Saturday, December 22, 2012

Finishes! Parties! Snow! Finishes!

Yipee!  I finally finished all the stitching on my Christmas presents, and got them all mailed on Monday. 

4 mini quilts done!

5 mini quilts done!
Last Christmas I gave mini Santa quilts and quilt stands.  This year I made Valentines mini quilts for their stands.  I'm thinking of making Spring themed mini quilts for next year.  Most of these are  hand quilted, but, in order to get them finished, I did machine quilt 3 of them. 

I found these cute little snowmen at a craft fair earlier this month.  They are microwave popcorn, decorated like snowmen.  I gave some of these as gifts (with cash attached).  They are so cute!  The hats are made out of gloves.  These were sent to some college boys, so, I'm sure they can always use more gloves (and snacks).  If I could draw, I'd make some of these myself for next year. 

microwave popcorn snowmen

card on microwave popcorn snowmen
My oldest son and I mailed all our out of town packages on Monday.  Yipee!

On Monday afternoon, I finally started the gift for the Thursday sew-in exchange.  I won these fabrics (except the backing), from Sandi, over at A Legacy of Stitches.   These were fabrics from a table topper that she'd made (shown at the bottom of that post).  I took her idea (I didn't know the measurements) and made a few changes, and whipped this up. I made the top before we headed out to see The Hobbit (IMAX 3D). 

table topper that I made

backing of table topper
In order to get this finished (I finished it Tuesday night), I machine quilted it.  I stitched down the binding while the family watched a movie at home. 

On Thursday, my sew-in group had our Christmas party.  We all brought food to share. Some of the yummy foods included chicken and dumplings, beef bourguignon in puff pastry, shrimp, baked spaghetti, salad with strawberries, and, of course, desserts!  YUM!

the food table

my plate (first serving)

Thursday sew-in group

We also had a gift exchange.  We each had to make something ourselves for the gift exchange.  Here are what the ladies went home with.  Some of the pictures also show the maker, too.

Karen (maker) & Jan (receiver)

up close view of pockets
what I came home with.  Lovely!
Jinny with the kitty pillowcase she'd been admiring

Jinny also got a kitty scarf (she loves kitties)
Kay (maker) with Marilyn (receiver)
Jo (front) with her notebook cover full of goodies (maker Jinny in back)
Danette with her goodies from Jan (Danette made my snowman wall hanging)
Marilyn (maker) with Karen (receiver)
Kay with her applique gift, made by Jo
Mary went home with my table topper
 Mary has a blog, too.  She also posted about our party here.

Some of the ladies also made other gifts to share.  Here are some of the lovelies I came home with (I didn't picture the candy, sorry Danette).  The candy is HIDDEN from my guys!

card from Marilyn

hexie ornament from Karen

mini folding tree napkin, made into a lovely ornament, made by Mary

hot pad with towel by Kay
I also had more finishes this week.  Stupid me didn't get pictures of them before mailing them off on Monday.  I made three cupcake Birthday mini quilts.  One for my niece (Dec 29th birthday), and one for Chris, over at We Love Quilting!  Her birthday is Dec 25th!  (Happy almost Birthday, Chris!)  Chris shows hers at the blog post above. 

I made three of these, extra binding is shown on side (oops, I didn't get pictures of the completed quilts before mailing them out)
 I also had another party on Thursday.  Our Venturing Crew has the Christmas party at my house.  Fun!  More food, and fun teens and parents.

food in the kitchen

more food in the dining room
Thursday night, we were expected to get hit with the snowstorm that hit most of the rest of the midwest.  We hadn't had snow for 290 days, breaking all previous records for the area.  Our expected 2-6 inches turned out to only be a trace of snow, but, that's ok.  More is expected for Christmas Eve.

not much snow
On Friday, I finally got a chance to wrap the presents for under the tree, here.  Now our tree doesn't look bare, like it had looked.  The poor tree really needed some presents under it. 

Sorry if I haven't commented on your blogs.  I'm a week behind on my blog reading, and hope to get caught up in the next few days.  It's been a very busy week.  I only mentioned part of what I did.  I'll be headed to the vet later this morning.  I think my little dog blew out her knee.  She did it Thursday afternoon, but, was much better on Friday, but, in the wee hours this morning, she let me know it was really painful.  Hopefully it is just out of joint, and can be helped quickly and easily. 

Merry Christmas!


  1. You certainly have been busy! So much food, such great quilting projects. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. WOW! You have been busy! I've been a bum all week.
    Looks like you all had a wonderful time Thurs night. Lots of fun items shared. I'm gong to steal some of those ideas, you know. Love the hexie wreath and the potholder holding a towel, sweet!
    Hope your little dog is better soon.

  3. All your mini quilts looks great. The quilters' party looks like fun and the gifts are all beautiful. Merry Christmas.

  4. Cheryl, you party animal, you!! Looks like your stitching group party was a ton of fun -- lots of lovely gifts! I love the hexie ornament -- what a clever idea! And how fun we both did the little snowman giveaways!! Todd and I are planning on seeing The Hobbit on Thursday -- I can't WAIT!! And a little snow is better than rain! Hahaha! That's what we're getting right this second. That's the typical Christmas in Dixie! :)

  5. It's good to know quilters who can cook! Your party pictures are great. I love all the little handmade things you have there.

  6. My goodness! What a wonderful array of quilty goodies!!! You have been very busy and very good this year - Santa will be very happy with you :*)


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