Monday, October 24, 2016

A Little Stitching

It's always hard to get much stitching done when you return from a trip.   There are so many other things to do, to catch up (like washing over 100 yards of fabric I purchased on the trip).

I have gotten some stitching done this past week.  I decided to make my Bear Paw quilt smaller, so, since I cut enough HST's for the largest quilt, I can make 2 of the 2nd largest quilts, and not have to cut more HST's.  Woohoo!  It's kind like getting 2 quilts for the work of one.

Sew Fresh Quilts
Bear Paw QAL  

I now have 29 Bear Paw blocks completed.  I only need 28 blocks for the 2nd Largest quilt. 

29 Bear Paw blocks

I trimmed the square using my 7.5" X-Block ruler.  It was much easier than moving my larger ruler around each block.

7.5" X-Block ruler
Glad I remembered this ruler.  I haven't used it in a few years.

I also finished prepping (stitching, cutting, ironing and tearing the papers out) of the last of the HST's.  This is how many I have left, now, ready to be stitched into blocks.
496 HST's (1.5")

It's been very relaxing, sewing these pieces into the Bear Paw blocks.  I've been chain piecing bits and pieces at a time, while listening to the Harry Potter audio books. 

On Saturday, we had Ladies Crafting at church.  I pulled out my Be Attitudes project, that I haven't stitched on since early August, and got a few stitches done.
Be Attitudes block
It was nice to do some slow stitching again. 

Tomorrow, a friend and I will be stitching at a local quilt shop, with the owner.  It's always fun to stitch at Kelly's shop.  Later in the week, I'm supposed to help Rita, the Illinois State Coordinator, present several Quilts of Valor at 2 different events.  I haven't done much with Quilts of Valor this year, since everything seems to fall about the time I'm leaving for a trip, or getting home.  It'll will be nice to be back in the thick of things again. 

What are you working on??????

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  1. 100 yards of fabric?!?!??! Holy camoly! LOL 2 for the price of one quilts is right up my alley! Best wishes with your QOV events!

  2. You are doing great with this!! Ugh washing that much fabric....aren't you glad it is done?

  3. That's a lot of HSTs! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on Mod Bear Paw.

  4. At least with your quilts if they are not big enough, you can always add a border or two! I always wash my fabric first too, but I've never had 100 yards to wash!

  5. Your bear paw is coming along. Love the be prayerful. Sounds like you have some quilts fun planned. I have been cutting up scraps!

  6. Bear quilt is coming along nicely. Great stitching. I hope to get a lot of progress done on a variety of quilts on our guild quilt retreat this weekend. No interruptions!

  7. You are making great progress on the bear blocks!
    So nice to see BeAttitudes again... I loved making mine!

  8. Hi Busy Girl,
    Just making more little houses. I still haven't tired of them, and think now they may make a good Wedding Quilt... Like it takes a village.
    Halloween is coming soon, so I'm getting all the little plants together from all over the house. Lots of last minute cuttings to plant up. Work, work, work.

  9. Good idea with the Bear's Paw. Two is always better than one!

  10. Love the bear paw quilt. That is one of my favourite blocks. Sounds like you are comfortably busy.

  11. Wow! That is quite a box of triangles! Your paws are looking great.

  12. 100 yards! :o) Look at you go with your bear paw quilt! No, I've not even started yet, but I am getting closer. Just as soon as I get the next three quilts quilted up--hopefully in another week or so I'll be ready!


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