Thursday, March 14, 2013

Finish! Squishys! and holding a machine

Today was Thursday sew-in at Prairie Stitches Quilt Shoppe.  We have several ladies that are out of town this week, so, there were only 4 of us, but, we had a fun time sewing.

Jan's quilt top
 Jan showed off her quilt top.  She's added another border since I took this picture.

Jo's friendship quilt
Jo brought her completed friendship quilt, from friends in one of the shops monthly clubs. 

I worked on my Harry Potter blocks

both of my Week #6 blocks

up close of week #6 block

I received some squishy's in the mail in the past week.  I was going to show one in the last post, but, even though I'd taken it to 2 different sew-ins to show it off, I'd forgotten to take pictures of it.  Oops!  I have pictures now.

I won a table runner from Pauline, over at Quilt-n-Queen.  Check out the double binding that she did. 

table runner from Pauline

showing the backing, too

up close of the double  binding
Thanks Pauline.  This has been decorating my sewing spaces at the sew-in's last week. 

Terri, over at QuiltNCards, and I, were highlighting our Harry Potter paper piecing last month.  Well, Terri decided to award some prizes at the end of the month.  She decided to send prizes to those who have commented most on her blog.  Well, I was one of the 3 that she chose.  She said she was going to send me a few fat quarters, but, she was REALLY generous in her gifting!

squishy items from Terri
 Terri had a whole envelope PACKED with goodies!  Oh boy!  Look at those citrus Jelly Belly's.  (glad they weren't Every Flavor Beans like in Harry Potter).  These look yummy!

Terri has done lots of paper piecing.  She included a paper pieced bird for me.  The bird is already pinned to the quilt hanging behind my sewing machine upstairs. 

paper pieced bird from Terri
Then came the fat quarters!  Eight of them!

fat quarters from Terri

up close of some of the fat quarters
I can picture these in my Harry Potter blocks.  What fun!

Thanks Terri!

I'm thinking that I just might have to have a random drawing, now and then, to reward those who comment on my blog (and no, not those nasty spammers).  Comments (at least nice ones) DO MATTER!  

Yesterday, hubby and I drove into Chicago to pick up a sewing machine for a fellow vintage machine enthusiast.  I will be holding this machine (and have permission to play with it, too) until he can get a ride for it.

Wheeler & Wilson #9

decal in center of the bed of the machine

made in the USA, it has great decals, too

back of the machine, showing the light (which works)
The motor works on this machine.  I'm going to oil her, and check out how she sews for her new owner.  (yes, I have permission).  I don't have a machine like this one.  I've held machines before, for other collectors. 

Have a fun weekend!  I hope to get more sewing done! 


  1. Lovely squishes! Have fun playing with your friends machine.

  2. Is the WW9 shuttle or chain stitch? Just wondering....I've wanted a chain stitch machine for a long time (for embroidery). I once bought one on the bay, but it arrived cracked so I got to play the return game. Decided I probably need to see one in person before I buy it and have had no luck so far.
    Glad you get to oil and fondle it.
    And....your friends' quilts are gorgeous! One of these days I'm going to have to make one of those (even if it won't really "work" in my house)!

  3. Oooh, the W&W #9 is my dream machine. I'm out of room for treadles, so I told myself I'd only buy one if it was a Wheeler & Wilson, or a two spool. You're lucky to play with it!

  4. The quilts are absolutely stunning and so inspiring! I so love reading your posts . . . your mug rug post was the one that inspired me to try out quilting and now I am addicted! The Wheeler and Wilson is gorgeous. I can't believe how great the decals look. I hope you will share your thoughts on how it sews once you have a chance to play with it!

  5. That's a beautiful machine and the squishes are pretty nice too.

  6. That is some BEAUTIFUL QUILTS.. and you know I am jealous of that WHEELER and Wilson machine!!!
    Chris Wheeler

  7. That is some Beautiful quilting. I got carried away on my typing seeing that awesome WHEELER and Wilson machine!

  8. Love Pauline's runner - especially the double binding. I'll bet she used a really small stitch to sew the two colors together.
    And what a treasure is that machine? Sew pretty!

  9. The ladies' quilts look fabulous. The double binding is something I haven't seen before. It looks good. All your goodies look like fun. I love the decoration on the vintage machine. Maybe I could get one of my daughters to paint something nice on my plane grey plastic machine.

  10. I guess my machine is plane grey and plain grey too.

  11. Beautiful WW9. The WW9s produce beautiful stitches. Have fun making something special for yourself with it while you are steward.

  12. Glad to see someone else is doing the Project of Doom quilt! Mine is almost done. My blocks are complete and now I'm building the bookcase.

  13. Thank you for linking up in March to Richard and Tanya Quilts on our Link a Finish Friday. We will have a new linkup available every Friday. So stop by and share what you have been working on and check out what others are doing.


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