Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My New Sewing Space!

I had a busy week last week.  My youngest son is back at college, and doesn't expect to ever live at home again.  He packed up some of his stuff and told me I could have his room as my new sewing space. 

Well, there were a few obstacles to overcome.  First, he left lots in his room (he's planning on packing more stuff over Christmas, if he gets to come home) and second, I love my son, but, I don't think his room was cleaned in the 10 years he lived in it.  EEK! 

I took down his loft bed, moved furniture (dusting objects as I went) shifted items (I was asked not to pack any of his stuff up) and finally found the walls and the floor.  He asked if he could keep his closet, since it was easier to store his stuff in there and not pack it up, so, I don't get the closet for a while now. 

As you have guessed by now, my family are huge Harry Potter fans.  Well, Harry's cupboard under the stairs doesn't have anything on Connor's closet.

Connors closet (now)
This 'cupboard' has a bookshelf with books, musical instruments, a window, a comfy chair, quilts (of course) even a night stand.  Yes, you can still get all the way into the closet still.  Anyone want to come over and relax with some hand stitching?  Oh yea, Harry had spiders in his cupboard, this one is CLEAN!  No critters, except stuffed ones. 

I moved the dresser to where the loft used to be (see the loft pieces peaking out in the corner).  I brought up 2 bookshelves for my quilting stuff.  The yellow desk was my hubby's when he was a kid.  I'll get all the space in and on it, hopefully, after Christmas.  I'll also get the IKEA shelf next to the dresser at that time, I hope. The plastic shelves sitting on the wooden cabinet store some of my fat quarters and scraps.   

area where the loft bed (and chair, filing cabinet, etc were)
I stopped at a thrift store on Thursday after sew-in (surprise there) and found some valances with double wedding ring patterns on them.  Much better than faded navy blue valances.  The dresser had been between the windows, taking up valuable sewing machine space. 

new valances at the windows
Sorry, it was a sunny day, and I didn't have the lights on in the room, and had turned the flash off on my camera. 

The bookshelves by the closet (see below) were still fully loaded with Connor's stuff.  I dusted and re-arranged everything so nothing sticks out now. I probably won't get these bookshelves for a very long time.  Yes, this is what is left AFTER he packed up several boxes of books and stuff.  We are a family of serious readers.  We could start our own lending library. 

other window and closet door
After spending a few days cleaning and 'shifting' things around, I finally started moving some of my sewing stuff in.

Ugly wooden table, covered with thrift store baby quilts and sewing machines.  The little table slides under the edge of the large table nicely. 

ironing board area, and TV with DVD player (gotta have extra entertainment while sewing)

view towards the closet, see the sewing machine cabinet by the window?  more on that in the next post
Now to figure out what to hand between the windows.  I can't use my cork board there, because the top of the sewing cabinet is too close to the wall, and would hit it when I open it up. 

I'm planning on making some moveable design walls (covered wall insulation boards) and putting them in front of the book cases behind the sewing machines. 

I'm still figuring out stuff.  I can't fit my cutting table in this room.  I have to leave it where I can reach all the windows, or, I could move the sewing machine table over there and make room.  Oh well, it is a start, and, I did get some sewing done on Sunday night. 

Our dining room (where my stuff was all set up all summer long) is still a disaster, but, I hadn't planned on moving into this room until later in the fall.  I'm going to slowly move things upstairs, so things can find 'homes' and not get lost. 


  1. It's a lot of work, but will be sooooo worth it!

  2. Wow! Great progress Cheryl - it's looking great!!!

  3. You've made a great start! I love having rooms where my stuff can stay spread out - I'm much more productive. I think settling in is always a work in progress - you are never quite finished. I have covered insulation design walls - they are great! I hung mine but they can easily be moved. And you can make them the right size easily. Good Luck - so glad it is all working out. ~Jeanne

  4. A lot of progress so far. Great that you now have a dedicated sewing space.

  5. Terrific job Cheryl! I took over a bedroom too and I love it!

  6. Good for you! But I would pack up his stuff and label it, and claim that space NOW. I'm bossy that way! ;)

  7. Nothing better than your own sewing space! Can't wait to see how it all turns out!

  8. Take advantage of the slower pace. You'll move things around several times as you figure it all out. It takes a long time no matter how you do it. lol We quilters are always in transition anyway, are we? May as well enjoy the changes. Your space looks great already!

  9. I stopped by because I saw your picture linked about craft rooms; frankly I noticed the map of Texas, which is where I currently live. I always describe myself as a displaced Alaskan living in Texas, lol. I am enjoying reading back and forth through your posts, you are so very clever. Your love of vintage machines just makes me smile. You have inspired me to get my butt moving to finish organizing and sewing in my own new space! Take care!


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