Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Blocks, Machine & Cupcakes!

I made another set of blocks for my upcoming TOGA.  I made these blocks on my 1925 Singer 99 hand crank.  I haven't done much sewing on this machine over the summer.  This is the machine I use for paper piecing my Harry Potter blocks.

1925 Singer 99 HC

I also pulled out a machine that I got quite a while ago, but, hadn't cleaned or tried out. 

1925 Singer 66 with a motor

serial #AA574350 tells me that this machine was allotted on Aug 11, 1925 at the Elizabeth, NJ plant

this machine was really dusty and cobwebby

back of the machine (before cleaning) showing the motor

lovely scroll work on the face plate, and the light works, too

cobwebs, lint and gunk in the base of the case.  YUK!

tons of lint kept coming out of the bobbin area
I took all morning to clean this machine.  Every time I thought I'd gotten all the lint, more lint would appear. 

more and more lint in the bobbin area
a cleaned up machine
The machine is clean now.  I'm still having problems with the tension on this machine.  I now have 2 Singer 66's with tension issues.  I'll have to keep playing with it.  For the moment, this machine will keep the motor.  It is easier to test the tension issues  using the motor.  Besides, I'm running out of hand cranks.  I'll have to get more of them soon.  I'm trying to build a collection of hand cranks, so that when I have a demo of my machines, I can have something to sell when someone asks.  I've only sold one machine before, and it was one that I didn't want to sell, but, was pestered into.  I'd really like that machine back, but, that won't happen.  Oh well. 

Friday evening we went to a church dinner.  Someone brought the cutest cupcakes!  I took pictures so that you could see them. 

Minion cupcakes using half a Twinkie

Cookie Monster cupcakes
I did get one of the Minion cupcakes.  It was good.

Now to get some stitching done!


  1. Starting a bow tie?
    Love the machines... I wonder if people just use the machine until it fills up with lint and when it doesn't work right - junk it...? I can tell when mine wants a good sweep, the bobbin thread doesn't snap into place.
    Love the Minion ccs and the Cookie Monster ones, too. So cute.
    If you ever have an extra hand crank that you are willing to sell... sell it for me. I'd love to have one. I'll come and pick it up - after I move to WI.

  2. With no space for even one machine, I can't imagine all those pretty vintage pieces. Those are some creative cupcakes!

  3. Cute cupcakes! Lovely machines.

  4. You are so good with those machines! Can I send you my non-functional featherweight? LOL!!! And I love seeing the different ones you are working on - they are like people, they come in all shapes, sizes and colors :*)

  5. What a lot of work to get that machine cleaned up, but it is worth it. Love the cupcakes!

  6. I think I need a lesson from you in repairing and keeping vintage sewing machines! I will also have one of those cupcakes please!!!!!!


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