Sunday, August 4, 2013

Terrific Trip Treasures!

I drove my son's dorm stuff back to Oklahoma last week.  I didn't get a chance to stop at any fun places until I was on the way back home on Thursday.  I had fun stopping at antique stores on the way back.  A girl's gotta rest sometime, doesn't she?  I did get a tiny bit of stitching done while I was away. 

2nd Hedwig block embroidered
I did manage to find a few sewing related items for really good prices at some of the antique stores in Missouri and Illinois.  The most expensive thing I got was $7.50. 

I found another flat iron for only a few dollars.  I haven't plugged it in yet, to see if it works or not.  At least the cord is in good shape.

flat iron

flat iron
I also found some doilies, a hankie and some patterns.  One has a vintage machine in the pattern (gee, can't figure why I'd be drawn to that pattern, can you)?

these were too pretty to pass up

Dresden's are so pretty!

look at that vintage looking machine
I found several sets of attachments and buttonholers, too!

New Home box of attachments with a button hole cutter, too, also 2 double needles

vintage White attachments

vintage White attachments and part of a manual (not sure if it matches my machine or not)

not one but two Domestic buttonholers in cases

Domestic buttonholers, one with instructions
I did find a sewing machine, but, not what you think.  I found a Holly Hobbie toy sewing machine.  I doubt it works, but, for $5, it sure is cute!

Holly Hobbie toy sewing machine
I also found something from the USSR.  Check out this cool thimble.

above the hammer and sickle is 'CCCP'
I also found 20 hexie flowers for $7.50 (my most expensive purchase) in Missouri.  I'm thinking that I need to stitch them to muslin backgrounds and make a quilt with them. 

I love the fussy cut centers of these

another 'pair', fabric wise

love how they turned the pieces randomly

another pair

check out the frogs in the middle rings

another pair

one flower is all the same fabrics (still pieced)  I've never seen a 'solid' hexie flower before

these fabrics don't match any other flowers

some 'oddball' hexies

last set, kinda thrown together
I only had internet connection for one evening, and it was S-L-O-W!!!!!!  I couldn't check out any blogs at all.  I'm behind, but, I'll catch up on all of you soon. 

Monday is another quilt guild meeting, then Quilts of Valor on Tuesday, in Batavia.  I'll try to remember to take some pictures.

Have a great week!


  1. Lots of goodies! I have a flat iron just like that one!

  2. You always find such fun things. Love all the doilies.

  3. Glad you found time to stop and find some goodies. Love the iron! ~Jeanne

  4. Wow - those hexies are pretty cool! What a great find! Of course, all your goodies are fun :*) I love the little Holly Hobbie sewing machine. My daughter loved anything Holly Hobbie when she was small.

  5. What a lot of goodies. I love the patterns you got and the hexies look really good.

  6. I love the hexie flowers! You always find the best stuff! :)

  7. More fun stuff! LOve the hexies, you will have fun designing a quilt with those!

  8. Great finds! Do you use your flat irons? I love one of mine. It's so great I haven't even tried my other ones.

  9. Another great HP block, love it!
    I bet that iron works, the cord looks like its in pretty god condition. I love the shape of the plate. I have a flat iron too. It was my mother-in-law's and it gets good and hot!!

  10. The doilies are just beautiful!! I need to go on a hunt for some -- I've got an idea on how to use them with a hexie project!! Nice score! :)

  11. Love your purchases... especially the Holly Hobby. Is it a child's machine?
    Hedwig looks fantastic, and your embroidery is lovely!
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Love your Blog--so much fun! Looks like you found some great items =)


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