Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Some goodies arrived in the mail this week, and some at the thrift store.

Kathy at Sparkles, Sprinkles and Everyday Crap had a giveaway for one of her hand made Birthday cards.  Guess who won?!?!  I got to choose a card, with a Birthday number on it.  I chose one for my mother, who will be 79 in November.  My mother loves elephants, so, Kathy incorporated an elephant into the card.  Isn't it cute!
79th Birthday card
Kathy also included a little something extra.  I love my new, personalized mug rug!  Thanks Kathy!
mug rug
I also won some great blocks from Julie, at Julie K Quilts.  Julie's picture of the blocks is much better than mine, especially since I missed putting one of the blocks on the design wall.  Oops!
Oops!  I missed a block
 My daughter in law loves orange, so, these may turn into a baby quilt (my first grandbaby will need LOTS of baby quilts, I'm sure). 

Julie also included some 'extra's' in her package.  I got a lovely card, and a magnetic pin cushion.
card and pin cushion from Julie

Last week, at the thrift shop, I discovered this, on the wrong shelf.  It had fallen behind all the craft items, onto a lower shelf with glasses.  Boy was I glad when I decided to see what it was.
bag with 4 wool pin cushions in it
 I've been wanting to make a wool pin cushion.  Now I have 4 wool pin cushions to choose from, all for $1.99. 
4 pin cushion kits in the package

picture of the completed pin cushions in the package

Everything is there, including the directions, so, I just need to get started on these. I still have 2 more pin cushions to make, for the 4 exchanges I signed up for.

Speaking of pin cushion exchanges, my partner received her pin cushion, so, I can now show it off.  This is the pin cushion I sent to Norway.
pin cushion I made

I also have a finish to show.  I finally got around to putting the binding on the watermelon table topper. 
on my table

up close

with the watermelon dish I found

I finished another table runner, and just have part of the binding left on another one, but, I don't have pictures.  You'll see those later this week. 

I have been stitching up a storm around here.  I cut out the rest of the 14 project bags, and, they are all stitched together, EXCEPT the handles and the binding.  The backs were quilted on a treadle.  They were pieced on a hand crank.  Unfortunately, because the binding is difficult to work with (I need 2 hands to work with it) these will have to be finished on my Featherweight.  For 2 of these, that are part of 2 different Treadle On exchanges, that is cheating, but, I'll include a note, to let them know.  They just won't look very good if I don't have both hands to finish the binding on them.  Darn!
stack of 14 Project Bags, almost done

I'll finish 3 of these, then the rest will just have to wait a while to get finished.  Not only do I have some 'deadline' projects to finish (all for exchanges, so, I can't show pictures yet), but, some of the great designers at Fandom in Stitches have been busy, making new Peter Pan themed paper pieced blocks for me, so, I'll be busy testing them out.  Kristi and Alida have each made patterns for me.  I have 2 different Tiger Lily's and 2 different Wendy's to test for them.  I spend yesterday prepping one of the Tiger Lily patterns.  There are 140 pieces in that pattern alone.  These will NOT be quick patterns.  I can't wait to get them done, so that I can show them to you. 


  1. What energy! I'm rooting for you. Can't wait to see the Peter Pan pieces.

  2. Cute post card and mug rug! Love the orange blocks! Great find at the thrift store, and you have some nice finishes.

  3. What a busy little bee you have become! I can hardly imagine the future with a little grandchild adding to the activity.

  4. Those ate cite prizes! Congratulations! could you bind them on the treadle?

  5. Love the prizes you've won and how lucky was that thrift store find. I love that watermelon table runner and it looks perfect with the matching dish you have on it. You've had a very busy summer in your sewing room, well done!

  6. You got the greatest swag! But love the watermelon topper....just in time for the season's end of Labor Day! Those wool pincushions are cute....what a great find. You have so much energy to do that pattern testing....piece on!

  7. I guess it was your lucky week, getting all those fun prizes and deals! I never find anything good in thrift shops here, but I also don't go in them very often.

  8. You got a lot of great surprises in your mailbox, I really love your personalized mug rug and that thrift store find is wonderful, we need better thrift stores here.

  9. That's a great thrift store find!! You had a great week!

  10. Wow, you have been busy! Can you sew the binding on with your treadle? However I am sure no one will mind that a featherweight was used to finish it off. I love the watermelon and the ladybug is super adorable. Congrats on your wins and thrift store finds!

  11. You had a great crafty week! Very cute ladybug pincushion!

    I just bought my first wool projects for a Christmas exchange where I work. They look like fun, quick projects. I'm a little jealous of your wool pincushion finds. I would has snapped them up too!


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