Friday, October 5, 2012

Shop Hop Goodies!

Yesterday we went on a shop hop.  We visited 7 quilt stores in one day.  What fun!  I was a very good girl this time.  I only purchased 2 things that were not on my list.

4 'dotty' fabrics
These 4 polka dot fabrics were purchased for a special project.  I won't be able to show this project until after Christmas day.  I'm hoping that they make a special person feel special.

large stripe fabric
This lovely stripe fabric will be for the next Wego Quiltin' guild meeting.  We'll be making fun, striped table runners using the 60 degree ruler. 

red polka dotted fabric & blue fat quarter
The red polka dot fabric is for another fun, Wego Quiltin' project for December.  Instead of exchanging ornaments at the guilds Christmas party, we are making sewing machine covers.  I have special plans for this red fabric.  I got the idea from the 'Dots on Dots' blog hop over at !Sew We Quilt!  I already had my pattern selected when I saw the prettiest red with polka dot sewing machine on that hop.  Sew, instead of making my sewing machine applique black, I'm making it red with polka dots.  I bought enough to make me a sewing machine, too.  The blue fat quarter was just an impulse buy.  I picked it up several times because I just loved the color and print (sorry you can't see the pretty snowflakes).  I finally just took it to the cash register and bought it. 

bag of scraps
I filled a bag with scraps for $5 at one of the shops.  I will be making the Harry Potter Project of Doom quilt after the first of the year.  These will be great for this quilt. 

eyeball fabric
Isn't this the cutest fabric!?!  I just may have to use some of this on one of my blocks on the Wicked blog hop later this month.  My date is Wednesday, October 24th.  I'm having fun with these blocks.  Of course, I'm making more than the one block.  I doubt any of my blocks will be 'finished' but, they don't have to be quilted, just blocks, thank goodness!  I'm great at starts, not so good at finishes.

I made the Singer Featherweight paper piece block last month, but, I've only finished one block because I wasn't sure how I wanted to make the needle and needle bar on the 2nd block.  Well, as I was checking out at one shop, I saw this great 'iron on' ribbon in silver.  I think I'll use this to make the needle and needle bar on the 2nd block. 

iron on ribbon
At one of the shops (Thimbles in Lockport) I saw this cute mini quilt in the bathroom.  I just had to take a picture to show just how small the houses are in this quilt.  This quilt is pieced with tiny pieces.

tiny pieced houses and trees.
My thumb is almost as big as the whole house!  NO, I am NOT making something this small!  But, isn't it cute!?!

In case you are interested, here are the 7 quilt shops from this shop hop:

Robert Sewing Center, Crest Hill, IL
Thimbles, Lockport, IL, Westmont, IL (new location)
The Quilt Basket, Downers Grove, IL
Pieceful Heart, Lisle, IL
Prairie Shop Quilts, Batavia, IL
Prairie Stitches, Oswego, IL

This is a great shop hop.  They hold it every February and October.

Have a GREAT weekend!  I'm planning on sewing!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time. I love the eyeball fabric. I can't believe how small the houses are.

  2. I absolutely love the wide stripe fabric!
    Glad you had a good time.
    Visiting 7 quiltshops in NM would require hundreds of miles of driving--and probably driving to another state.

  3. Thanks for showing the pictures. I feel almost like I went on one myself. I needed that!

  4. I'm glad you have a fun time on the shop hop. I haven't gone on one for a long time and maybe I'm due. Looking forward to the Wicked blog hop later this month.

  5. Fabric shop hopping sounds like the best day ever! Love that mini quilt...someone had a lot of time on their hands.

  6. OMGosh Cheryl, it's a good thing I'm all the way down here in Texas. I'd have been all over every fabric you picked and had to pick somebody's pocket to pay for it all. What a fun day you had! It's been a loooong time since I did a Quilt Shop Hop, so thanks for sharing yours, and thanks for visiting CITexas Gal and my Dear Jane post. Love the eyeball print and the sunflower stripe...perfect!!!!

  7. Looks like fun! I wonder if my husband would let me have a weekend of Chicagoland fabric's not that far!

  8. Such fun visiting lots of shops. I love the stripe fabric and the eyeball fabric is a bit unusual. I just discovered the blog hops when it was the pile of dishes hop. There are so many great ideas out there. I too have joined up the wicked blog hop.

  9. I just bought some of that sunflower stripe fabric for a 60 degree table runner, too. Can't wait to see yours. Hope my short rulers work for the project. I didn't want to spend more on the new taller version.


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