Monday, December 1, 2014

Exciting Day

We've had an exciting day today.  We stood outside, in 23 degree weather from 12:15pm, until 2pm, in line at Anderson's Bookshop in Naperville, Illinois.   No, we weren't crazy (but, we WERE frozen).  We waited in line for our chance to meet this man.


President George W. Bush was signing his book,  '41: A Portrait of My Father'.

When we finally got our turn to say hello, we told him that we were from San Angelo (TX).  Since he knows our hometown, we got a chance to chat with him for a minute about it.  How cool is that!!!!!!

Tonight is my little quilt guild's Holiday party.  What a fun day.  Now to go drink my hot chocolate and see if it will help thaw me out.  We are still numb from the cold, but, it was well worth the wait.

PS:  If you are ever in the area, Anderson's is a great bookstore.  We've been to several events that they have hosted over the years, including some Harry Potter release parties, where they have enlisted the entire downtown area to participate in the festivities.  


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