Saturday, February 23, 2013

Help! and what I've been up to this week

First off, HELP!!!!!  I want to make a Disappearing 4 patch quilt, but, I'm short in one of the materials.  I need 42 blocks to make the quilt, but, I ran out of one of the fabrics after cutting only 39 blocks.  I need this Civil War reproduction fabric.

Civil War reproduction fabric that I need
I bought this a few years ago, and the selvedge doesn't list any info on it.  I only need 3 5.5" squares of this fabric to make all the blocks.  If you have any of this that you would be willing to part with, PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!!!  

Last winter, a friend of mine purchased a hand crank sewing machine, while we were picking up another hand crank for me to hold for a pony express (story here).  Well, Marilyn hasn't touched her machine since she brought it home.  Wednesday, I went over and played with this machine.

Bradbury Soeze hand crank machine

picture of the Duke of Wellington on the machine

Bradbury Sewing Machine company, early Family V.S.

interesting bobbin winder set up, I didn't figure that part out

a vibrating shuttle machine, uses long bobbins

hand crank on machine, look at the decals on it

serial #10167, we think it is from about 1905 (England)

bentwood case
This machine should also be able to be treadled, since it has holes in the base for a treadle belt, and also has the groove in the hand wheel.  She has treadle irons in her basement, and will have a special top made to fit this machine.  After some adjustments to the tension, it sews nicely.  It was purchased from a collector who had it cleaned up, and it even has extra needles. 

Thursday was the regular 'sew-in' day at my LQS.  I basted 2 quilts.  I've had these quilt tops made since March 2011Oh my!  I even had the backs made, and ready to baste.  NO EXCUSE!  I've been meaning to baste these for a long time, and went to the basement to find these in January.  I don't even know how many UFO's I have hiding in that basement. 

Fat Cats in the City quilt top

'Fat Cats in the City' from Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting.  It was a bonus quilt in the May/June 2010 edition.  I don't think the pattern is still available on their website.  This was the first embroidery I'd ever done.  I still don't think I'm doing embroidery correctly.  I need pictures to do it properly, but, this worked. 

Last night I finished the 3rd block(s) on my Harry Potter The Project of Doom quilt.

my 2 blocks (week #3)

up close of Week #3 block
Terri, over at QuiltNCards, and I are both working on Harry Potter paper piecing projects.  She is making some of the other paper pieced blocks.  Check out her blocks.

More sewing to come over the weekend.  What are you working on???? 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Quilts of Valor sew-in day

We had a Quilts of Valor sew-in at a new quilt shop in Yorkville, IL.  The store is Sewing, Etc.  Kelly is the owner. 

Not only was this the first sew-in that we've had at this store, and we had lots of ladies there that hadn't sewn with us before, but, we also got to make 2 quilt presentations to veterans of the Afghanistan War. 

Shawn and his new quilt
me presenting Richard with his quilt

Richard with his quilt (and me)
I got to present the 2nd quilt.  I was supposed to present it last week, but, members of his family were sick, and they didn't get to come. 

Both presentations were a complete surprise to both veterans.  Shawn thought he was coming to measure a wall in the shop, and Richard thought his wife was picking up clay for her new pottery class.  Sneeky wives! 

Two quilts were turned in for future presentations during this sew-in. 

quilt Kay made

quilt Donna made
Aren't these great quilts!?! 

Most of the ladies were working on string quilts.  Here is what they were working on.

strings in blacks

strings in gold
Of course more blocks will be made for all of these string quilts.  Several ladies took home strings to finish their quilt tops. 

Everyone was having sew much fun, that they decided to make this a regular event.  We'll be having a sew-in at this store every 3rd Tuesday of the month.  That means that we now have 2 regular sew-ins each month.  Woohoo!  More sew-ins and new quilters in our group! 

Here are more pictures from our sew-in.

ironing station and lots of sewers working

more sewers (see my hand crank in the middle?)

Kelly (the owner), her coworker and more ladies sewing

quilted banner Rita made for our sew-ins and events
If you are interested in making a quilt for Quilts of Valor, then check out the links below to get more information, or, just contact me, and I'll get you started.

Land of Lincoln Quilts of Valor

Quilts of Valor

The last link takes you to the requirements page. 

What a great way to say 'Thank You' to our veterans for all they have done for us. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend fun!

We had a 'family' weekend, this past weekend.  Both of our son's met us in Rolla, MO. 

Christopher, Krystal & Connor
Our youngest son brought his girlfriend, since hubby had not met her yet.  We only got one whole day together, but, we had fun all day long.  We enjoyed BBQ at Missouri Hick BBQ in Cuba, MO.  YUM!   If you are ever in central Missouri, off I44, you really need to stop there.  I've been there 4 times now, just since July (and I don't live in Missouri). 

We went to the afternoon showing of the latest Die Hard movie.  All of us love the Die Hard movies, and this one didn't disappoint.  I hope that they make more Die Hard movies in the future. 

On the way to Rolla, hubby and I stopped at a quilt store that I hadn't visited before.  Flying Needles Quilting in Divernon, IL is run by Sue Bull and her hubby, who repairs sewing machines and vacuums.  Of course I came away with a few items. 

lovely fabrics

vintage looking needle books
While there, hubby and I got to drool over a pristine Singer Featherweight sewing machine, complete with case, attachments and manual.  It had only come in the day before, and it didn't have a price on it.  Hubby has thought for quite a while that I need a Featherweight, but, I have a price limit.  DARN!  I'd drive back down there in a heartbeat, if I could afford that machine.  It was pristine!  I really recommend stopping in the store if you are in the area.  It is at Exit 82, off I55.  There are also several Antique malls at the same exit.

I did stop at a quilt store in Rolla, but, I didn't buy anything there (can you believe that??)    I was GOOD! 

I have another Quilts of Valor sew-in on Tuesday.  I'll try to take pictures.  

PS:  If you haven't gotten a reply email from me for your entry in the giveaway, then I don't have an email address to contact you.  I've replied to every comment that I can reply to.  No way to contact you, then no entry!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Quilts of Valor Sew-In

Yesterday was another Quilts of Valor sew-in.  This time it wasn't at our regular quilt shop, but, at, in Westmont, IL. 

some of the ladies at the sew-in

more of the ladies
There were 9 of us in all, cutting, marking, ironing and sewing. 

We didn't get a top finished, but, we were pretty close.  The ladies will finish the top next week.

quilt that we were working on
This is the quilt that we were working on.  It will be a nice quilt when it is finished.  I had a good time with the ladies.  Chris, the owner of the shop, even provided us with a pizza lunch.  Yum!

This has been a busy time for our local Quilts of Valor chapter.  We had 2 sew-ins in January and we've had 3 sew-ins so far in February.  There is one more sew-in scheduled for next Tuesday, at a new quilt store in Yorkville.  I'm hoping to attend that one, too.  We usually only have one sew-in per month.  We will be having lots of veterans returning home in the next year, so, we need lots of quilts.  If you want to help, go to the link above, and you can find out more about this organization and how to help.  If you live near the Chicago area, contact me and I'll get you involved (I can be pretty persuasive in that area). 

Giveaway No-Reply comments

Hey Ladies, (sorry, no guys have entered yet) I HAVE to be able to reach you if you want to win the Giveaway!  If I can't reach you, then I won't be entering you.  If you haven't received a reply to your entry comment, then, you are NOT entered in the giveaway.  If you are a No-Reply commenter, then PLEASE go back and give me contact info (ex: CherylsTeapots2Quilting at yahoo dot com)  I can convert that to a real email address easily. 


PS:  The link to the Giveaway is here.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Harry Potter: The Project of Doom quilt

February is the month that Terri and I start paper piecing Harry Potter blocks.  Terri is making different blocks that are related to Harry Potter, and I am making the Harry Potter Project of Doom quilt.  The patterns that both of us are using are all found at the link for the Project of Doom.  Don't forget to check out what Terri is doing over at QuiltNCards.  She even has a tutorial on paper piecing so far.

Well, I started the first block last Monday afternoon.  Since it was such a busy week for me, I didn't get the block finished until yesterday.

block #1, times 2

up close of block #1
Yes, I am making 2 of each block.  Since both my sons are also avid Harry Potter fans, I'm sure that at least one of them may want a quilt.  I'm making 2 of each block to make sure that I get a quilt for myself to keep.

I decided to start the next block after I finished the first block(s).  Well, it was a quick and easy block to make.  Here is block #2, all done.

2 of block #2

up close of block #2
I am making this quilt on a hand crank sewing machine.  My favorite machine, my Spartan, wasn't happy last month, after getting tipped over in my car.  Since I have several machines (nope, I haven't counted how many) I decided to switch to my new (to me) 1925 Singer 99 that I converted to a hand crank.  I still don't have the parts needed for this machine (I just made my order on Saturday, so they are coming) but, I 'stole' a hand crank from another machine, and used a plastic card to be the temporary bobbin plate until the new one arrives.  Here is the machine sewing on block #2.

1925 Singer 99 hand crank
The 'Hello Kitty' ring is from my birthday cupcake at the Quilts of Valor sew-in that was at my house last Tuesday.  I'll be running another Quilts of Valor sew-in tomorrow at a quilt store in the area.  I'll try to remember to take pictures.  I get to award a quilt to a veteran of the Afghanistan war.  How nice for Rita to have me run this sew-in for her.

I've also received some things in the mail recently.  I won this book from Debra, over at Life is a Stitch.  The spool pin doilies are from Lindalu.  You can order from her here.  I've purchased spool pin doilies and a sewing machine base and extension from her in the past.  Lindalu sent me these lovely spool pin doilies for referring people to her.  Isn't that sweet!  The gold one is going on my Singer 99 hand crank.  I have enough colors that I can switch colors whenever I feel like it.  Fun!

book I won, and gifted spool pin doilies
Maybe I need to use the pink one this month instead.  Hmmm....  decisions, decisions!

Let me know if you want to play along with Terri's and my Harry Potter paper piecing fun!  It will continue for 30 weeks, since there are 30 blocks. 

Follower Giveaway!

I have 166 followers.  Most of you have followed my blog for a long time.  I just wanted to say 'Thank You' to you for that.  Here is what I'm giving away to one of my lucky followers.

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3 Caboodles in a Box, kit, includes buttons & bells, embroidery thread, pre-fused fabrics, regular fabrics, batting and instructions, all in a cute box

picture of applique

applique pattern
3 Caboodles in a Box BX48 Snow Bundles, includes instructions and fabric for 3 items to make, Caboodle Carrier, Cell phone pouch and pocket snowman.  These would also be good to make mug rugs or as centers for mini quilts, too.  Lots of things you could make with this pattern/fabrics.

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Thanks Again!


Friday, February 8, 2013

A 'RED' letter day at the thrift stores!

I told you I was going to stop at a thrift store today.  Well, I actually stopped at 3 thrift stores (but I skipped the quilt store).  Woohoo!  What a day of great finds!  I'll list my finds in backwards order, last shop to first shop, saving the best for last.

At the third shop, I found Gutermann thread for $0.50 each.  I bought both spools.  I also found several quilting books.  These are the 2 books I came home with.

The Block Book by Judy Martin

101 Fab Rotary cut Quilts
At the second thrift store, I hit the jackpot on new fabrics.  There is a Joann's down the street from this store, and, I think Joann's donates here.  First, I found two different fabrics, both over 2 yards long. 

over 2 yards each
The purple is a flannel, and it will be used by my little quilt guild to make preemie quilts for a local hospital here.  The white with pale dusty pink squares will make a background fabric for a quilt, sometime in the future. 

32 red fat quarters
There were 4 bundles of 8 red fat quarters each.  I paid $12 for all of them.  Red is my favorite color!  Who can't use lots of reds in their stash???

The best 'find' of the day was at the first thrift store.  Remember, my 50th Birthday was on 2-3-2013.  Look closely at the date on this ticket.

2-3-2013 dated ticket
This was priced on my birthday!  I know that it means I was supposed to have this.

vintage Japanese sewing machine, badged 'Challenge'

face plate on machine
This machine has all it parts!  Woohoo!  I'm hoping that the bobbin case will fit the 'Illinois' machine I found last month.  The motor works on this machine, and, the wiring looks good, too. 

it has it's bobbin case

has the needle clamp & foot (made in Japan in red on post of machine)

Sears motor that works
This machine was serviced at the same place as the Illinois machine had been serviced.  See the yellow sticker in the picture with the needle clamp?  Same company (now out of business). 

The decals of this machine are in red and gold.  There are a few chips in the paint, but, overall it is in good condition.
decals on back of machine

think this is for the feed dogs, not sure yet

stitch lever, maybe it has reverse???

serial number plate.  Sears machine, but, made in Japan 

underside of machine, even the cabinet has a serial badge attached
This machine came in a cabinet.  I only have one other machine in a cabinet (Necchi) so, I kept this cabinet.  I didn't really have a choice, since I couldn't get the screw to come loose and release the machine.  I'll need hubby's help on this, since it's hard to hold the machine up and mess with the screwdriver at the same time (besides, it was cold outside while trying to load this machine, my hands wouldn't work).  The top of the cabinet has several scratches, but, the sides are really pretty, as is the inside of the cabinet top.  The legs are wobbly, but, after I remove the machine, I should be able to fix the legs. 

PS:  This machine will keep it's motor.  I usually take the motors off, but, not this time.