Sunday, July 5, 2015

More projects, etc.

I just keep stitching, and cutting.  I don't like cutting, but, I went ahead and cut out 2 more Red, White and True quiltsHere is the one I already started, for the quilt along...
1st Red, White and True quilt
first step for the Red, White and True quilt along
I need something to work on at the Quilts of Valor sew-in on Tuesday, but, I don't want to cut out the borders for one top (all it needs is the borders) (Oops! no pictures of the top, sorry), and I don't want to work on the other quilt top that I've started (I'll get back to it).

Well, now I have 2 more Red, White and True tops to start stitching on Tuesday.
2 new Red, White and True quilts
All the strips are cut out, but, I still need to finish cutting the 4.5" & 5.25" squares.  Since I don't need them yet, I figured I could finish those after I get these strips all stitched. 

At my guilds sew-in, a week ago, I didn't get to one project.  My other guild is making walker bags for the veteran's homes.  I had 2 cut out, so, I stitched them this afternoon.  Both are the same fabric.
1 of 2 walker bags

I added pockets, and made them bigger

a pocket for a magazine, and pockets for bottles, etc.
I REALLY need to finish thread basting this.
twin sized Churn Dash

quilting lines marked
This one is half basted, but, all the quilting lines are marked.  I don't know how people can baste on the floor.  My knees just wouldn't take it.  I use my dining room table. 

I have also gotten a bit more stitched on the Frog Churn Dash, but, I don't have any pictures of what I did.  I'm liking it better and better, as I stitch on it. 


Back in April, I told you that we got a new dog, Ratchet.  I also told you that he has heartworm.  He's been going thru treatments for the heartworm.  It includes 3 injections, in his back.  They had to shave his back for the injections (and to be able to see if there is any inflammation, etc).  His first injection was the end of May.  They shaved one side of his back then.  The next 2 injections were earlier this week, one on each side of his back.  You can see the darker area, where he had his first injection.  We think it is darker due to sunlight (a dog with a tan). 
Ratchet's shaved back

The hardest part is keeping Ratchet restricted for months in a row.  He either has to be crated, or, locked in one room, with one of us.  He can't come upstairs, or, even go for walks, other than to potty.  Activity can cause the dead or dying heartworms to act like a blood clot, and kill him. 

The vet's office just loves Ratchet.  They spoil him rotten when he is there, and fawn all over him.  One of the vets came in on his day off, just to be there when Ratchet got his injection. 

We are hoping that his next test (end of July) will be clear.  If it is, then, hopefully we will be able to start taking Ratchet for walks, and getting him back in shape.  Ratchet had been in pretty good shape, since he is a retired weight pulling champion.  We got him AFTER he retired. 

Well, I guess it's time for me to go get more stitching done.  I think I'll work on some hand quilting.  I need to finish my guild challenge mini quilt.
guild challenge


  1. Those walker bags look like a genius idea, and I am sure they will be well used. Your churn dash quilt is coming along very nicely as well.

  2. Look at you go on those QOVs! I love the idea of those walker bags for veterans homes! My very best to Ratchet! I certainly hope his test is clean in July! He is such a good boy!

  3. Poor Ratchet. I hope the next report is good, Our very first dog died of heartworm. The pills are expensive but Nikko should be happy she doesn't have to be shaved ... though that might make my floor more usable for basting. No big table in this house.

  4. I know exactly what you mean about working on the floor, I had to stop years ago. That heartworm treatment is so hard on dogs, especially the low activity part, fingers crossed he's negative at the end of the month.

  5. Good luck to Rachet - hope he gets a clear test this month. I love the walker bags - the different pockets are wonderful. You have some gorgeous quilts in the works. I don't do any work on the floor anymore. I have some high tables that my neighbor made just right for me and they are great to work on. Oh, getting old isn't always easy but I keep looking for ways to make it easier! ~Jeanne

  6. Poor dog! Heart worms are so easy to prevent, no dog should have to go through this! Hope his worms will soon be gone and his fur will grow back.

    Do you have a link to a particular pattern you use for the walker bag, or is it your own design? I'm thinking about making one for my friend's mom.

  7. Good luck to Ratchet! Love the churn dash, that was the first block I ever pieced in my first quilting class.

  8. So hard to hear about Ratchet's troubles. Good to know that prevention is a good thing. (We haven't got a dog now, but plan on one for the next abode.) Hope he is clear end of July.
    I'd love to be working on the R,W & True, but I'm packing this week - only 9 days to get 'er done, and 2 of those days are travel and enjoying the Sister's OR quilt show. (Squeal)

  9. Poor, Rachet!! He is a beauty! I hope he is perfectly well soon.


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