Monday, December 10, 2012

Block Exchange, Winnings and a different type of quilt

I participated in a TOBE (Treadle On Block Exchange) this fall with my people powered sewing machine group.  I sent in 5 sets of blocks (12 blocks in each set).  The blocks that I made are at this post.  I used 5 different machines, one for each set of blocks.  These are the blocks that I got back.
Fall TOBE blocks
I received 60 blocks back.  My 60 blocks came from 16 different people in 10 different states, using 34 different treadles and hand crank sewing machines.  Each colored fabric is different, and, each block is signed on the muslin half, stating who made it, where they are from, and info about the machine used to make that block.  I have extras of the blocks that I made, too, that are not shown with these.  I won't have time to sew these together until next year, but, don't worry, they'll be sewn on a people powered machine.  This will be a great quilt to bring to demo's when I show off my vintage machines.  The oldest machine (that I noticed) was from 1862.  Cool!

I have decided that winnings come in spurts.  I didn't win the Mega lottery last month (probably for the best), but, I have won some things on blogs.  I waited until the latest one arrived earlier today to post.

From April over at KoolBeenz, I won some fabric and thread. 

Winnings from KoolBeenz
Thanks April!

Sandi, over at A Legacy of Stitches had a giveaway, too.  I won the red fabrics.

Winnings from A Legacy of Stitches
Thanks Sandi!  These are lovely!

I'm thinking of a secret project for these great Christmas fabrics that I won.  I can't tell yet.  Don't worry, you'll see the project later this month.

And finally, I won a blog giveaway way back last February.  Poor Debra, she has quite the tale to tell about her giveaway and what happened to them BEFORE they ever got mailed.  You'll have to check out this blog post of hers over at My Life is a Stitch.  Lets just say, my winnings went for quite a 'ride' before I ever got them. 

Lovely card

cute pin and mini charm pack (2" squares?)

fabric marker and glue pen along with cute bag to hold everything
Last, but not least, I FINALLY got me a new phone.  My old phone would die on me during phone calls, or if I sent more than 3 texts.  It just wouldn't hold a charge anymore.  I had to wait until November for a new phone.  We finally picked out new phones (this was happening to both my son's phones, too) over Thanksgiving, while oldest son was home.  The phone store only had one of these phones in stock, so, oldest son got it, and hubby ordered everyone else's phones.  I chose a phone like everyone else's, so that they can finish teaching me how to use it over Christmas.  I've never had a phone with internet access before.  Lets just say that I'm not very tech savvy.  I WAS savvy enough to order me a fancy phone case.

Quilt my Phone case for my new phone
I heard about a site where you can get custom, quilty phone and computer cases.  Well,  I just had to have one for my new phone.  QuiltMyPhone sent me my new case BEFORE I even received my new phone.  There is a rubber case next to the phone, then a hard shell on the outside.  There are lots of different 'quilts' you can pick from, depending on what style of phone you have.  If you sign up on their site to receive notices, then they will let you know when they are having a sale, too.  I purchased my phone case during their 'Black Friday' sale.  I'm very pleased with my case.  Having a great case makes me want to learn how to use this phone, even more (did I mention that I'm NOT very tech savvy???)  I HATE to learn new phone technology, but, so far, I'm doing pretty good with this phone. 

Hopefully I'll have some 'finishes' to show later this week.  I'm working on the binding on 9 mini quilts (8 are Christmas gifts), and I have to baste and quilt 2 other mini quilts that also need to be in the mail before Christmas.  I still have to start my 'secret project' that is due Dec 20th (I'll show pictures then) and, best of all, MY BOYS WILL BE HOME ON THURSDAY FROM COLLEGE!!!!!!!! Yipee!!!!!!!!!!

Have a Great Week!


  1. Thanks Cheryl for mentioning Quilt My Phone. I'm so glad you like the case. It looks great!

  2. What? you didn't "Win"...? Looks like you grabbed some real fun loot! So many fun things in your life! I'd definitely say YOU WIN! =)


  3. Cheryl, Those TOBE blocks look very pretty in that arrangement. Looks like fun! I have seen one quilt made from TOBE blocks that were collected over a couple of years. I was surprised at how a couple of folks had artistically created their signatures.
    That will be a very special quilt once done.

  4. My you have been lucky with giveaways lately! Your blocks look great, are you going to quilt them on your treadle? That would be so cool if you did.

  5. What a wonderful quilt you will have full of awesome stories!
    Love your new phone!

  6. I like the look of your TOBE layout -- how fun that is! And what great wins you've had -- some darling additions!! Your new phone case is AWESOME!!! :)

  7. Love the TOBE blocks and now I really wish I had participated! But life got in the way this time around.

  8. I'm glad your gift from me finally arrived, and I'm glad you like everything. And, I LOVE your block exchange blocks and other winnings! Your TOBE blocks look like a great finish-it-up-project for the new year.


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