Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow! Something new learned, and an (almost) Finish!

We'll start with the snow in my area.  We got over 8.5 inches of snow yesterday (9.1 at O'Hare).  I can't find what my area got, officially, but, I know how much I shoveled.

this only 1 minute AFTER I finished shoveling

this about 30 minutes AFTER shoveling
Between hubby and I (mainly me) we shoveled 5 times yesterday, just trying to keep up.  It was a very heavy snow, so, I didn't want to get behind.  We have to shovel the patio for our dogs, since one of them is 'vertically challenged' and can't get off the patio unless we clear a good path.  Sarah told me that we should get her some doggie snow shoes.

Monday night was my little quilt guild.  Jinnie taught us English paper piecing.  She brought kits of Hexies for us to make.  I've done this before, but, never with instructions on how to do it correctly.

my finished hexie flower
 Now I know how to baste the fabric.  I may have some of these in my future.  It was fun.

I forgot to mention, when I posted about the 2 (finally) finished mini wedding quilts, where I got the embroidery pattern from.  Jenny of ELEFANTZ kindly let me use her border pattern (altered to fit my square) from her Promises & Borders BOM.  I've now made 3 of these wedding quilts, using her pattern.  Thanks Jenny!

After no weddings for ages, all the sudden, everyone was getting remarried.

I FINALLY finished my nieces graduation quilt top (she graduated last Spring).  Less than a year late.  Not bad for me.

Sarah's quilt top
Sewing the backing on my hand crank
The top was made on 2 different hand cranks.  No electric machines used on this quilt.  That will change soon, since I am having this long arm quilted.  I've never had a quilt 'quilted' for me before.  It's scary to turn this over to someone else to finish.  The price may scare me silly, we'll see.  The lady who is going to quilt it is a member in my large quilt guild, and I've seen her work many times.

I received this great video link that I think you will enjoy.  I've never tried to add a video on my blog, so, I hope the link works for you.
Black Books - Favorite Place from DaBrainkilla on Vimeo.

I'm heading off with a friend to pick up a quilt top for Quilts of Valor.  We'll visit a quilt store (or two) and a thrift store (or more) and lunch on corned beef at Ballydoyles.  I hope your day is going to be as nice as mine.


  1. Your pinwheel is very bright and cheery. I am sure your niece will love it. Your mini wedding quilts are adorable.

  2. I like your wedding gift idea and your nieces quilt is really cheerful. The little pinwheels in the boarder are super cute.

  3. Less than a year late is great, in my opinion!! And its darling!

    We shared the same snow. I made my boys do the work. Ha, ha....

  4. Video works wonderfully! Atta Girl! And yes, it is my favorite place. Sounds like you are having a wonderful day.

  5. I'm glad you got the snow, and not me. I've done enough shovelling for one year. Hope you have too. Your nieces grad quilt looks great.

  6. We got some snow too, but I didn't have to shovel. All your projects are beautiful. The video was really interesting. Thanks for posting it. Sounds like you had a wonderful day out shopping!

  7. You got the tail end of the snow storm that we got. About 8" here but now temps are suppose to get in the mid 30s so it will melt. Nice to get some of your projects done, I bet. The wedding quilts look amazing.

  8. The video worked great, thanks. Your nieces quilt is lovely, I like all the colors and I'm sure she'll love it, has she seen it yet?

  9. That's a great video.

    Nice work! I'm a couple of years into a grandmother's flower garden. never learned how to do it correctly though.

    spring is here in NC and my yard is full of daffodils. I hope it arrives soon for you!

  10. Enough with the snow!! It's April!

    We are having a cool spring but no snow here (central VA).


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