Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Quilt Guild Fun & Gifts!

I am in 2 different quilt guilds in my area.  The large guild is great, full of great speakers and lots of things to learn, but, my small group is more like a bee, and gives me the 'warm fuzzies' when I go. 

Last night was the small guild Christmas Party.  We had fun, food, and a sewing machine cover exchange.  We've had ornament exchanges in the past, but, Marilyn suggested we make sewing machine covers this year.  EVERYONE participated!  There were 10 of us at the meeting (yes, a few couldn't make it, as usual).  I took pictures of everyone with the sewing machine cover that they went home with. 

Gwen's cover was reversible

the other side of Gwen's sewing machine cover

Eileen picked her cover, since she hadn't had time to finish the binding.  Eileen loves batiks.

Marilyn's cover had a sewing machine on it, and sewing themed fabric on the inside

Thelma got the cover that I made

Kay's cover was in Mary Engelbreig fabric

Emily's cover had stitchery patterns on it

Ginny's cover was in lovely shades of blues

Viki's cover was in sewing themed fabric with thread spools on it

Janette's cover also had pockets sewn on both sides.  What a great idea!

this is the cover I got.  It has bees on it, even in the fabric. Sew cute!

close up of the bee buttons
My cover was wrapped in fabric, with a cute little snowman ornament.

cute flannel fabric and snowman ornament
Now I have a half yard of cute fabric to use, too!

Ginny made stiletto's for everyone.  She makes these from turkey hooks.  She also included cute cards with everyone's stiletto.

my stiletto from Ginny

I finished my sewing machine cover on Sunday. 

the cover I made, on my Janome.  Wego Quiltin' is the name of the guild

stitching detail

buttons added

ties on the side
I seldom machine quilt.  About the only machine quilting I am good at is stitch in the ditch, or, diamonds, like I did on this.  Unfortunately, the yellow chalk I used wasn't interested in coming out.  I didn't have time to wash the cover, so, Thelma will have to get the marks out.  Sorry Thelma.

This was a quick, fun project.  Other than the applique, which I fused and cut out a few weeks ago, I didn't start on this until Thursday, after I purchased the background fabric.  Khristina and I found the binding fabric while shopping on Saturday. 

I have 2 more of the sewing machines cut out.  I'm thinking that I need a small wall hanging, just for me.  Maybe after I finish hand quilting the Christmas presents, I'll get time to make me something. 

Now to go get ready for Quilts of Valor sew-in today!  


  1. What a great idea for an exchange. They are all so different. Love them all!

  2. I like the one you made the best. It is SEW CUTE!!!

  3. Those covers are adorable. The pockets idea makea so much sense, but I wouldnt have come up with it!

  4. What cute covers!!! I've made one to go over mine, but what a cute idea for a Christmas exchange - I'll have to keep that in mind :*)

  5. I definitely like the one you made the best! So cute!

  6. Me too, I like your cover the best! Super cute.

  7. All the covers were really cute -- but the one you made is just darling! I bet the recipient was super-happy! :)

  8. I currently am obsessed with making sewing machine covers. I am on my 4th.

    LOVE the one you made with the sewing machine on the front.

    What did you use as a template for the sewing machine? So pretty.



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