Friday, May 6, 2016

Lots of Stitching

Bonnie Hunter is coming to one of my quilt guilds in less than 2 weeks.  I'm taking 2 of the 3 classes. 

The first class, I've had the book for, for a very long time.  I'm using it as my 'Let's Book It' for May at Vrooman's Quilts

I've had this book since it came out

Tulip Fields quilt pattern
I've known about this class since last October.  Bonnie is great, but, she loves tiny blocks.  Me, I prefer much larger blocks, so, I re-drafted the block, to make it bigger.
my re-drafted block

finished block, with sashing (re-drafted)
 Bonnie's blocks finish at 3", mine finish at 6".  Fewer blocks, and a larger quilt. 

I started sewing the string blocks for this quilt.  All my string blocks are done, and sub-cut.  Woohoo!  I do have a few strings left, for more string blocks.  I think I 'over cut' a bit ;)
whole 12"x12" box of strings left to be used
So far, I've finished the strings, and also stitched the triangles together for this block. 

what I've stitched so far
The only thing I haven't cut is the fabric for the sashing.
sashing fabric
The sashing fabric is the only fabric in either quilt that didn't come from my stash.  It is a 'rust' color (the picture doesn't show it well).  'Cheddar' was a bit too much for me. 

I'm making this quilt on Betty Sue, my purple Featherweight.
Betty Sue
 Hubby made me something to use with the button controller.  I don't like the button controllers.  I keep 'missing' the button.  This wooden piece works GREAT!  I spray painted it purple, to match the machine.  Now hubby needs to make me another one, to use with my other machines.
button controller with it's new 'foot control'

open foot control
Hubby made indention's where the 4 'feet' are on the controller, so that it doesn't slip.  It works great! (Thanks Sweetie!)

Oh yea, I told you about the great spool pin doily that Gina made for Betty Sue, at the TOGA.  I finally took a picture of it. 
shuttle tatted spool pin doily that Gina made

The second class I'm taking, I didn't find out about till about 2 weeks ago.  I thought I had the book, but, I can't find it, so, I ordered one.  I'm using the same blues and greens in both quilts, with some added for the 2nd quilt.
book for 2nd class

Happily Scrappily Irish
I'm actually making this quilt in the sizes it calls for, but, instead of using all colors, I'm limiting mine to whites and creams for the lights and blues/greens/teals for the dark fabrics.  I pulled out 30+ blues/greens/teals for this quilt, and, at least a dozen different whites and creams. 

This quilt calls for almost 2000 2" squares.  LOTS of cutting.  I have no clue how many 2" squares I've cut out, but, I have almost enough to make 2 quilts, I think.
these are my extra squares
I started out making the connector pieces.  It takes 264 connector pieces for the quilt.
more than 264 connector pieces
Next is making 4 patches.  You need 264 4 patches.  So far, I've only stitched lights and darks together.  I still need to turn them into 4 patches. 
567 2 patch parts, that need to be 264 4 patch units
There are 2 different blocks for this quilt.  I started on the 2nd block, too (the large white areas).  Each one has strips with 2" blocks in the corners. 
some have been stitched (or partly stitched)

many more are still waiting to be stitched
I've spent 3 full days, and this is all the stitching I've gotten done for this quilt.  This won't be a 'quick' quilt to make. 

I'm making this quilt on a hand crank.
1927 Singer 15 hand crank
I really should be in my sewing room, working on these quilts, but, we are finally having a warm, sunny day, and I don't really want to sew, at least till later.  I think I'll go 'mess around' some, instead. 

Hope you all have a great weekend.  We're expecting more rain, tomorrow. 

Happy Mother's Day! to all the mother's out there.


  1. Wow, you are all ready for a productive time! Wish I was going!

  2. Jealous you are getting a 'Bonnie' fix. I have both books (and others) and love them. You have gotten a lot of cutting done as well as great progress on the piecing - deserve a day of play.

  3. That is a lot of cutting to get done. Can't wait to see your quilts the colors sound fabulous.

  4. You are going to have a great time! I never thought about redrafting one of Bonnie's block to be larger - duh! I've made a couple of her quilts and they do take time. You've got a great head start. Have a wonderful time! ~Jeanne

  5. Wow are you ready to roll.....enjoy your classes and have fun. Great projects you have picked.

  6. So fun that two of your special machines are getting a great workout!
    AND how fun that you get to take 2 classes with Bonnie... enjoy!

  7. I have made and taught the tulip fields quilt just love it also have scrappy Irish chain blocks done need to put it together. have fun I get a Bonnie fix June 4th in Quad cities have fun

  8. Hi on those old machines is amazing!. I wondered what your title "teapots2quilts" means if anything....happy quilting...

    Ann Bailey

  9. Are you doing all of this prep for the classes? Silly question but, what will she teach you? I love seeing the purple machine, is she going to the class with you?

  10. Boy, you are an ambitious girl! I love the colors you chose.

  11. Great idea to redraft the size of Bonnie's blocks! I have made them smaller with fewer blocks, but will have to try redrafting. Enjoy those workshops!

  12. Bonnie is going to be crazy for that purple featherweight! Happy quilting. Have fun at your class!

  13. How fun, two classes with Bonnie! You've already done a lot of the work for both classes, hope you get lots done there.


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