Saturday, April 22, 2017

Busy Stitching!

Thursday night was my large quilt guild meeting.  I found these two blocks on the freebie table, and rescued them as the meeting ended.

orphan block from freebie table

2nd orphan block from freebie table (smaller than first block)
I know, not pretty, and not well made, either.  Neither lay very flat, but, I figured I could maybe make a tote bag with them.

Well.....I've been wanting to make some project bags, and I decided I'd better get started on them, since one of them will be made with the 'UGLY' fabric from my little quilt guild's Ugly fabric exchange.

This is the pattern that I will be using.  'Project Bags' from


I've been seeing the dozens (yes, dozens, she just finished an order for 25 project bags) of these bags being made on a blog I read.  I finally decided that I had to make some for myself. 

The pattern makes 4 different sizes of project bags.  I wanted the largest one.  It calls for quilting a 18"x 18" square, then trimming it down to 16.5".  I started pulling fabrics from my stash, and, got a bit carried away....  I ended up with 8 different squares to quilt.  I just finished the machine quilting on all of them.  Some are heavily quilted, and some are very lightly quilted (depending on the fabrics). 

First is the block from above.  It was wonky, so, I quilted it heavily.  I think it looks better now, than it did.
front of wonky block

backing of wonky block
The other, matching block will be used in the project bag, too.

Next is the 'Ugly' fabric from my little quilt guild's exchange.  I don't think that it is ugly, but, I wouldn't know how to use it cut up in a quilt, since it has a large pattern.  We got 1/2 yard of each Ugly fabric, so, I decided to put something else on the back, and make 2 project bags.  I quilted each piece differently.
Ugly fabric, 1st block

Ugly fabric, 2nd block

back of Ugly fabric blocks
Then I started working with some of my larger prints of my vast Sewing Themed fabrics.  I can never figure out how to use fabrics with larger prints, since you lose the print when it is cut up.  The first one, I made 2 matching blocks (front and back are the same) and I made one block of the 2nd one.

2 of this block, front and back are the same

front and back are the same
Then I pulled out some of my 'fun' Sewing themed fabrics, and had to add borders to these fabrics before I quilted them.  First, are the 'Singer' fabrics, with some thimble fabric added for borders.

Singer treadle block

2nd Singer treadle block

backing on both Singer blocks
Lastly, I used some bright sewing themed fabrics, that also needed to be bordered.  I made sure to keep all the border fabrics going in the same direction.  You can read some of the fabric parts.

1st block

2nd block

showing backing for both blocks
The backing fabric shown in the picture above, was ordered online last month.  When I went to cut it, I found a rip in the center of the fabric.  Grrr!!!!  I paid good money for this fabric.  At least I noticed it before I cut the backing squares.  Because of the location of the rip, I could use the piece on either side of the rip, and get the squares I needed (barely).  I hope the rest of this piece of fabric doesn't have any rips in it. 

While preparing these blocks for machine quilting, I also prepared 2 different table runners for quilting.  I haven't decided how to quilt them yet, since they will be looked at more closely (one is a gift for a friend).  I forgot to take pictures of them. 

Now to start cutting the pieces for the rest of the project bags, and see if I have enough matching zippers. 

I hope that all of you are having a productive weekend, too.  Hubby is off backpacking, so, I don't have to worry about cooking this weekend.  Having to stop and fix supper tends to kill my mojo every evening.  I worked on these till 10pm last night. 

Monday, April 17, 2017


I've been busy sewing, but, not much to show for it. 

First, one of my groups, Quilt Along,  had a mug rug exchange.  These are the mug rugs I made for the exchange (we were to turn in 3 mug rugs, and get 3 mug rugs back).  I made 4 (one to keep for myself).
2 of my matching mug rugs
I got the idea from Jennifer O's blog, Sewhooked.  She makes lots of paper pieced patterns available (some free, some for a small charge).  She offered this pattern for free, back in February.  I'm not much into hearts, but, figured that I could change it up, to suit my needs.
free pattern I got my idea from
It was fun to fussy cut the treadles.  I added the 'plate' to the side, to give room for a snack, too.

These are the mug rugs I got back.  I got 4 back, since I'd sent the hostess a gift, and she made me an extra mug rug, wasn't that sweet.
hand applique on this one

cute Snoopy

love these colors, and the quilting

front of mug rug, with lovely quilting

back of mug rug (red is my favorite color)
All of these have been in use since I took them out of the package. 

My Treadle On group is having a Half Square Triangle exchange.  I made 4 sets of 8 HST's for the exchange. 
2 sets on this Post WWII hand crank

2 sets made on 1927 Singer 15 hand crank

The weekend of April 7-9, I was invited to join the Camp Tuckabatchee Quilters for a retreat.  The Camp Tuckabatchee quilters host the quilt show with the treadle races, that I was at, just a few weeks ago.  So nice to be invited to join this group.  I could only attend for Friday, and had to leave Saturday morning, since I had my Ladies Crafting, that I run, at my church, on Saturday.  Next time, I get to stay the whole weekend.  Here are some of the things the ladies were working on at the retreat.

One lady had been given quite a lot of completed cross stitch blocks, and asked to turn them into quilts for her granddaughters.  
cross stitch blocks

more stacks of completed cross stitch blocks
Another lady was working on a former members UFO's.  The former member died several years ago. 
9 patch and snowball blocks
Someone was quilting this cute kids quilt.
kids quilt
I didn't get pictures of the other projects.  More ladies were expected to show up, after I left on Saturday morning.

I was stitching corner triangles onto squares, for the next Family Reunion quilt.  I want to get the blocks all done before the next reunion (2018), so that they can be signed at the reunion.  I'll make 2 matching quilts again, so that I get to keep one, and the other quilt will be raffled off, to help pay for the reunion. 

I found this quilt, at The Eclectic Abuela blog. The quilt is called String Crossroads
next Family Reunion quilt(s)
I've finished the 1 corner units, for the border (80 units per quilt), and I'm working on the 2 corner units (196 units per quilt).  I cut 2.5" squares for the corner units from 83 different fabrics.  I kept adding fabrics, so that the quilt would look scrappy enough.  I'm using 1930's reproduction fabrics, with Kona white for the background.  It is taking forever for me to mark and stitch all the corners, but, I'm getting bonus HST units for another quilt, so, it's worth it.  The bonus HST's will go to the OMG quilt that I started a few years ago.  I ran out of pre-cut pieces for the 9 patch units, and hadn't worked on this quilt since.  One of these days, I should really get the pattern, since I'm just 'winging it' so far.

units that need to be made for the quilt
Some of the units I'm working on.
1 corner units for border (80 units per quilt) (DONE!) 2 of each fabric in the quilt

working on the 2 corner units (the solid white squares still need the first corner stitched on).  This is taking forever!

I'm going to stitch at Sewing, Etc. tomorrow, with a friend, and will be working on these.  Sometimes it feels like I haven't even made a dent. 

When these squares are (finally) done, I have to start the string blocks (200 string units per quilt).  Good thing I started these quilts a year early.  You'll be seeing these quilt parts for a l-o-n-g  t-i-m-e!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Quilt Guild Program

Last night was my little quilt guild, Wego Quiltin'.  I provided the program for the evening.

Several readers gave me some ideas for what to present.  ES (sorry a noreply blogger) sent me this link, as an idea, thinking that it could work with fabric, not just paper.  Since it was Easter themed, I decided to go with it.

Instead of using a frame, I went to Hobby Lobby and got some crafting cards, an X-acto knife (no idea where mine was) and some ideas.  I came home and pulled out some strips that have been sitting in a bin (from baby quilts last year) and got started.  (I've really been using some of my scraps this year)!

First, I used an Easter egg shape, from a banner, as my template.  I traced around it (inside the card) and proceeded to cut it out.  I then traced it onto fabric, and cut it out, leaving a large extra edge (between 1/4" & 1/2"), and started sewing strips on the fabric.  
strips stitched to foundation fabric
I then taped this to the inside of the cut out card.  I cut another card in half, and glued it to the back of the fabric egg, so that it would look nice inside the card.
finished Easter card
This was quick and easy.

On Friday, after the quilt show, I went to a quilters sale, and, they had a bag with finished blocks for $2.  Woohoo!  All the blocks would fit nicely in the cards I'd already purchased.  Most of the blocks had foundation backing, so, they worked well.  It was harder to work with the blocks that didn't have a foundation backing.  They were much flimsier.  I proceeded to make several more cards with those blocks.

using 3 tiny blocks together

this would have done better on a card that wasn't white, so that you could see the white fabric better

I'd seen a cute box at Hobby Lobby, and decided that it would also work with these blocks.  I saved the last block for the box.
block in a box lid
 It was a bit harder to work inside the lid, but, it worked well.

This was a fun project, and the ladies liked it.  I'll do this again.

I have to make several sets of Half Square Triangles for an exchange I'm doing.  I decided to try a different way to make the HST's, using 'The Magic 8 Method' from Genius Hacks Every Quilter Should Know, on Craftsy (pgs 7-8).  I hadn't tried this method before.

I followed the directions, and made my HST's (oops, I forgot to take pictures).  The first set turned out nice, except, I think I'd add 1 inch to the equation, instead of the 7/8", so that I could trim my HST's down.  I used a scant 1/4" seam, and my HST's just barely came out.  The directions call for a full 1/4" seam.  I'll make the next sets with an even smaller seam size, just in case (I already cut out the material, oh well).  I did use my BlocLoc ruler to square the HST's up (I love my BlocLoc ruler).

I've saved all the ideas that everyone sent to me, and will be using them in future guild meetings.  Next month someone else is doing the program.  Thanks for all the ideas!  They will come in handy.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Channahon Quilt Show

The Morris Quilt Guild had a quilt show at a church in Channahon, IL.  I went yesterday (it is also today).

I've been to this show in the past, at a different location.  I liked this show, but, I thought previous shows were better, since they hung the quilts before, and this time the quilts were draped across the pews in the sanctuary.  It's harder to see the quilts when they are draped, not hung.  Still, some lovely quilts.

right side of the sanctuary

left side of the sanctuary
I did get some up close pictures of some of the quilts that caught my eye.  This Celtic quilts had all the applique done by hand, and little crystals glittered on the circles.

fun and bright pinwheels

Pretty spring flowers
Little quilts were hanging on the walls, under the windows.  I've made this cat in a pumpkin block before.

Look at all the applique that went into this little quilt.

This next quilt reminds me that I really need to finish my quilt from this same BOM, back in 2005.  I only have 1 block left to make, then I can make my sashing, and finish the quilt.

I just need to make the bottom, right block so that I can finish my quilt
Yes, that quilt is on my 2017 'To Do' list. 

this is a different Celtic quilt.  It is turned differently, and finished differently

I love churn dash blocks

fun and bright

tiny postage stamp pieces

I love how turning the block, and using different colors for the edges gives this quilt a secondary pattern

lots of small blocks makes for a great flag quilt
Several years ago, I blogged about this same quilt show.  The first thing I noticed, as I drove into the parking lot, back then, was a quilted Tahoe.  The challenge quilts for this quilt show were 'Parade' mini quilts.  They had 2 different elephant parade quilts (sorry, no pictures, drats), and several others.  I took pictures of these two challenge quilts that showed the quilted Tahoe, from the past.
quilted Tahoe

another quilted Tahoe
If you click on the link above, you will see several pictures of the original quilted Tahoe.

Instead of raffle baskets at this quilt show, the members got in groups, and decorated chairs for the raffle.
pretty in pink

School Days

2 different raffle chairs

I wish I had a place for these

nice quilt with the antique needlepoint chair

I know some of the ladies who worked on this one

I need to figure out how to do this to one of my chairs

cute for a porch, love the quilt barn block

I bought a ticket for this one, mainly for the foot stool

tuffet and chair set

There was a members booth, but, I only bought some quilt themed reading books this time.  There was also a vendors area, where I purchased a few items (sorry, I didn't get pictures).

I went to an Estate Sale, not far from this quilt show, and saw the prettiest pink Necchi sewing machine for sale (no, I didn't get it).  I did get a set of embroidered quilt blocks.  I'll have to think about how to put them all together.

After that , I headed to a Quilter's Sale, closer to home.  Uh oh!  I DID buy quite a lot there, including some Christmas presents.  They had quilt tops and table runners, ready to layer and quilt (yes, I got some), fabrics (no, I didn't get any of those) rulers, patterns and books, and notions.  I haven't taken any pictures of what I got there, either.  I got a large IKEA bag full of goodies.

Lots of great ideas from some of you, for future quilt guild meetings.  I'm working on one, and will get some of the other ideas ready for future months.  Thanks!

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