Saturday, May 26, 2018

2018 Chocolate 9 Patch Exchange

My Treadle On group has several different block exchanges each year.  All of the blocks must be made on a treadle or hand crank sewing machine.  Not a problem for me.

I am the hostess for 2 of the exchanges this year, the Spring Basic, and the Chocolate 9 patch  The rules for the Chocolate 9 patch exchange are on this blog post

Sorting for the Chocolate 9 patch took much longer than the Spring Basic.  There were 11 participants (from 9 different states), with 30 sets of blocks, made on 12 different (people powered) sewing machines.  Below are the blocks that I've spent the afternoon sorting.  Hmm... I think I need some chocolate for dessert ;)
Kay C's blocks

Diana K's blocks

Sharon's blocks

Linda's blocks

Kay P's blocks
James' blocks

my blocks (the bottom right is white, not pale green)

Denise's blocks

Marta's blocks

April's blocks

Kathleen's blocks

Don't they just make you hungry???

I did the sorting in my kitchen.  Here are the tables I used, during the sorting.
part way thru the sorting

part way thru the sorting
Being hostess has it's benefits.  Here are the goodies that were sent to me.  Goodies are NOT required or even expected, but, they sure are appreciated. 
hostess goodies

Remember the hole in my kitchen wall, where our old TV was?  We took the old TV out April 23rd.  Well, today, I finally have a TV in the kitchen again.
new TV is mounted
Shortly after the new TV was mounted, hubby started building my new bookshelf, that will be larger than the one in the picture.  He has already started staining the boards.  Woohoo!  Those cookbooks will soon be neat, with room left over for new cookbooks.  


  1. Those are all such cute blocks, and your new TV looks really nice.

  2. I had to go get a nice big piece of chewy chocolate to munch on while checking out those blocks.

  3. Love those blocks....quite a choco lovers delight! Great goodies you were gifted, and the new shelf will look wonderful in its new place.

  4. Blocks and TV - looking good.

  5. Very cute blocks. It was so nice to receive the goodies!

  6. SO FUN! Looks like you were very organized too!

  7. I'm trying this again. Google, I want my comments back in my inbox!!!!


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