Sunday, March 24, 2013

Another quilt show, and a quilted Tahoe

My friend, Marilyn and I went to another quilt show on Friday, in Minooka, Illinois.  It was put on by the Morris, IL quilt guild, Pieces from the Heart.  This is another rural show, and not as many quilts, but, boy did they do a great job decorating, both inside and out of the show.  As we drove up, we were greeted by a 'quilted Tahoe' in the parking lot.

Each 'piece' of the quilt was buttoned to the next piece.  What a fun project!  As I was walking to the Tahoe, to take pictures, another car drove by to take a look.  How creative! 

This quilt show was PACKED!  Lots of great quilts, and, they had great decorations to set off the quilts.  They even had a few 'quilters words' mixed in. 

just loved these monsters

this was from the 'Bunny Challenge' the guild had

this was from a mystery quilt the guild did

tiny strips

Bunny Challenge quilt

this was a 'cheater' applique, great job they did with it

this was very small

more bunny's

They had 2 quilted birdhouses in glass birdhouses, as you entered the show. I only took pictures of one of them.

quilted birdhouse in a birdhouse

up close of the quilted birdhouse
Even the bathrooms were decorated.  They had this by the sink.

Thank You from the guild
I didn't get pictures of any of the items that I purchased.  Picassa decided to go haywire on me, and it took me 2 days to get my pictures uploaded.  Even then, I had to edit each picture twice.  What a pain.  Whatever changes Picassa did, I don't like them. 


  1. Boy, that must be a fun guild to belong to with a lot of creative quilters in it! I am in big-time envy! Thanks so much for sharing ... in spite of the mess that pikasa makes of our plans.

  2. What fun! The quilted Tahoe is incredible! I also loved the monster and american flag quilts. As always I appreciate the inspiration, it is a great reminder to set aside sewing time!

  3. thanks for the pictures and I love the Quilted Tahoe. That must have been a real eye-catcher..Looked like a fun Quilt show..

  4. Oh My Goodness, just look at that Tahoe, what a marvelous idea! Thank you so very much for posting these beautiful pictures. It's almost as good as being there. Have a wonderful day. LJ

  5. Thanks for taking us along to the show. I, too, loved the monsters (not under the bed anymore!). The angels with the big hearts and the quilted car caught my eye, too. I saw a quilted car several years ago when I went to the outdoor quilt show in Sisters Oregon. Wonder how many of those exist?

  6. Wonderful, thanks for sharing, the monsters made me smile and I love the storm at sea with the heart in it, beautiful!

  7. Those are gorgeous quilts. I love the tiny, framed quilts and the quilted Tahoe. I wonder how long it took to do that, and in the cold too judging from the snow on the edge of the parking lot. I didn't get to go to the Dallas quilt show this year and really enjoyed seeing this show through your lens.


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