Saturday, August 12, 2017

Sewing Machine tables

Remember when I told you that I got a long arm table, with a machine?
long arm table on our trailer

sewing machine that came with the table
Remember when I said that this wouldn't fit down our basement stairs, because it was too long (12 feet long)?  Well, hubby has been working on this problem.  Hubby contacted the company that this table is from.  They suggested that we cut the table down.  Well, last week, hubby (with help from me and our son) cut 2 feet off the end of the table.
2 foot section, cut off
 See the square cut out, on the left side of this piece?  Well, the 'new' end needs to look just like this.  Hubby is working on that now.
10 foot table, still getting worked on
There is still lots left to do, including cutting all three metal poles down to 10 feet, too.  This project won't be finished anytime soon, but, it's looking much more doable now, thank goodness.  I'm not in a rush.

When we picked up the long arm and machine, there was a sewing machine table sitting in their garage.  They were going to throw it out!  They happily gave it to me, instead, yipee!  The opening  was a bit too small to fit my vintage sewing machine bases.  Hubby fixed that today. (the opening had already been cut out some, with wavy lines, so, not sure what machine would fit in there).
hubby working on the cut out section

new (to me) sewing machine table, finished

big enough opening for my largest machine bases

regular machine base (hubby made this one for me)
When we got this table, someone had added risers to the legs, to make it taller.  Not only would the legs not close properly, but, it was too tall to hand crank comfortably.  It would have made the machine too high, and made my shoulder ache.  We took the risers off, and put on slider feet, instead.
risers with feet, that had been on the table legs
Woohoo!  This will be  a great table to take to sew-in's, and also for demo's of my vintage sewing machines.  If you come to Lyon's Farm Fall Festival, you can see the new table, and play with some of my vintage machines.


  1. Now, there is an invitation that would be hard to miss were I any closer than the other side of the pond ... and I don't even use machines! It would be worth it just to see all those creative solutions! Good job!

  2. Love your enthusiasm, perseverance and giving things a try!

  3. Glad you are finding a solution! Would love to attend the Fall Festival but our town's Pumpkin Festival is the same weekend 😞 ~Jeanne

  4. How cool hubby is so handy, and you all working together to figure out how to make it work. Also great free table and again you are so lucky that hubby can fix it to use.

  5. I'm so glad you've found a way to get that long-arm table into your basement! Your husband sounds like a charm to be able to fix it for you and make the sewing machine table work too! You will enjoy both, I'm sure!

  6., so glad you and hubby figured out how to solve the challenges with the LA. And the table for machine is nice!!! So glad you spotted it....for sure you will give it a good home and it will be used!

  7. Happy to hear you have DH busy as a bee making the LA and the sewing table work for you!

  8. I'm so glad you get to keep the longarm and that table is a great find! Hubby's a keeper too :)

  9. Oh, the joys of having a handy husband!! I wouldn't know what to do without my own.

  10. You two have been busy! It will be interesting to see the final reveal of the longarm set up.

  11. Excellent!! Looking forward to seeing the longarm table fix. I love projects like those. Also, enjoy your new table.

  12. What a great hubby you have that knows how to make and change furniture AND is willing to do it.!! That is worth all the gold in China! Love your new vintage machine table. BTW when you follow the link about the festival, it does not say what state it is in (if you didn't know you lived in IL). They need more info for those who have no idea where Kendall County is or how to get there.

  13. I agree that you are lucky to have such a handy husband! Great save on the sewing table!

  14. What a great freebie and how exciting about your new longarm!

  15. I have to smile about your long arm frame. Recently I bought a Gammill machine and table, it is long too, so my station wagon is outside and the whole new quilting machine is in our garage. Like you,mine was so reasonable, it was on Trade Me, an online place where you can advertise and sell. I bought it for $1, NZ dollars, and like you, had to have a long trailer to bring it home, but only 8 minutes away. Your other table, that was a huge bonus. My machine needs some work done, and the table needs new self levelling feet. The one thing I was told is to make sure your table frame is exactly level!!! Have you used a long arm before? This will be a huge challenge for me, totally new. I hope you keep us posted about all developments with it.


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