Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My New Double Sewing Cabinet

Shortly before I headed out on vacation, I found a great, Parson's double sewing cabinet.  The lady had painted it way back in the 1980's, and, while it was pretty, it just wasn't 'me'.  It was yellow sponge painted with purple flowers stenciled on it.

Parson's sewing cabinet BEFORE I repainted it

cabinet that came with the sewing cabinet BEFORE I repainted it
even the legs were stenciled

Since it would be too much work to strip the cabinet and refinish it in the original wood tone, I decided to repaint it white, and stencil some 'sewing' items on it. 

First, let me state that painting is NOT my thing.  I'm not that good, and I know it.  As for the stencils, I quickly found out that the Sharpies Paint pens I used will 'bleed' if you use a stencil.  Oops!  I had to repaint, twice over my first try.  After that, I used a pencil to trace the stencil pattern, then used the Sharpie Paint pens, freehanded, over the pencil marks.  You will be able to tell that I'm NOT an artist, but, I'm happy with the end results.  Sorry for the bad photos, it is really a bright white in color, not off-white.
smaller cabinet and drawers, repainted, with new handles

left side, near machine opening

right side, near machine opening

adjustable height machine opening, and my stencils

adjustable height machine opening, and my stencils
back, right side of machine cabinet (oops, can't see some of the stencils)

back, left side of machine cabinet (oops, can't see some of the stencils)

left side with my Spartan (before adjusting)

right side with 'Tinkerbell' (before adjusting)

the only insert that came with the cabinet (doesn't fit any of my machines, but, could be cut)

the whole cabinet

upclose of the 'missing' stencils from the earlier pictures

inside the little cabinet
Yes, I know that the little cabinet isn't centered under the big cabinet.  I knew it wouldn't be when I bought it.  I have to move it over because of the vent on the floor.  I don't want to block my AC or heat.

So far, my only problem is that my old table had TONS of junk all over it, and also under it.  All that junk now has to find new homes.  I don't want to cover this cabinet up with junk.  It makes it hard to sew anything larger than a block. 

Now to get more of my sewing space organized. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Quilts of Valor on Tuesday

Tuesday was a Quilts of Valor sew-in day at Sewing, Etc. in Yorkville, IL (great shop).
I didn't get any pictures of the quilts (sorry) but, I did get the important picture.  We were honored to get to award not one, but two Quilts of Valor to a father and son. 
Mr Miller and Mr Miller
The father served in WWII, and the son served during Vietnam.  What a special presentation it was.  We got to hear some great stories from Mr. Miller (father) about some of his exploits at the end of WWII. 

There are more pictures, included quilt pictures on the Land of Lincoln Quilts of Valor blog, here.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Vacation, etc

I've been on vacation the past few weeks.  Did you miss me?  Don't worry, I didn't take very many pictures.

We started off by getting some Maple Sirup (yes, I spelled that correctly, check the link) at Funks Grove, IL.  They have added a barn quilt since the last time I was there.
Funks Grove's barn quilt
We then headed to Springfield, MO. to meet up with Missy, of Missy's Homemaking Adventures, and her hubby, Chris, at Bass Pro Shops. (PS:  she has a better picture on the link above, than I got).

Missy and me
Next stop was Tulsa, OK.  I made 3 purses in early June.  One purse was mailed to Alaska, but, I got to deliver the other 2 purses on this trip.  Both were surprises.  Here is Betty with her new purse.
Betty and her new purse
Oops!  I forgot to take a picture of Michele with her new purse. 

I didn't take a sewing machine, or any tools with me on this trip, but, I should have.  Friends in Tulsa are new great-grandparents to 3 little girls.  Hubby and I thought the girls needed some blankies.  Hubby helped me pick out the fabrics, and I borrowed a cutting mat.  I had to buy a rotary cutter, and used my FIL's metal square as a ruler (really bad on the rotary cutter blade).  My MIL let me use her sewing machine.
MIL's Singer 237 sewing machine
The blankies are washable satin on one side, and flannel on the other side.
3 satin/flannel blankies

While in San Angelo, TX (our hometown), I took my BFF's daughter to the library for a Music in Literature event.
poster for the event
The symphony conductor chatted with the kids about music, and did some fun things before reading 'Remarkable Farkle McBride' by John Lithgow.  He did a great job with all the kids.  We really enjoyed it.
While at the library (newly done), we checked out the children's area.  They have a great quilt, with beloved children's book characters.
the whole quilt

up close of half the quilt

up close of the other half of the quilt
Upstairs is another quilt.  This quilt is for sale, as a fundraiser for the library.
crazy quilt for sale
 I did a little shopping on the trip, but, I was a pretty good girl.  Some of the items below were gifts, not my purchases.

On the way to Texas, we stopped at Thayer Rags in Frederick, OK.  CD and his wife own the store, and, CD is a collector of vintage sewing machines (and he also sells them).  We had a nice chat, and I got to see some of his machines in the store.  I also bought some Texas fabric while we were there.
Texas panel and barbed wire fabric
I stopped at some antique stores in San Angelo, too.  I found a pinker.
I also found some blocks from an old quilt that someone had cut up.  I just had to rescue these.
I got 2 of these blocks

I also picked up a box of top clamping attachments.
top clamping attachments
I had to check out the Jim Shore collection at Eggemeyer's General Store.  I found one thing that I just couldn't resist, a quilting angel.
Jim Shore quilting angel
I found a sewing machine at a thrift store.  The motor runs, and everything moves, but, it only came with a zipper foot, and, I haven't cleaned & oiled it, or checked to see if it stitches.  If it works nicely, then it may find a new home in California with a friend (don't get your hopes up, Terri, it may not work).
Singer 301A (still needs to be cleaned and checked out)
I did pick up some other fabrics at some of the quilt stores we stopped at in Texas and Oklahoma.
fabrics I purchased
I also found a sewing clamp.  I can attach a pincushion to this, and clamp it near my sewing machine.  I've been trying to find one of these for a while.
sewing clamp

I also received a few gifts.  My MIL had this bag waiting for me.  Perfect for a Texas gal.
Texas bag
We visited Fredericksburg, TX with my in-laws for a day.  My in-laws bought me this nail art Nativity while we were there.  I have a small collection of Nativity's.
nail art Nativity
My BFF's mother gave me this teapot night light, since I collect teapots.
teapot nightlight

I'm way behind on sewing projects, but, I hope to have a few things to show before the month is over.

Friday, August 1, 2014

July NewFO's and Finishes

July was a very busy month for me. 

First, I had a finish.  This was a NewFO for June, and a finish for July.
Oliver & Chelsea's wedding quilt (up close, since the colors don't look so good in the next picture)

Oliver & Chelsea's wedding quilt
I got to attend 2 different TOGA's (Treadle On Gathering and Academy's) in 2 different states (Ohio then Michigan) in 2 weekends.  Woohoo!  Lots of lovely treadles and hand crank sewing machines.
some of the machines at a TOGA

more machines at a TOGA

still more machines at a TOGA (all of these were in just one room)
Each TOGA had block exchanges.  I made blocks for the TOGA's and also for a block exchange, later this fall, for Treadle On members.
4 different sets of exchange blocks, all made on hand crank or treadle sewing machines
In between TOGA's, my son asked me to make him a speaker holder for his ipod speakers.  He wanted them to be attached to the headrest of his car (did I mention that he asked me to do this, last minute, and we made this in an hour)?  This counts as a NewFO and a finish. 
front of head rest speaker holder

back of head rest speaker holder
My son is happy with this. 

After the TOGA's, I started more quilts.  One of these quilts had not been planned at all. I saw my Aunt in Ohio before the first TOGA.  My Aunt has cancer (again) and had just had surgery a few weeks before I arrived.  She's had another surgery since I was there.  I figured she needed a quilt.  Her apartment is decorated in an oriental theme, since she and my Uncle were stationed in Thailand, many years ago.  I just happened to have an oriental piece of fabric in my stash.  I quickly designed this.
Pat's quilt top

up close of Pat's quilt top
I still have to baste and quilt this. 

I also (finally) started the Birds on a Wire wall quilts for my youngest son.  I've been meaning to start these since February, but, I had too many other things to get done.  I'm only showing a picture of one of the quilts, but, I promise that there are 2 quilts. 
Birds on a Wire wall quilt
I had some quilting problems with these quilts (see post here.)  The birds are NOT fused down (just laying on the wires) because I will need to wash both wall quilts before I fuse the birds down.  Since this is batik, all the stitch holes from the stitching that I had to take out, show up in the fabric.  I do have the binding attached on both quilts.  I still have to hand stitch them down before I can wash these, and finish the birds. 

Not too bad, considering that I took 2 out of state trips during the month of July. 

Have a great weekend!