Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Harry Potter!

Happy 20th Anniversary, Harry Potter!  20 years ago, today, Harry Potter was released.  Wow, has it really been that long????

We read all 7 books with our kids.  We went to several of the Harry Potter book release parties, held in downtown Naperville, IL (Anderson Books hosted these).  All of downtown Naperville became a magical village, with Harry Potter themed stores. 

On Monday, I found 2 new Harry Potter fabrics at Walmart.  I bought all 8 yards of both fabrics (great for backings, too).  One of these days, I'll finish the 4 different Harry Potter quilts that I've started.
the 2 fabrics, with Hedwig, in her cage

I used to teach how to miter borders, and used these Harry Potter blocks as examples.
36 1/2" x 37" block

alternate block, same size
I haven't taught miter borders in several years now, so, I guess I need to finish the last few blocks, and get these quilts made.  I don't have quite enough blocks to make 2 quilts, so, I'll have to figure out what I want to add, to finish these quilts. 

Back in 2013, I started the Harry Potter Project of Doom quilt blocks.  I've made 2 of each of the first 12 blocks for this quilt.   Yes, I made 2 of each block, to make sure that I got one of the quilts.  I should have made 3 of each block, since both my sons will want this quilt when it is finally finished.  If you want to see the blocks I've made, they are shown on this blog post.

So, to celebrate 20 years of Harry Potter, settle down with one of the books (or audio books or movies)......
illustrated edition
Grab a mug of tea.....

Gryffindor or Ministry of Magic mugs

and enjoy!


  1. 20 years?!?! How can that be possible?? Time does have a way of flying by!!

  2. It's hard to believe it's been 20 years. My kids were never into Potter, but my grandsons are so I do get a bit of a run-down on the books as they read them.

  3. Wow hard to believe, but my youngest was only 8 when the book came out. She is obviously old now....:D

  4. Order of the Phoenix was on TV that night! I watch the movies about twice a year! I listen to the audio books about every 18 months!

  5. I think I enjoyed reading Harry Potter books as much as the kids ... though I have never seen any movie. I remember when my grandson was in 2nd grade, he read all the Harry Potter books one after another.

  6. Delightful memories and to give your sons quilts of childhood memories is the best! Make those blocks!

  7. We're huge fans here too, but yesterday completely fell apart for me. Thanks for the reminder, I think I'll just celebrate it today.

  8. I love that you, too, love Harry Potter! I can't believe that it is 20 years already. I read my first one "Prisoner of A" at the airport... it was the only HP they had there. At that time there was that big controversy about magic, so I thought I'd read the books to see if I could recommend them to my grandkids. They all have loved them, too.
    I don't have any HP fabric, but I do have a Hedwig.

  9. Twenty years! It seems hard to believe that we read them that long ago. One of my grandsons absolutely loved them and read them all while listening to the audiobooks since he is dyslexic. The other grandson didn't care much for them but he did see the movies. How time flies!

  10. Yes, I can't believe the 20 years too. Love the fabrics. I also liked the book in your last post and love the idea of a table topper for each month of the year.


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