Friday, March 1, 2013

Finishes! and Found!

First, remember this fabric that I was looking for?
fabric that I was looking for
Well, Jocelyn, over at Happy Cottage Quilter, just happened to have a yard of this fabric.
my square, and the fabric Jocelyn sent me

Yipee!  Now I can go cut the last 3 blocks I need, so that I can get started on this project.  I plan on this being a 'leaders and enders' project, and, since I haven't been using my 1/4" foot much lately, it may take me a while to get this one done. 

I also wanted to show the birthday present I received from Jo, who I sew with at my Thursday sew-ins and am also in a guild with.

mouse pin cushion from Jo
Isn't that the cutest little mouse pin cushion?  It's sitting next to my hand crank, waiting to be 'stuck' with pins.  I just haven't had the heart to 'poke' him yet. 

Well, I was back in the basement earlier this week.  Yep, I found another UFO just waiting to be finished.  Remember the flag quilt I found last month, that just needed binding, well, I found the 2nd flag quilt that I made at the same time, but, this one still needs to be hand quilted. 

another flag quilt for another of hubby's aunts
I marked this quilt for stitching while at the sew-in  yesterday.  Now to get it quilted.  I'll probably work on it during commercials when I watch TV (Castle & Body of Proof). 

At the sew-in yesterday, I finally finished the 2 mini wedding quilts that I've been working on since last fall.  I was almost done with one, and started on the other when hubby's father had his bypass surgery.  Well.......

Chris & Crystal's mini wedding quilt

back of Chris & Crystal's mini wedding quilt

Nicole & Craig's mini wedding quilt

back of Nicole & Craig's wedding quilt
Sorry I didn't get pictures of these on the stands.  Hubby and I delivered both of these to their new homes last night.  Woohoo!  More UFO's crossed off my list.


  1. That is a pretty close match on the fabric. How lucky! Keep those finishes coming!

  2. Yay! So glad the fabric will work. Can't wait to see the finished project :-)

  3. So glad you found it; once I saw it on your earlier post (I'm just doing some catch up blog reading) I thought, I have that... where is it? I believe I already cut it up for a current project. So happy you found what you needed!


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