Saturday, February 23, 2013

Help! and what I've been up to this week

First off, HELP!!!!!  I want to make a Disappearing 4 patch quilt, but, I'm short in one of the materials.  I need 42 blocks to make the quilt, but, I ran out of one of the fabrics after cutting only 39 blocks.  I need this Civil War reproduction fabric.

Civil War reproduction fabric that I need
I bought this a few years ago, and the selvedge doesn't list any info on it.  I only need 3 5.5" squares of this fabric to make all the blocks.  If you have any of this that you would be willing to part with, PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!!!  

Last winter, a friend of mine purchased a hand crank sewing machine, while we were picking up another hand crank for me to hold for a pony express (story here).  Well, Marilyn hasn't touched her machine since she brought it home.  Wednesday, I went over and played with this machine.

Bradbury Soeze hand crank machine

picture of the Duke of Wellington on the machine

Bradbury Sewing Machine company, early Family V.S.

interesting bobbin winder set up, I didn't figure that part out

a vibrating shuttle machine, uses long bobbins

hand crank on machine, look at the decals on it

serial #10167, we think it is from about 1905 (England)

bentwood case
This machine should also be able to be treadled, since it has holes in the base for a treadle belt, and also has the groove in the hand wheel.  She has treadle irons in her basement, and will have a special top made to fit this machine.  After some adjustments to the tension, it sews nicely.  It was purchased from a collector who had it cleaned up, and it even has extra needles. 

Thursday was the regular 'sew-in' day at my LQS.  I basted 2 quilts.  I've had these quilt tops made since March 2011Oh my!  I even had the backs made, and ready to baste.  NO EXCUSE!  I've been meaning to baste these for a long time, and went to the basement to find these in January.  I don't even know how many UFO's I have hiding in that basement. 

Fat Cats in the City quilt top

'Fat Cats in the City' from Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting.  It was a bonus quilt in the May/June 2010 edition.  I don't think the pattern is still available on their website.  This was the first embroidery I'd ever done.  I still don't think I'm doing embroidery correctly.  I need pictures to do it properly, but, this worked. 

Last night I finished the 3rd block(s) on my Harry Potter The Project of Doom quilt.

my 2 blocks (week #3)

up close of Week #3 block
Terri, over at QuiltNCards, and I are both working on Harry Potter paper piecing projects.  She is making some of the other paper pieced blocks.  Check out her blocks.

More sewing to come over the weekend.  What are you working on???? 


  1. Classic Quilt Shop in Clarksburg WV did have it at one time, I think. You might try contacting them.

    1. 1704 W Pike St Clarksburg, WV 26301
      (304) 326-6969

  2. Cheryl, I have a yard of that fabric. I can take a picture of it, if you want, to be sure of the shade, but I think it is the same.

  3. Your Project of Doom is coming along nicely!

  4. Oh how I love your Fat Cats in the City quilt!!! And don't feel bad about your UFO tops! I have an entire closet shelf dedicated just to flimsies that need to be sandwiched and quilted - yikes!!!

  5. Sorry I can't help with the fabric...
    Love your Fat Cats - especially the mitered borders. You are goooood. I've never even tried that.
    And the books and potion bottle turned out great. Love the fabric you used for the tipping book.

  6. Sorry I can't help you with the fabric. The machine is gorgeous. I love the fat cat block.

  7. I believe I have some of that fabric print, but it is a maroon shade. What color are you looking for?

  8. Gorgeous hand crank! and now I am racking my brain because I KNOW I have seen those decals before (not the Duke, though) and can't remember where.

    Love the fat cats, too!
    Cheryl Warren

  9. I love your cat quilt!

    I'm working on a log cabin quilt...and a hexagon quilt...and a HST list is too long!

  10. Cheryl, that is an interesting thread guide for the long-bobbin winder. It is much different from the ones I have one my long-bobbin machines. Hope you find the fabric.


  11. You have been busy.

    For your missing fabric, I have made several projects using that print and may still have some in my stash. I recall it came in different colors and I think mine was a blue/tan (ligher than your picture). I'll search tomorrow and if I can find it I'll gladly send it to you.

    Have you ever tried Missing Fabrics? I've had good luck with it:


  12. Oh my goodness...I LOVE LOVE that hand crank machine! SO beautiful!
    Hope you find the fabric you need.

  13. Your hand crank machine is great! I've a couple places that you might be able to check to see how to get the bobbin winder to work. The first one is Bonnie Hunters site She is a quilter/blogger and collects all sorts of machines. If you go to her blog site check out the top header it has a place to see her machines. And then here is another site
    Elizabeth seems quite knowledegable on all sorts of machines also. But this gal repairs and sells them. I would be surprised if she couldn't answer your questions! Good Luck, it is a pretty sweet machine.
    Jean C.


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