Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Quilts of Valor sew-in day

We had a Quilts of Valor sew-in at a new quilt shop in Yorkville, IL.  The store is Sewing, Etc.  Kelly is the owner. 

Not only was this the first sew-in that we've had at this store, and we had lots of ladies there that hadn't sewn with us before, but, we also got to make 2 quilt presentations to veterans of the Afghanistan War. 

Shawn and his new quilt
me presenting Richard with his quilt

Richard with his quilt (and me)
I got to present the 2nd quilt.  I was supposed to present it last week, but, members of his family were sick, and they didn't get to come. 

Both presentations were a complete surprise to both veterans.  Shawn thought he was coming to measure a wall in the shop, and Richard thought his wife was picking up clay for her new pottery class.  Sneeky wives! 

Two quilts were turned in for future presentations during this sew-in. 

quilt Kay made

quilt Donna made
Aren't these great quilts!?! 

Most of the ladies were working on string quilts.  Here is what they were working on.

strings in blacks

strings in gold
Of course more blocks will be made for all of these string quilts.  Several ladies took home strings to finish their quilt tops. 

Everyone was having sew much fun, that they decided to make this a regular event.  We'll be having a sew-in at this store every 3rd Tuesday of the month.  That means that we now have 2 regular sew-ins each month.  Woohoo!  More sew-ins and new quilters in our group! 

Here are more pictures from our sew-in.

ironing station and lots of sewers working

more sewers (see my hand crank in the middle?)

Kelly (the owner), her coworker and more ladies sewing

quilted banner Rita made for our sew-ins and events
If you are interested in making a quilt for Quilts of Valor, then check out the links below to get more information, or, just contact me, and I'll get you started.

Land of Lincoln Quilts of Valor

Quilts of Valor

The last link takes you to the requirements page. 

What a great way to say 'Thank You' to our veterans for all they have done for us. 


  1. What a fun group of talented quilters. All your QOV quilts and blocks are absolutely beautiful. How special to be able to present two quilts at your sew-cial. Bless you all.


  2. What a loving cause. I like that the soldiers do not know what is coming! Surprises are always fun, and a nice warm quilt, I think, is the perfect gift.

  3. Wonderful work Ladies! And good on those sneaky wives who got their husbands there. LOL.

  4. Lovely quilt and wonderful to surprise some unsuspecting veterans!

  5. What a great cause to be sewing for. I love this.

  6. I love that they were surprised! What great quilts!


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