Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend fun!

We had a 'family' weekend, this past weekend.  Both of our son's met us in Rolla, MO. 

Christopher, Krystal & Connor
Our youngest son brought his girlfriend, since hubby had not met her yet.  We only got one whole day together, but, we had fun all day long.  We enjoyed BBQ at Missouri Hick BBQ in Cuba, MO.  YUM!   If you are ever in central Missouri, off I44, you really need to stop there.  I've been there 4 times now, just since July (and I don't live in Missouri). 

We went to the afternoon showing of the latest Die Hard movie.  All of us love the Die Hard movies, and this one didn't disappoint.  I hope that they make more Die Hard movies in the future. 

On the way to Rolla, hubby and I stopped at a quilt store that I hadn't visited before.  Flying Needles Quilting in Divernon, IL is run by Sue Bull and her hubby, who repairs sewing machines and vacuums.  Of course I came away with a few items. 

lovely fabrics

vintage looking needle books
While there, hubby and I got to drool over a pristine Singer Featherweight sewing machine, complete with case, attachments and manual.  It had only come in the day before, and it didn't have a price on it.  Hubby has thought for quite a while that I need a Featherweight, but, I have a price limit.  DARN!  I'd drive back down there in a heartbeat, if I could afford that machine.  It was pristine!  I really recommend stopping in the store if you are in the area.  It is at Exit 82, off I55.  There are also several Antique malls at the same exit.

I did stop at a quilt store in Rolla, but, I didn't buy anything there (can you believe that??)    I was GOOD! 

I have another Quilts of Valor sew-in on Tuesday.  I'll try to take pictures.  

PS:  If you haven't gotten a reply email from me for your entry in the giveaway, then I don't have an email address to contact you.  I've replied to every comment that I can reply to.  No way to contact you, then no entry!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

  2. Glad you got to enjoy a full day with your boys!

  3. How wonderful to spend the day with your boys! I get to see my children so seldom - I know how precious that time is :*) And I really love the fabric you brought home - it would look great in my stash :*D

  4. Sue Bull is a sweet lady. She is a member of one of my guilds.
    It's been a while since I visited her shop.

  5. I live further south of Sue's shop. What part of Ill are you from.

  6. My hubby and I are going on a road trip this weekend to see Brooklyn. We will be making a few stops at the quilt stores on the way there. =) Thanks for the heads up on this quilt shop. If we are in the area, we will stop in!

  7. How wonderful to meet up with your away kids. We are going out to dinner with our oldest on Sat. He's the one with #8 the cute and lucky grandkid.

  8. A Featherweight will find you sooner or later. I stupidly bought not one but two that were not working for what I thought were reasonable prices. Still don't have them fixed up, but that's because one Saturday morning up popped a CraigsList ad for one one in a case with attachments for $40. And it works perfectly!

    Good luck in your search


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