilt stores.  The best quilt store is The Quilting Bee, where hubby purchased me a Janome sewing machine 8 years ago at a family reunion.  I take that machine back to be serviced every 2 years.  The owner is a sweet lady!

One year at the reunion, we brought back a dog.  That was a great year!  Padfoot is now 12 years old.

Padfoot in her 'Yellow Submarine' Halloween costume
Sorry, the best pictures of her are on my phone, and I don't have a clue how to load them on the computer.

This year, I brought some other things home from the reunion, like 2 sewing machines!

cabinet is in rough shape, but is strong and stable

Necchi BU Supernova, made in Italy #35-0173029

Necchi is missing it's cams

Necchi attachment box and attachments
I don't know how old this machine is.  It's really dirty, but, it runs when it is plugged in.  It only cost me $30.  I've heard that these are great machines. 

I also picked up a sad little Singer 66 in crinkle finish.  I kept going back to look at her.

Singer 66, Nov 29, 1949

Singer 66 #AJ242744
I don't really like crinkle finish, but, this little machine just kept calling to me.  She is filthy and missing some parts.  I don't know if the motor works, either.  the wires need to be replaced if the motor works.  I can turn this one into a hand crank if she sews. 

I also found more attachments, mainly Griest.

box of random attachments (Griest)

I found lots of vintage hankies and doilies, along with 3 thimbles.

vintage hankies and doilies

vintage hankies & doilies & 3 thimbles
At The Quilting Bee, I found some great deals.

several yards of 3 different fabrics

love this spider web fabric
The large stripe/print will make another table runner next month for my tiny guilds demo.  The spiderweb fabric (sorry the color is terrible) will be backing for some of my Wicked blog hop projects.  Come back and see them on Wednesday, October 24th.  I worked on several of the projects while at the family reunion. 

I also found this cute little pattern and the kit to go with it at The Quilting Bee.

Sew Fun pattern and fabric kit
Across the street from The Quilting Bee is another shop that has quilting fabric and items in it, along with lots of other items that they sell.  I found lots of cute, crocheted flowers for $0.50 each.  I had to have several of them, of course!

crocheted flowers
They also had some fat quarters for $1.  I just couldn't resist.

$1 fat quarters and cute scissors for embellishments
I also found a sewing bird at this shop.  I have a vintage sewing bird, but, I couldn't resist this 'new' bird.  My vintage sewing bird can be seen here.

new sewing bird

new sewing bird
The last thing is a cute, crocheted teacup.  I just thought it was sew cute!

crocheted tea cup
The best part of the family reunion was my youngest son getting to come.  He arrived Friday night, so we got to spend the weekend with him.  We won't get to see him again until Christmas.  Here is a picture of him standing next to the well where my grandfather was born.

Connor next to the well where my grandfather was born

Now to finish catching up on the computer.  Have a great week!


  1. Nice finds! If you need a motor, I think I might have an extra one.

  2. I will look tomorrow - This may be my Necchi (storage and doesn't work) and I should have the cams.

  3. Looks like you came home with some great finds!

  4. I want to go with you next time! The shopping looks like it was a blast.

    Grandpa was born by a well?!

  5. Sounds like lovely machines and lovely memories. And how great to have a visit with your son too!

  6. Lots of good things made it home. I do love the little doggy. Glad he was a keeper. My favourite is the sewing bird. Most unusual.

  7. It was nice to see you again! Thank you for mentioning The Quilting Bee in your blog! Our web address is and we are on Facebook, also.
    I look forward to seeing you in two years!

  8. Nice finds! I learned to sew on a Necchi Supernova just like that one. The cabinet will clean up nicely. The sewing bird is cute!

  9. Ohh, that's too bad you don't have cams for the Necchi! Mine has a full set and they work beautifully even when I put the Necchi Nora in my Singer treadle cabinet. I hope you find some! (The machine is now bait, you know.)

  10. Looks like you discovered some great finds. I absolutely love that spider web fabric!! My high school graduation present was a Necchi - a new model - and I sewed on it for years.

  11. love seeing the loot--great finds!

  12. I will have to visit the Quilting Bee soon. I live near Little Rock. I recently found a Singer 201-2 in a nice cabinet at a local flea market. It was priced at $38.75. I invested another $200 to get the machine rewired. It works great!

    Regarding photos on your phone: I usually email the photos to myself from my phone. From my computer, I then download the photos from the email. Another way to transfer photos from your phone is to save them into a free Dropbox account. You'd have a phone app version of Dropbox to save the photos to, then you'd be able to access them via the Dropbox program on your computer. There are other ways to move photos, as well. Good luck!


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