Friday, February 8, 2013

Busy Week so far

It's been a busy week for me, so far.  My birthday was Sunday (see last post about that day), then Monday was my little quilt guild meeting.  Tuesday, I had a Quilts of Valor sew-in at my home.  There were 4 of us sewing all day long, with Taco soup, homemade sourdough bread, hot spiced cranberry cider and cupcakes.  We got lots done.

On Tuesday evening, I worked on my Harry Potter Project of Doom, first week blocks. 
my Singer 99 hand crank, sewing on block #1

part of block #1

figured I'd get in the mood by watching the first Harry Potter movie while piecing

this is my 'background' fabric for this project

'swirly' fabric for the crystal ball
2 center sections finished, more to be done

working on 2 of the book sections, still need to finish these
Marilyn left me a scrap of fabric that she didn't need from the Quilts of Valor top that she made on Tuesday.  I took it upstairs and it will be a book in the bookshelf of the Project of Doom quilt.  I have half a bolt of the dark blue, that I let Marilyn use as a border on the Quilts of Valor top.  Sorry, I wish I'd taken pictures of all the quilt tops from the Quilts of Valor sew-in. 

Wednesday I got to go over to a lady's home and let her know if her antique quilts were worth anything.  NO, I am NOT an appraiser.  I just let her know if she should sell her quilts in her estate sale, or, if she could get better prices for some of them.  OH MY GOODNESS!  I wish I'd gotten pictures of her quilts!  I suggested that she put them on consignment at the antique store next to the quilt store I sew at on Thursdays.  I enjoyed getting to drool over her quilts.  It would have been hard to take pictures, since she's in the process of downsizing and moving, and there wasn't any space to lay the quilts down to take pictures. 

Thursday was Shop Hop day.  We went to 7 quilt stores, and ate lunch at Ballydoyles (Irish).  I was a GOOD GIRL, and didn't buy much, since I don't really need much.  I took a list, and pretty much stuck with my list.

fabrics I purchased
 Most of these fabrics are slated for projects that I have in the works.  The yellow fabric at the bottom was in the sale bin (every piece was on sale) and will go with a friends quilt that I'm helping with. 
notions purchased on shop hop
I already had 2 sizes of 'Add a quarter' rulers, now I have 2 sizes.  Also, who doesn't need more scissors or nail files?  Also included are hexie papers and quilt markers and a pattern, along with other things. 

I'm headed out shortly to get new tires for hubby's vehicle.  I plan to shop at the thrift store across the street while I wait.  MUCH better than sitting and thinking about how much money I'll be spending on those tires.  While out, I may stop at another quilt shop a block away, that wasn't on the shop hop.  I have 2 gift certificates for that store, and they are having a sale.  Hopefully I'll get some sewing done this afternoon, and finish the Harry Potter week one blocks.

Check out Terri's post about her Harry Potter blocks, too.   She did a great post about paper piecing, with lots of good pictures. 

I'll try to post about the giveaway on Saturday.  I purchased a few items on the shop hop to add to it. 

PS:  Sorry I haven't commented on your blog posts.  I'm behind in reading them (still on Sunday's).  Hopefully I'll get caught up this weekend.

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  1. Hi Cheryl,
    You might try this... when I'm behind on reading the blogs, I use the reader, but I read one and look for any older posts that I haven't read on each that comes up on the reader. Pretty soon I'm done.
    Love your HP block - so far.


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